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Published: Saturday, Dec. 29 2012 1:25 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Everybody (especially the liberal media) wants to critisize anyone that finds the government isn't effective or squeaky clean. (I can only imagine what they'd say about Brigham Young's views of how the government treated the early Latter-Day Saints in the 1800's.)

What we need is solutions and that involves statesmanship, non-partisanship and leadership. Those apperar to be nada, null and the empty set in today's Waahington DC office-holders. Don't even get me started on the entrenched bureaucrats!

Salt Lake City, UT

At the rate the Republican party is moving farther and farther to the right I'm pretty sure if that trend continues Huntsman would be a Democrat by 2020.


John Huntsman could be elected president, theres just some baggage thats preventing him from being elected. He could easily dump it all by becoming a democrat.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Does this article mean that DN readers are going to be seeing Huntsman articles for the next eight years whether or not there is any news? Oy.

Sandy, UT

I am one Republican who would find it hard to support any candidate who chooses not to keep the covenants he has made with God. This is true,no matter what religion the candidate professes. This is not a matter of mixing religion with politics, it is a matter of ethics. I would also say that serial adulterers such as Gingrich would not receive my support. The promises we make to God and our spouse should be our highest priority. Compared to them. what is an oath of office. I long for candidates who will keep their promises and respect the Constitution. Paul Ryan is an example of the type of future nominee I would like to see.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

Chaffetz is dreaming if he thinks the Republicans lost not because of their platform, but because they simply didn't "communicate it better."

I'd say they communicated their platform very well--and it was rejected by a majority of voters, particularly young voters.

Chaffetz's statement is like someone saying that vaudeville is going to come back, we just need to make it more entertaining.

I nominate him for poster boy of everything that's wrong with the Republican Party at the moment, and why it's headed for extinction if it doesn't finally lose the extremists and wake up to th reality of America today. It doesn't have to be what it's not--but it should focus on fiscal responsibility and leave the "social values" alone.

tucson, AZ

Seriously, JHJ? He who is a hair's breath away from defecting to the Democrats, and whose stand on social issues makes him pretty much in line with the Democrat platform? I find it very difficult to believe he would receive any more support in the future over what he had in the presidential race, which wasn't much. Or to put it a little differently: if Jon Huntsman becomes the face of the Republican Party keeping his professed stance on social issues, it won't be a Republican party I'll want to have anything to do with.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

Reaganonservative, if you mean the covenants a candidate makes with God in terms of his *private* life (such as his marriage vows), I could certainly go along with that.

But if you mean he should also extend those into public policy platforms when it comes to, e.g., abortion and gay marriage, I'd say that he'd better keep out of public life altogether.

In public life, a politican must honor diverse values, even if they don't agree with his own religious values. I know that's hard to do if you have deep convictions, but again, it's a requirement for political office.

And that's why the Republicans lost: because they said, our way or the highway. Alas, they, themselves, wound up on the highway. (It's also known as separation of church and state.)

A politician should certainly bring ethics into the arena--no stealing, no cheating, no lying. And boy, do we need such politicians! But let society and the Supreme Court decide what our country's social values should be.

Othello, WA

Interesting how "Agency" parses a difference between murder of the born and unborn, and how one view in his thinking is holy, and worthy of holding public office, and the other is not. Huntsman is a democrat at heart, save us all a lot of time and just change parties. He wouldn't be the first and wouldn't be missed! Im with AZ, I want nothing to do with a Huntsman republican party.

Highland, UT

@free agency

I am amused at those that keep claiming that the Republicans "lost". Perhaps you didn't pay attention in Novemeber but last I checked Republicans won more overall elective offices than democrats did. For instance Republicans won far more house seats than democrats did. Republicans won far more governorships than democrats won. Republicans won far more state legislatures than democrats won. I believe Republicans won about 2/3rds of the overall elective offices in the entire country.

Now a democrat did win the presidency. Yay? The democrats did retain the senate, picked up a couple of seats even. Congratulations?

So your point is that because Republicans only won about 66% of the total elective offices in the entire country they should change themselves to be more like democrats who only managed to win about 33% of the total elective offices in the entire country?

Nice try but....fail.


Second article based on one persons opinion of a person left of center? Wanting immigration laws enforced is the hardest of hard approach? Shouldn't this be an editorial?

Springville, UT

What's with the almost daily articles about Jon? Has the DesNews become Jon's public affairs departments?

Enough already. Move on. This isn't news.

the truth
Holladay, UT

This country has drifted so far left,

a strong shift to right is what is need for correction.

But the radical left continues to demonize the right and any one who desires that needed correction.

While the right seems radical to the far left, it is what is good and right.

Please wake up and realize the terrible path of hate and deprivation of freedom the left is taking us and this country.

The fight for the Republican party is the fight for heart and soul of this country.

If there is no longer any right, those that love freedom and goodness, all that will be left will be the cold-hearted liberals and progressives, the 'Kingmen' of this day and age.

Colorado Springs, CO

@The Truth: Thanks for the laugh!

2016, Hillary and Jeb Bush. Whoever wins, stays in office in 2020!

Dietrich, ID

The reason Huntsman lost in the primaries got clobbered is in this article here.

South Jordan, UT

It would be easier to predict correctly the opponents in the 2020 national championship basketball game than nominees for the president.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Huntsman is too good for the GOP.

Murray, Utah

@Reagonconservative: Not knowing about his personal life or circumstances, I'm not going there. I'm just not going to vote for someone who bailed on his commitment to the Utah people as governor to seek out a better opportunity for himself and then bailed on that commitment to run for President. In my book, that kind of behavior indicates someone who is self-serving and NOT my choice for leading the country.

Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsman listens to what the public wants and is willing to go against the party if the party is wrong. People tend to forget Reagan was known for doing the same. I'd vote for Huntsman and think he'd be a draw for Moderates and Independents. The problem would be getting Huntsman through the far Right-dominated primaries.


Why the plethora of articles about Huntsman, he is not a great statesman, just the son of a rich man. ad nauseum

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