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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 26 2012 4:30 p.m. MST

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Arlington, VA


"One reason why Jimmer is not starting is that he can't defend against the larger and quicker guards in the NBA,..."

Nobody plays defense in the NBA anyway.

Farmington, UT

"One reason why Jimmer is not starting is that he can't defend against the larger and quicker guards in the NBA, which in Jimmer's case is just about everyone. Jimmer does not have the speed nor the athleticism to compete at the NBA level."


Defense? Jimmer's not getting more minutes because he can't play defense? Have you never watched the NBA? Steve Nash is a two-time MVP and a future member of the Hall of Fame and is notoriously bad on defense. The Sacramento Bee writer is right on the mark, Jimmer's numbers this year at least warrant more minutes and a shot at proving if he can be a starter.

Orem, UT

I think those who question my comments are bordering on the delusional. There is indeed a need for defense in the NBA and it requires athleticism. Jimmer is a small guard and cannot defend against the larger guards. He is not quick and cannot compete against those who are quicker. What some fans don't see, the coaches are very much aware of. Jimmer's only asset is that he can shoot and that really limits his role on an NBA team. At best he will be a role player in the NBA, but not a starter. I have seen too often that guards can either post up on Jimmer or blow past him for an easy layup. No coach in the NBA would put a player with limited skills in as a starter or play significant minutes.

Cedar Hills, UT

I've seen too often that guards blow past Al Jefferson, Randy Foye, and Paul Millsap. Every game, time after time. The Jazz are among the very worst in the league in points allowed in the paint.

Yeah - tell us again coleman51 how no coach in the NBA allows poor defenders to start.

And, it only took 19 posts for coleman51 to finally be the one to bring up the worn out "Jimmer can't play defense" cliche to give the appearance he knows something about basketball. Funny how no sportswriter ever writes about players having career scoring nights when Jimmer defends them, or how Kings' opponents mysteriously enlarge their leads when Jimmer is on the floor playing his horrid defense.

Here's a little clue why you don't see those stories - Jimmer's no worse than average on defense. Honestly - time for some new material.

Orem, UT

It is interesting that you bring up Al Jefferson, Randy Foye, and Paul Millsap. I would absolutely agree with you that they cannot defend. The Jazz have a chronic problem with players that cannot defend and that is why you see them get blown out against good athletic, younger teams. The Jazz is the worst franchise to make your point against the bad defense argument. Why compound that by getting a slow, small guard like Jimmer and really sink the franchise? Your argument falls flat with your own examples.

metamora, IL

Coleman: the point of the article is that no one else on the team -- especially at point guard -- is playing brilliantly on offense, defense or anywhere in between. And since the Kings are chronically among the worst teams in the NBA, there is nothing to lose by giving Jimmer an opportunity to play more minutes. Instead of letting everyone wonder if he can or cannot be an NBA player, let him prove it on the court.


@Coleman51 - If you'd actually watch the games you'd know that's not true. Or maybe you could just look at stats. His defense is no worse than the other point guards on the team, and the difference between his and theirs is that his actually improves every game. Would he get smoked by Chris Paul. Most definitely. But who wouldn't?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I know you coug fans don't like hearing the "Jimmer can't play defense" argument, but it is absolutely real. You can all say that no one plays defense in the NBA blah, blah, blah ... but the bottom line is that coaches do indeed see who the weakest links are on defense and typically don't play those guys unless they overwhelmingly make up for it in other ways or they simply have no other options. So Jimmer fans please tell us, what overwhelming ways will Jimmer make up for his lack of defense?
Whoever it was that brought up Nash in this thread ... have you seen his assist numbers over the years? The day Jimmer is as capable as Nash at running the point and getting his team involved is the day Fredette will start and remain a starter. In fact, if Jimmer could just bring one other positive stat on a consistent basis, he would at least be considered for more minutes and a starting job. Which stat is it going to be? Steals? Rebounds? Blocks? Assists?
Sorry guys, I like Jimmer but I don't see much changing.

Orem, UT


The "Jimmer can't play defense" argument is absolutely IRRELEVANT, because hardly anybody else in the NBA plays defense until the playoffs anyway.

Instead of spouting off, you should actually watch an NBA game once in awhile, paying particular attention to how many times guards prevent other players from penetrating or taking outside shots.

Laughing out loud at your classical Catch 22 that Jimmer would get more minutes IF he brought just one more positive stat on a consistent basis, which of course, is impossible to produce if he doesn't get consistent minutes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dave S
Better to read about Jimmer than the MIghty Running Utes. It won't take much self discipline for you to pass over any articles about Fredette.

Cedar Hills, UT

@coleman51 - your reading comprehension is really no better than your basketball analysis. Please let me know where I said Jimmer should come to the Jazz. Your argument falls flat because you're not keeping up. Also, how can the Jazz be the worst defensive example in the NBA if they're beating more than half the teams? Seems they're no worse than average, and I compared Jimmer's defense to average.

Still waiting for all those articles on how the players defended by Jimmer tear up the floor when he's guarding them.

Sandy, UT

I support Jimmer getting more playing time as well but what this doesn't take into account is defense. Across the NBA there is broad agreement that Jimmer's defense is still well below average and opposing players abuse that when they can. If you don't agree, take a look at some of the games and highlights. Jimmer is being run by on every fast break, rarely presenting a challenge as they drive right by him. It's a conundrum for the coach because his offense is decent but he is a clear liability on defense. I'd like to see the +/- comparisons with others on the team. That may be more telling.

Taylorsville, UT

Some people keep repeating the same thing over and over again: "Jimmer isn't a good enough defender to play in the NBA". Um, does the name "Steve Nash" mean anything to you people? The guy is a terrible defender and yet he has two MVP awards. It's all about finding the right situation. Look at Jeremy Lin. For that matter, look at Derek Fisher. Seriously, Jimmer has more talent than either of those guys, and they've been successful in the NBA, because they found a good fit for them. It could happen for Jimmer, too.

Cedar Hills, UT

@localblue - you can see detailed stats for individual players on hoopdata dot com. Jimmer's defensive statistics, per 40 minutes played, are hardly below average. His stats are higher than Randy Foye, and Mo Williams is only a little better than Jimmer, even though Jimmer beats him in some categories.

I'm guessing you see one player blow past Jimmer, remember the cliches about his defense, and apply one clip to his entire defensive skill set, but you can see good players blow past half the NBA starters night after night and never come to the same conclusion about them, because no one has created the reputation for you about them.

Fact is, Jimmer hustles and works hard, has a good shot and enviable offensive skills. Defensively, he's statistically no worse than average and getting better, no matter how much lazy people try to pigeon-hole him based on lame stereotypes and cliches.

Las Vegas, NV


"...Jimmer lacks basic skills needed in the NBA. He is a nice kid, but the NBA, including the Kings, need a skilled player, not just a shooter."

As a basketball player, your're right that all-around skills are needed, but to win games the most important skill one could ever acquire is to SCORE! You win games when you have more points than the other. To me, team chemistry is the most important things a team can have, but if it came down to excellent scorer or excellent defender, I'll take the excellent scorer. The best players the NBA has ever had were excellent scorers more so than excellent defenders.

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