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Published: Saturday, Dec. 29 2012 1:25 p.m. MST

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Democrats GAINED seats in both the House and Senate, while Republicans lost seats in the House and Senate. More Republicans lost seats to Democrats than Democrats lost to Republicans. Additionally, there were 1.5 million more votes for Democrats in the House than votes for Republicans. As for governorships, Democrats lost 1, while Republicans gained 1.

My guess is the next GOP nominee for Pres. is going to have brown skin, since the overall belief by Republicans is they lost the election due to losing the Latino vote. They will try to rectify that for the next presidential election. Alternatively they could try to attract the Latino vote by passing immigration reform.

As can be seen by the comments on these boards, Huntsman doesn't have a chance in becoming the GOP nominee for Pres.

Sandy, UT

Can someone tell me about the radical shift to the right of the Republicans. Apparently I missed it. The Republicans spent 8 years under Bush running $500B deficits. Now Obama is running deficits of $1,000,000,000,000 or more every year and a FEW Republicans have stood up and said that is too much. Every request by Obama to raise the debt ceiling has been passed. The Republicans are terrified of being blamed for the "fiscal cliff" where - horrors - Americans will be forced to pay the tax rates implemented by Bill Clinton. While I think those rates are too high, they are nothing compared to Obama's budget. Adjusted for inflation, Obama is spending more than 50% more than Clinton did. Tax the "rich" at 100% and it will still not balance the budget.

If John Huntsman is the future of the Republican party - the party should just change its name to the Demo-lites. Their campaign slogan can be - "The Democrats will bankrupt us in 5 years - on our plan it will take 7 to 10."

Sandy, UT

Duckhunter - The Republicans did lose (nationally) because they failed to clearly state the message. The majority of the campaign was about whether we should tax "rich" people more. The real message of conservatism goes back to Thomas Jefferson - That Government governs best which governs least. Instead of playing the "get a bigger piece of the pie" game the Democrat handout machine relies on - we need to educate the people that low tax rates and personal responsibility grow the pie. Everyone should be able to get more - without taking from others. The interesting thing to watch over the next 4 years will be the growing divide between states with conservative goverments and those who are doubling down on failed liberal policies. Can we avoid being dragged over the cliff by California, etc.? Lets hope so.

American Fork, UT

It's a little early for the return of Romneymania, isnt it?

Cache county, USA

Good looking spouse.

Draper, UT

Whether Huntsman or someone of his ilk is an answer I cannot say. What is certain is that both parties need to pull their collective heads out of the ideological sand and learn that "compromise" is not a dirty word. History teaches that the country was built on it. The "fiscal cliff" debacle is the most recent case in point. IMO, if the political parties continue to put immovable ideological stakes in the ground our democracy is doomed.

Ogden, UT

I pray that the Republican Party doesn't abandon it's line, because honestly, that's the only thing keeping this country together. Dems gave shown their willingness to subjugate our sovereignty, abandon basic American values, and utterly disregard the Constitution they have sworn to uphold. If they move an inch to the left, so will the dems. And if that happens, we will be looking at British socialism at best, and at worst... I shudder to think.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

So let me get this straight : The Republican party nominated Mitt Romney (former Governor of super-blue Mass) as it's Presidential candidate. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaigned on saving Medicare as currently structured for those 50 and older. But the Republican party has moved "too far right"?
At the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte they had a voice vote to not include God in the party's platform and to not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. But the Republican party is the "extreme party"
Andrew Cuomo (Democrat Governor of NY) openly admits gun confiscation "may be an option". But the Republican party is the extreme party.
I don't know what Norm Ornstein's claim to fame is but he's obviously big on talking points and not real big on facts on the ground.

Highland, UT


There are 28 state legilastures controlled by Republicans, 21 by democrats, and one officially non partisan (Nebraska)although affiliated Republicans out number Democrats on that legislature 30-17 so that one is republican as well.

For state senates Republicans control 29 of them while dems only control 18 of them. If we count Nebraska Republicans control 30 of them while there are two states that have coalition senates.

By my count that means republicans control 58 state legislative bodies while democrats only control 39. Pretty resounding.

There are 24 state governments wholly controlled by Republicans (governnor, sentate, house) while only 12 states are wholly democrat controlled. Of the states with split party control republicans still lead in total governerships plus either house or senate by 2-1.

Republicans control 29 governorships, democrats have 20.

That means of elected state bodies republicans control 89 and democrats control 59 of them. Not even close. Republicans GAINED governorships and state houses this last election.

Don't buy into the democrat and media propoganda that Republicans "lost" and need to change themselves. They won far more than the democrats won.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

"Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said what the GOP needs to do is sell its message better, not change what it stands for to try to appease voters."

Note to Jason: It's rather difficult to market irrational economic policies, idiotic blanket pledges, and offensive immigration stances to most Americans. It's not about selling. It's about getting back in touch with reality.

Vista, CA

Republican or Democrat, I could not vote for someone who so lightly values his heritage and religious upbringing.

South Jordan, UT

I wouldn't vote for Jon Huntsman, Jr. for dog catcher. Too self serving and left-leaning!

Patchogue, NY

Rubio may be a serious contender by 2020. Huntsman's best shot may be in 2016, if he can build a groundswell of popular support before then.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Jon Huntsman Jr.
Utah's very own Joe Lieberman.
But he's a man without a party.

Farmington, UT

Oh, please! Why are we giving Huntsman hacks the time of day? His candidacy did not make sense in 2012, and it will make even less sense in 2020. Let's just let this sleeping dog lie.


John Huntsman would have been a much better candidate than Mitt Romney. The race would have been much closer. He was the only reasonable one in the bunch.

Riverside, CA

I'm all for a center right candidate. But Huntsman has become more of a sell-out. He's just trying to hard to be cool.

Disappointing for me because I liked him until he started moving more and more to the left and became less of a team player. It now seems to be all about him.

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