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Published: Friday, Dec. 28 2012 5:30 p.m. MST

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Idaho Falls, ID

Sooner Ute
What is wrong with going after non-LDS talent with similar values? Recruiting non-LDS is "selling your soul?" Really?
Hmm. And to think I "wasted" 2 years trying to convince people that what BYU represents--The LDS Church--was for everyone.

Are you really that concerned that BYU might close the gap a little in the advantage Utah enjoys in their recruiting base?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I read in this paper that we should never critize the coaches? BYU does not want 4 star players, the prefer walk-ons who talk loud and pump their fist a lot. Players from Texas might be too good and we would not want that.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT


Is dead on, non-LDS football stars are not going to look at BYU. Its a different world in Texas, The community all goes to the Friday night games, the team has its own, misters, portable tunnel with smoke to run out of, the High School Bands are top notch equivalent to College, they sell season tickets in a sold out stadiums the size of two year colleges, the rivalry teams play in Cowboy stadium and fill it half way! Lived in Carolton, saw it all.

There is No Way BYU can recruit the blue chip non-mormon players.

Stick to the locals, legacies and family lines, that all BYU has now. Other than cool T-shirts


I get that this is probably not a direct solution to BYU's problems, but the underlying point is that is it is difficult to be great with average recruiting (it can still be difficult to be great with above-average recruiting, but that is not the debate intended by this article).

Texas goes 100 deep without hitting a player with less than 3 stars (Florida does the same). The 98th ranked player in TX held offers from 5 PAC-12 schools, 5 SEC schools, and Oklahoma before selecting TAMU. The player in the same position in Florida holds offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Nebraska, and West Virginia. BYU has zero players committed for 2013 from either state.

So, how are the Cougars faring at home? According to Rivals.com, BYU got only 2 of Utah's top 10 players (#9 and #10) and is only in the running for one of the uncommited players in that group. Note: There is not a single 5-star athlete in the state of Utah.

The lack of success in TX is unacceptable since data, according to commonconsensus.org, lists BYU as the 5th most popular team in DFW and 9th in Houston.

Kearns, UT

Having gone on a mission to the Dallas area prior to 1980, I can say that we never did any work on Friday nights during Football season. No one was home. We went to football games in the fall. In 1978 I attended all of the Trinity High home games in Useless. Got more referals from being at the football games than three weeks of tracting.

There are a lot of good kids there. Many, like Detmer would have no problem with the honor code. In fact they would fit right in, Mormon or not. Seems like the most trouble with the honor code is from Mormons lately (Unga, Davies).

Bountiful, UT

"I think Coach Mendenhall and his staff have lost many of the recruiting connections Lavell Edwards used to take advantage of every season. Not only do the Cougars no longer have the strong presence of good Texas players, but also many from the islands. I would like to find out why Coach Edwards had such a broad recruiting pool and that is no longer the case with Coach Mendenhall."

Because Hawaii and California has good surfing and Texas does not. Just kidding...but with the focus for coaches at BYU on having more quality time at home with their families there has to be a give and take. More time at home with families means less time on the road recruiting or recruiting more in conveniently located places like California and the PacNW.

Lindon, UT

Some thoughts regarding some of the above posts: Recruiting non-LDS players is part of the gospel program - what better way to introduce them to the gospel, by recruiting them to BYU FB, BB, etc. I like the idea of hiring Detmer to come to BYU as QB coach - the OC problem is now solved with bringing back Anae. If this is the last year for Mendenhall (his contract is through 1913), as some believe, why not bring Detmer in as QB coach and prepare him for OC in 2014, moving Anae up to head coach.

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