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Published: Friday, Dec. 28 2012 10:25 p.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

You gotta get wins somewhere I guess. Both the Utes and Cougs are going to struggle in their respective conferences this year. It's too bad, I don't think we'll even have a team from Utah in the Big Dance this year. Montana should top Weber, BYU and Utah only beat the mediocre. Utah State may be the states only chance and that looks about as bright as my farmers tan (well maybe not that bright.)

Where is Caldwell, Idaho?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

C of I didn't stand a chance, but it was good to see Utah do what it was supposed to do and put a team away (and keep them put away).

@Ocoug - Caldwell is about 30 minutes West of Boise

Franklin, IN

This is like reporting on an inter squad practice. Caldwell is a suburb of Nampa, which is a suburb of Boise. Really small...as Arthur said, "you could carpet the whole town if needed"...

Glad the pre-season is over! We may not win as many games from here on out...but I believe the pre-season set us up as a team that knows how to play together now. With 10 new players joining our teo returners from a horrible team. The P12 is going to be fickle this year. No real standouts after AZ...

Frisco, TX

Way to take it to those Yotes! This game kind of reminds me of when my 18 year old brother used to whip me at basketball when I was only 12. The Yotes have an available slot to play their football team in 2014 if U are interested.

Hopefully the Utes will play a more respectable non-conference schedule next year.

Oceanside, CA

Re: CougFanTx
Yeah, too bad no one from the Pac 12 cares about anything someone from BYU has to say. Are you getting ready for the upcomming exciting games in the HS gyms?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Glad preseason is over ... while I understand why Utah needed to play this kind of a preseason schedule this year, this last game seemed pointless. Maybe play them during finals week, but we needed a better team prior to conference play starting up.
That said, it's now time to see how much improvement can be made throughout conference play. I'd love to see the Utes win half their home games and a quarter of their road games. That would be about a 7-11 conference record and to me would be a great step forward from last years 6-win season (3 conference wins). That would also put Utah back at a .500 season (15-15). I'd take that this year and hope for more improvement next year.
Go Utes!

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm excited to see what the Utes can do in conference play. They will definitely exceed the expectations of the media since they were picked to finish dead last.

I think this team will be able to finish in the middle of the conference somewhere. Arizona is obviously head and shoulders above the rest of the conference, but their are plenty of other winnable games this year.

I hope the Utes can continue to improve and learn how to play together. Continue the development of the young players and this team is on its way to a quick recovery. Wins will help with the recruiting efforts setting the Utes up for a bright future.

It will be interesting to see what type of improvements the Utes can make to their basketball facilities as well. I know they have plans for some big improvements just not sure what. The Huntsman center has some great history but it would be nice if they could make some updates.

Go Utes!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ... Are you getting ready for the upcomming exciting games in the HS gyms? ... "


Playing in HS gyms is good because it seems like more people are there as opposed to when 2500 show up in the cavernous HC to watch the sorry utes. And we'll see the huge crowds that show up when you come to town in conference play.

Oh, nice "W" against the C of I. You buried those poor guys.

Franklin, IN

Utahs preseason strength of schedule = BYU season strength of schedule.

Enjoy the rest of your year Coug's...SF, SD, Portland, Pepperdine...

Frisco, TX

The dilusions this pre-season schedule have given some Ute faithful is almost humorous. Predictions of being able to beat anyone except maybe Arizona? Predictions of finishing in the middle of the PAC?

The only feathers in your non-conference cap were beating a middle of the MWC Boise St team, beating a middle of the CUSA SMU team, and playing BYU closer than most thought. U also lost to a Sac St team that even I thought you would win. Your pre-season record is one win better than I predicted.

The PAC12 is turning out to be weaker than expected, but there is still no way U finish in the middle of the PAC. Prediction: Four conference wins, three at home, and an 11th place finish. In fairness, U are playing pretty good D, but the offense is still weak.

re: indycrimson - careful of who you mock. Pepperdine beat Washington St and SD played CSNR to a closer finish than U did. I noticed U didn't mention Zags, St Mary's and Santa Clara - all who have a shot at dancing.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


"Utahs [sic] preseason strength of schedule = BYU season strength of schedule."


