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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 26 2012 2:05 p.m. MST

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Idaho Falls, ID

While it is admirable that Mr. Andersen is defending his friend Coach Weber, I am sure Coach Weber as well as the rest of the coaching staff can take a little criticism like big boys. It comes with the territory.

Mr. Andersen if you are OK with mediocrity, fine. I agree that BYU has done pretty well with its narrow scope of recruiting. However, I can tell you that the coaches, the players, and the vast majority of fans are NOT OK with mediocrity, especially when they come so close to greatness, only to be washed away by some really bad decisions.

As a fan, I expect better from BYU football because I have seen better (offenses). Although this year BYU exceeded expectations on defense, I don't think it is unreasonable to expect a better than average offense, especially since they historically have had powerhouse offenses.

So please get off the high horse about what a fair weather fan is--you have no clue. Having high expectations does not make you a fair weather fan.

I would agree that personal attacks should not be condoned. Criticism of performance is one thing, but character attacks are out of line.

West Jordan, UT

Huh - older article but still...If this is what keeps you up at night...Must be a great life!

Go Cougars!

Rifle, CO

Amen, Mr. Anderson. It seems only those who have played and coached at higher levels really understand just how good the football coaches at BYU have been in Mendenhall's era. I don't get to attend football games very often since I live and coach in Colorado since leaving BYU, but the one game I did attend, it was all I could do to not turn around and say something to the idiots who were berating Max Hall (one of the best quarterbacks BYU has ever had).

I guess it is just the nature of our society that those who can't play the game can sit on the outside and constantly criticize those who do. As a high school athletic director now, I get to listen to a few idiot fans from time to time who always think they can do a better job than the coaches. I can't imagine what Holmoe must go through listening to all the idiots that probably try to contact him on a daily basis. Hopefully he has learned to let most of it go through one ear and out the other because that is what most of the complaints deserve.

Frisco, TX

This editorial makes it feel like going to a sporting venue is supposed to be like going to sacrament meeting and I'm suppose to sit quietly with my arms folded and support the coaches no matter what. I'm a loyal BYU fan, but please allow me to play Monday morning QB and second guess the coaches and their calls. I realize I'm not an expert, and I concede that Bronco knows the players a lot better than me. But when Bronco went for two against BSU, and I wouldn't have; let me express my opinion and don't lecture me like I'm apostatizing from the church. Going 8-5 does not rattle my loyalty, but let me express my opinions about the lack of offensive fire power and the need for change. I'm not asking for Doman to be fired, but can't I express my opinion that running Hill 19 times in one game is not BYU football, and the mis-signal that sent Hill into needlessly ending his season represents poor communication that needs to be improved without being accused of being appalling.

Roy, UT

The decision to play a hurt starter over a healthy, competent back-up most often hurts, and is thus unfair, to the performance of the team. 90% of the time, the healthy player will be the better choice, so in the case of this year, I just think Riley, and possibly the Coach, were not doing what was best for the team by his playing hurt, and the consequence was disastrous. Good thing is, the players still got to play, even excel on the field, and perhaps that is what it is all about...easy to understand the frustration at BYU of always being good, almost never GREAT. Maybe we just don't have the right motivation or temperament for ultimate success, as in final 4 basketball, or championship football, etc.

Arlington, TX

"Fair weather fans" doesn't begin to desribe some of those who have commented. I have a hard time understanding how some of these people would even be considered fans, when they seemingly did not enjoy a bowl win because more points were scored by the defense than the offense.

And the criticisms of Bronco Mendenhall have gone beyond anything rational. Has he made some mistakes? Yes. But four bowl wins in a row is a pretty good sccomplishment and somthing I never thought I would see at BYU. And to say his decisions wasted a great defense is to ignore the fact that he was largely responsible for the great defense. Also, they forget what 2002-2004 was like for BYU football and how Bronco revitalized BYU football.

I don't beleive the term "fans" should be used to describe those that can't see any success through their crticisms.

Cougsrock original
Maricopa, Az

I would guess this guy is home smiling at the responses. You all pretty much proved him right.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

S.J. Anderson,

I am very impressed with what a wonderful and qualified person you tell us you are.

I am one of those horrible fans that is never satisified.

If we when 11 games in a season and all of them are against ranked BCS teams, and we lose to only one of those 12 teams, due to a bad call, or some other bad decision, I will be upset about that bad call or that bad decision, that may have kept us from playing for a national championship.

Some of us show our support by accepting all that happens good or bad, right or wrong, stupid or intelligent, while others of us support our team by constantly wanting them to be all that they are capable of being. In my opinion, both types of supporters are good. If all supporters were only one way or the other, as described above in this paragraph, that in my opinion, would not be as good.

Layton, UT

Mr. Anderson,
Well spoken. I applaud your decision to stand up and support BYU, the football team, and the coaches. It is good to remember that many of us fail to reach our goals and expectations. We should expect the best from people, then except that all of us fail at some point and even make a few mistakes along the way. I am very proud of the football teams success, especially when you consider Bronco has stated that football is his number five priority and faith is number one. Congratulations on a fine season and I look forward to greater success next year.

Wally West

@ Cougarista 3:05 p.m. Dec. 26, 2012

"At the Poinsettia Bowl a "loyal" BYU fan behind me was so obnoxious in his criticism of the coaching staff that I thought he was an SDSU fan. He had lost perspective, it's only a game."

Agreed. I like to look at sports (all levels) as entertainment first and foremost. Its an escape, way to decompress, etc...

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

You obviously have no idea what the move to independence was all about. It was about exposure and opportunity, both of which are being squandered.

Pro sports insiders with access to ESPN executives indicate the network is NOT happy with BYU's on field performance. Also note how few people watched or went to the Poinsettia Bowl. But you, on your high and mighty pulpit, lecture BYU fans about loyalty? What about some loyalty in return? What about Tom Holmoe stepping up and saying, "Time for a change?" You demand loyalty from a fan base that is being humiliated and spoken to like they are morons. As if fans can't tell the difference between a "winning record," and a "winning record against teams with a winning record."

I'm also sick of hearing ESPN commentators expose the stupidity of BYU offensive play calling. But, we knew we had a grade school level coaching mentality when we saw an every-other-series QB rotation during the entitled Freshman debacle.

And don't lecture about how to spend or donate my money. Go ahead, keep contributing. As for me, I'm holding my donor dollars in reserve.

Central, UT

Attila the Hun, Many folks here continue to comment about failed coaching and playing an injured quarterback and this is the reason for 4 of BYUs losses this year. But what was the better option. Did you all want to see Lark play in all of those games. Lark played two games, one against the worst defense in the country and admittedly he played well. The second game was in the bowl game (a good defense) and he played awful. Had it not been for the defense, this game would have also been a loss since they scored 17 of BYUs points in the game. Riley was the best option at quarterback all year and truly gave us the best chance to win. It was very unlucky that he was mostly injured and that Taysom Hill also went down with an injury. Remember, Riley Nelson was the quarterback that got us one of those 10 win seasons just a year ago and had he been healthier, it would have happened again this year. Lark was not the solution to the problem, you are just looking at the green grass on the other side of the hill.

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