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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 26 2012 2:05 p.m. MST

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Park City, UT

Please, there is no scapegoat. It is simple due to Mendenhall's lack of leadership and player favortism the team finished at 8-5 instead of 11-1 or 12-0 and about to play in a BCS Bowl or National Championship. Rewatch the games and tell us if Bronco (as he suprisingly acknowledged being at fault for) had prepared the team for the noise at Utah would it not have been a victory? Put Hill/Lark in for an injured Nelson would Bosie, ND, and San Jose not been victories? Oregon State tied early in the 4th substitue Lark victory, who knows? Regarding Taysom Hill the injury was inexcusable due to pathetic lack of observant coaching

So now it is time for Holmoe to chat with Andy Reid, bring in Detmer as offensive coach and relegate Bronco to defensive, or keep the status quo with Bronco in charge and possibly finish at 6-6 next year...shame Holmoe didnt reach out to Gary Anderson

Sandy, UT

Fans aren't asking that much. Bronco is the one that says "Our goal is a National Championsip, and a Quest for Perfection". You can's do either if you can't score an offensive touchdown, or make a PAT against Boise, or miss two GW field goals at Utah, or underthrow a wide open Hoffman by over 15 yards at Notre Dame, or play an injured quarterback at SJSU after the color commentators have said twenty times "it's time to bench Nelson. He's hurt".

Layton, UT

You have it all wrong. The person that needs to be fired is Bronco. His love affair with Riley is sickening. As a BYU fan, I do have high expectations. An 8 & 5 season does not meet that expectation. Especially with the schedule the Cougs had. Good bye Bronco.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

A more accurate perspective is that BYU's schedule was awful. BYU won 7 regular season games, six of which included the likes of Georgia Tech (who lost to Tennessee State), Washington State (who Utah destroyed), New Mexico State, Idaho, Hawaii, and Weber State. BYU's record against the other five teams played was 1-5, including a loss to a really bad Utah team, the mark key "big" win was against Utah State, a WAC team. Perhaps this is what is bothering the fans you want to call out as being fair-weather. Try to view the season without your blue colored glasses and you might see it for what it really was.

Spanish Fork, UT

Foolish. Fans pay money for a quality product. If the quality drops, as it has at BYU, then they don't buy tickets. Bronco can have his way and hate the fans, but he may be left with a half empty stadium as happened under Crowton. If you charge money you better deliver.

Taylorsville, Utah

Could someone please remind me of when we do the "sustain-ing votes for football season. Is it at the beginning of each season, after the opening prayer each game?. I guess I'll have to pay attention now that I've been called to repentance as a "Fair Weather Fan". LOL!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Typical ankle-biting response from a hill troll who is content to live with losing seasons and no bowls as long as U beat BYU.

Cedar Hills, UT

byU "fans" calling out other byU "fans" as "fair-weather", duck sitting on the fence as the "balance" and next year the cougs are looking at 8 losses.

Good stuff

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Silent Lurker

Instead of involving yourself in a discussion that has absolutely nothing to do with the Utes, U should be worrying about your football program following in the train wreck tradition of your basketball program.

Call us the first time the Utes beat a PAC 12 team with a winning record. The truth is, the ONLY team of any significance the Utes have beaten the last two years...

is BYU!

If the Utes had beaten the only WAC team on their schedule, a team BYU beat, the Utes would have been bowling.

Salt Lake City, UT


"next year the Cougs are looking at 8 losses"

Bad news for the Utes, who are averaging two losses more than the Cougs since joining the PAC.

Cedar Hills, UT


The thing is, yeah the Utes have taken their lumps moving into a premier conference in the PAC. That being said, the cougs actually have a decent 2013 schedule with fewer cream puffs for padding. With no QB to speak of and a couple of nice pieces from the D declaring for the NFL, the cougs will be in a real pickle.

Asi es

pocatello, ID

Snack PAC & Truth Machine are trying their best to deflect BYUs problems.
We know Utah had a down season. Everyone knows your side can't handle the fact they were invited to a real conference over BYU. Get over it. Focus on actually winning games against ranked teams, other than USU which you act like is a national title!

Carry on with your mediocre bowl aspirations.