BYU finishes its preseason blowing out an ACC team.

Utah finishes its preseason blowing out a junior high team from Idaho.

Current RPI

#39 BYU(10-4) SOS 27
#118 Utah(8-4) SOS 85

Thanks for dragging our preseason SOS down.

Good luck on trying to improve on your 3-win conference record from last season.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Yeah, too bad no one from the Pac 12 cares about anything someone from BYU has to say."

Which of course explains why your entire post consisted of nothing but whining about a comment from a BYU fan, with not a single word about what a joke it is to pretend that beating a JR HS team from Idaho is going to get the Utes ready to play Arizona next week.

Franklin, IN

Solomon my good man!

The PAC 12 conference ranking in strength of teams is #5 of all conferences.
The ACC conference ranking in strength of team is #6 of all conferences.
The WCC is #10.

VT is ranked #116...an ACC team? Yes! A good ACC team? No!

The worst 3 teams Utah will play in season are USC #147, Wash #116 and ORST #100.
The worst 3 teams BYU will play in season are Port #238, SD #217, LMU #176.

The best 3 teams Utah will play in season are AZ #8, Colorado #19 and OR $42.
The best 3 teams BYU will play Zags #13, SClara #53 and St Mary #60.

See a pattern here? Lets put the strength of schedule argument to bed. Its tired...

Layton, UT

Indy crimson:

What's tired is Ute fans talking up the PAC-12 schedule as a prefabricated excuse for losing.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Pointless SOS argument, anyway, since the Utes have zero chance of playing in the post season.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Way to hit em' with factual data. I find it hilarious that when several Cougar fans on these threads are hit with facts the next comments are inevitably comparable to a kid saying, "well my Dad can beat up your Dad!"

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah fans can live in denial all they want, but the truth is, the Utes killed any chance they had of playing in the post season with their pathetic preseason.

So beat your chest all you want to about your mediocre conference schedule, and it is mediocre, but it's not nearly enough to compensate for your truly pathetic preseason schedule.

It's funny how Utah fans run for cover with meaningless "facts", while completely ignoring reality.

BYU still has an excellent change of playing in the Big Dance.

Utah has no chance.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Go ahead and let us Utah fans know which one of us it was who had any delusions of playing in the NCAA tourney this year.
In other words, it's you Cougies that bring up the strength of schedule garbage. It's us Ute fans who simply bring you back to earth that your overall SOS isn't any better than Utah's due to your lousy conference.
The truth is, if I was a Cougar fan I'd be disappointed with this year's out of conference scheduling. Knowing what conference you play in, BYU needs to play a much better out of conference schedule if they ever plan on not just making the NCAA tourney, but getting a high seed.
Utah's a different story, even when they're back to competing at a higher level it will still never be of extreme importance to have a difficult preseason schedule. The reason being that the PAC-12 will almost always be a top 5 conference, meaning the SOS is already built in.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


"Utah's a different story, even when they're back to competing at a higher level..."

Call us when that happens. The Utes have been rebuilding since Majerus left, with nothing but a train wreck to show for it.

Meanwhile, Rose has established BYU as a perennial 25+ win, NCAA tourney team.

With 10-4 record, an RPI of 33, and a SOS of 26, BYU is well on it's way to continuing that pattern.

The Utes, on the other hand, with their pathetic preseason schedule, have no chance of even playing in the NIT. Keep pretending that not playing anybody in the preseason is meaningless if it helps you sleep at night, but we all know that's nothing but a delusional Utah fan fantasy.

Franklin, IN

Midpac and Motorbike...
Utah is ranked #110 vs BYU ranking of #65.

Utah SOS is a little above 71.
BYU SOS is a little above 74.

BYU beat Utah so that makes them the better team this year. I don't see any of us saying we are better, or were going to make the post season. I don't even see any of us saying BYU won't make it...I am just defending our schedule vs there schedule with data.

What's up with all these predictions from down south that are just predictions?

I'm lost??

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