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Published: Sunday, Dec. 30 2012 3:50 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Worst Senator ever. What an embarrassment.


Republicans and Tea party never acknowledge their roles in the debt ceiling and the national debt. The last republican president sent the economy into the dumps. Why should anyone trust them again?

Ogden, UT

Raising taxes on the wealthy will not cost jobs. Taxing the middle class more will. If the middle class has less money, then they will buy fewer products.

Where are all the jobs the wealthy have created over the last 4 years when their taxes paid was half of mine, % wise. If the fear is the wealthy will not be able to expand, then why haven't they expanded by now during the lowest interest rates in memory? However, $250,000 a year is not wealthy. I think it should be at least double that figure.

Spending does need to be cut. But the only spending that will dent the deficit is defense, social security, and medicare. What percentage of spending do you want to cut from each?

Provo, UT

Our lame duck president is getting exactly what he wants. A socialistic United States! He's done LESS than congress! With the exception of one thing... His golf game! Mitt Romney was right when he said 47% wouldn't vote for him. Why wold they? And have everything that Obama is giving to them for doing absolutely nothing taken away? How dare they have to work for a living like the rest of us!

Salt Lake City, UT

Funny that Senator Lee criticizes the President for lack of leadership? From what I can see as a native Utahn is that Senator Lee mostly follows the lead of the extremist Tea Party instead of showing some leadership himself. But then like most repblicans, he has to look out for the good of the 1% and not the American middle class!. But then again, he has nothing to worry about, as wearing the Republican banner in Utah will protect him from any threat of being defeated come next election even if his party has no solutions to the nations problems. How pathetic.

Idaho Falls, ID

The philosophy of the Tea Party is really very simple. They only want fiscal responsibility in our government and deference to our U.S. Constitution.

And for this the Left and the corrupt Media label that extreme?

That, Meckofahess, is truly what is pathetic.


Obama needs to stop blaming people and fix it.

Mcallen, TX


He doesn't know how, and really doesn't care.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

And to think this is coming from a guy who lost his own honme to foreclousure for not paying HIS own finacial obligations!

Whatever Sen. Mike Lee -- Your word and "financial" credibilty means ZERO to most of us.

Salt Lake City, UT

LDS Liberal - thanks for reminding us about Senator Lee's own home foreclosure due to his fiscal irresponsibility. Like I said before, where is his leadership? At least President Obama and the democrats are attempting to look out for the "little guys" in society. Thanks to President Obama all Americans will have access to Healthcare. Without his leadership we would forever be at the mercy our broken healthcare system whose practitioners would take everything you own because you have the audacity to become seriously ill!

Ogden, UT


34% of that 47% you refrenced are on Social Security and Federal Pensions, including those on Military Pensions.

They worked most of their lives depending on what was promised and paying into the system.

Our "leaders" the last 50 years overlooked the big problem to maintain their positions...

Ogden, UT

Say it isn't so! A politician playing political games? I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked that such a thing is going on.

one old man
Ogden, UT

There are very few words that can be used to accurately describe the hypocrisy and lopsided thinking of Senator Lee. None that are polite enough to be used in the DN, that is.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Reasonable Person" senator Lee may be part of the biggest Do-nothing congress in history, but look at why. The Democrat leaders don't allow votes on anything that comes out of the house.

To "LDS Liberal" again with the lies. See "Senator Lee forced to sell ‘dream home’ in short sale" in the SLTrib. A short sale is not the same as foreclosure. Even the liberal's newspaper doesn't agree with you. He sold his house because he took a PAY CUT to be a senator. He manned up and has paid the price for his choices.

To "Meckofahess" how has Obama looked out for the little guy? He is only making people more dependent on the government. If he was truly concerned about the little guy wouldn't we have higher labor force participation rates or fewer people on food stamps? You also missed out on the reports showing that under Obama income for the average American is less. If anything, Obama has shown his concern for getting power and keeping it.

Springville, UT

Lee and the rest of the Republicans dish it out, and then when they don't act and get called out on it, they act surprised? Are you kidding me? The GOP is the big obstacle, and even many Republicans and conservative commentators think the GOP in Congress is the problem. If Lee wants a deal, let there be a vote on the Senate floor without a Republican filibuster. It will be done very quickly. Lee and his fellow Republicans are the problem, not the President. Good grief!

American Fork, UT

Senator Lee, please stop reminding us how sorry we are for electing you. Please keep your mouth shut the rest of your term, and then we will replace you with someone who will not continually embarrass our state. By the way, negotiating is not a political game. It is a basic skill that we require of all of our legislators.

Kearns, UT

Redshirt: The Senate has tried to have votes on many items that come out of the House, unfortunately, there are more filibusters that have been called in the last 2 years than in the previous 50 years combined.

Of those filibusters, 95% of them were called by Republicans. The Senate Republicans were filibustering nearly all bills, be them Democratic or Republican in nature. They just didn't want any votes to be on the record.

Look at what the Senate Republicans did to a bill that would just affirm the current law and standing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They filibustered it for no reason, there wasn't even any law change or act included in the bill, just an acknowledgement that the original act was the right thing to do.

The Senate has already passed a bill that would extend the tax cuts for 98% of the Country and left in place the spending cuts. The House won't even consider a vote on it. Why?

salt lake city, UT

None of our current Utah legislators have any cred in Congress. They'll I'll vote against the eventual solution saying we could have done better. Seriously folks, we put Utah politcans into office instead of citizen legislators. Why do we pay their benefits?

Orem, UT

It sounds like a lot of people in the comments section is drinking the poison kool-aid of the Democratic party and the Obama administration. I, for one, think that Senator Lee and representative Chaffetz are being too kind to Obama in saying he is playing political games with the fiscal cliff negotiations. Obama is nothing but political in his approach to everything. He had no interest in solving a problem with our nations finances and he had no plan other than a failed policy that will bankrupt the nation. The Democratic party is responsible for leading us in a fiscal crisis four years ago and they have not lifted their foot off the pedal in speeding toward fiscal calamity. If the Democrats and the Obama administration had a real plan, they would have submitted it by now. Otherwise, they are just playing games in order to make the Republicans appear in the most negative light as possible.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Senator Lee and his GOP fellows know how to play games themselves and have been all along. Why does he suppose the American people are so disgusted? This fiscal cliff isn't something that sneaked up on us and caught us by surprise. We've known for months the exact date on which we would reach the cliff and all the while Congress sat on its hands doing nothing. They had time to go home to campaign for re-election in their own districts, didn't they?

The fiscal cliff is a creature of Congressional making. Lee knows that.

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