Santaquin, UT

I have a very vivid image in my mind of an injured Robbie Bosco hobbling around the 1984 Holiday Bowl on one leg and still managing to throw the winning touchdown to secure the National Championship. Coaches must have thought that an injured Bosco was better suited to lead the team to victory than a healthy Blaine Fowler. The difference is that it worked out in the end for BYU in 1984--but one can only imagine what folks would have had to say if Bosco had not been able to deliver the ball to Kelly Smith on that last drive. The next year (1985) was one of those could-have-should-have years with an early season close loss to UCLA followed by a stunning loss to UTEP who ended the year 1-10. The Cougars lost to Ohio St. in the bowl game by the whopping score of 10-7. All of the losses that year hinged on interceptions returned for TDS. After the season fans learned that Bosco played with an injured shoulder all year. We forgive and we forget (at least some of us) and move on with our lives.

American Fork, UT

great article err i mean letter to the editor...but i don't know any fans calling for Weber's head. He's been a magician and should stay. I have never heard anyone say it was Weber's fault unless he's the O-line recruiter as well. the real issue fans have is the mancrush the coaches have on a certain QB who can't throw the ball farther than me when we have had Lark and Munns (true passing QB's) we fans have been kept in the dark about their true talent.

Santa Monica, CA

BYU Fans don’t have to apologize for not supporting the failure of BYU Football to achieve its true potential for the past SEVERAL years. 2012 was the ultimate in watching on-field performance which could not equal the talent and abilities of the young men in the BYU program.

Why did this happen? These failures fall to the feet of bad coaching decisions. Without those coaching mistakes, BYU would have achieved a 12-1 season or have been 12-0 & "BCS bowling".

The Poinsettia Bowl exemplified the fact BYU has superior talent, but horrible coaching, especially on offense. That responsibility for that failure starts at the top, with a man who actually said after the Poinsettia Bowl-"I am proud of our 8-5 record; we are more than just wins and losses".

Bronco should not be excused from his on field coaching failures, bad decision-making, and arrogant attitude towards fans and alumni just because he is a good member of the LDS church; he should have optimum results on the field. Gary Anderson, another LDS coach, turned around Utah State, and was rewarded with HC@Wisconsin. BYU needs a change.

newhall, CA

I have two words for Anderson: Lighten up!

Orem, UT


Utah fans are just trying to ignore the reality that no matter how poorly the Cougars do, the Utes will find a way to do even worse. The Utes didn't just have a down year, the Utes have been in steady decline since they hit their high water mark in 2008.


The Utes aren't going through any "growing pains" of being in a power conference, they're simply discovering who they really are -- bottom feeding cannon fodder for the big boys of the PAC to pad their records. No worries; Washington State and Colorado appreciate the company.

Orem, UT

Let me get this straight. So, a football player can "sustain" an injury and a football team can "sustain" a loss, but football fans can't "sustain" their team? And, since when are "sports writers" the go-to authority of correct word usage?

Regardless, here you go. Just one of many examples...

"The emotion of fan support can sustain a team in the short term." Unfortunately D-news doesn't allow for URL's so you'll just have to google the writers' article title and names-The Pro Sports Market in Canada by Glen Hodgson and Mario Lefebvre, February 2011.

Again, go consult the good ole Webster. It may help expand your vocabulary.

Kearns, UT

Being a disgruntled fan, it is our right and privilage to complain. About QB choices, about the O line, about the running backs, about Doman, about the overall philosophy of the program. That is part and parcel of being a fan.

Weber is only a scapegoat. He's done a good job and I don't think the blame can be laid at his feet. The blame is always with the boss, which would be Bronco. Weber just played the hand he was dealt.

The blame is really about the overall philosophy of the program. Bronco is a defensive coach. His focus is the defense. LaVell was a defensive coach, but he hired excellent assistants, gave them the over all philosophy and let them do their jobs while he acted as the CEO. Making the big decisions but leaving the small print to his assistants. Bronco has not learned that one lesson. He needs to find a D-Coordinator that he trusts and then leave him alone and consentrate on the big picture. He needs to be concerned with the over all play of the team and be more involved with the offense. If he can't learn that...

Kearns, UT

Remember, close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades (Nuclear Bombs too). Coming close does not count. You either win or lose. It's not how close you come. Losing by 1 is still as bad as losing by 50 (especially to the U). There are no moral victories except those where you are ahead on the score at the end of the contest.

Let's not talk about the Y needting to execute better or be more precise. Let's talk about winning the darn game and then go out and do it. Emotion plays as much in a game as ability and execution. Riley proved that a couple of times last year. Not this year.

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