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Published: Sunday, Dec. 23 2012 8:30 p.m. MST

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The A Game
Sandy, UT

Y Dad,

I guess some thing's don't change. I think you should read before you comment. So do yourself a favor and scroll up a bit where I clearly say I'm not a Ute fan. And just so you understand the meaning of trolling, saying Utah beat BYU is not trolling. It's just a fact bro. I don't discount BYU's win over Utah State (who I root for since you apparently haven't understood that yet) even though Utah State was named the best team in Utah. Those are facts too. No need to overreact. But claiming Utah is "little brother" to BYU based on fan base is pretty silly in my opinion. But what do we non-BYU fans know about sports, right?

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Does anyone know who Jabari Parker voted for? Just curious?

St. George, UT

How did Utah do in the Pac12 this year?

How did they do in their bowl game?

How many games did they play on ESPN or high-ranking networks?

Frisco, TX

FAN - 2.) A person who has a strong interest in a particular sport.

Seems to me there are a lot of Utes and Aggies who are really fans of BYU based on the above definition.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

The A Game
Sandy, UT

Thanks for the perspective, bro. So you are worse than a Ute troll, you are an Aggie troll, hyping the Utah victory because they accomplished what the Aggies could not - beat BYU.

So the other "fact", bro, is indeed that Utah State is the best team in the state of Utah, except that BYU beat them.

Actually, I have no beef against Utah State. Sorry about your coach, but I think he left things in a condition that a good new coach should be able to build upon this years' success. If you read your own boards when you aren't trolling, you will acknowledge that I have spoken very highly of all things football and Utah State.

But, if, by chance, the other Blue team slips back to mediocrity, I will be pleased to remember you.

Lyman, WY

All these Utes fans are talking about when was the last time a BYU team had a big win, well when was the last time Utah won a big game besides BYU? Alabama five years ago. Utah will never win another conference title, just like Arizona, after they left the WAC in the 70's, in fact Utah didn't win as many MWC titles as BYU did.

Lyman, WY

I'll stand by my opinion there are very few real Utes fans, mostly just BYU haters.

The A Game
Sandy, UT

Bro, chill out. See, I can act like I'm cool too. So I'm being negative by saying that Utah beat BYU, huh? I think you take offense very easily, bro. And you apparently need to read other articles, bro. Utah State was named the best team in the state, bro. Maybe if you could read, you would get it bro. Like I said, I don't discount BYU's win against them. So you shouldn't discount Utah's win either bro. I'm not "hyping" anything, just stating that a bigger fan base doesn't make a better team. I didn't know that such a simple concept was so difficult to understand. And just so we're clear, you're saying that just because I'm an Aggie fan commenting on a BYU article that I'm trolling? Sounds to me like somebody is trying to act younger than their age by using hip terms, bro.

Bristow, United States

Byu has also been ranked as one of the more disliked teams. This years game was my first pleasant trip to Provo. But I've also had plenty of experiences that were "other than pleasant"


Worf, I could see that - having a recently had a conversation at an Uptown sports bar (Frankie's) I had someone describe Utah as "the blue and white Mormon school that used to put out lots of QB's right?"

I really wish my cousin (the only Utah grad I've ever met) had been around for that...

Farmington, UT

Something everyone seemed to either ignore, discount or forget is the capacity of the home stadiums and the over-all attendance figures for a completed season.

USU couldn't get 18,000 fans into their stadium for each of the last 3 games this season when they had the best record in the school's history.

UTAH has the smallest stadium (tied) in the PAC 12.

BYU consistently has more fans, yes---even when Crowton was flushing the program, by the thousands at each home game that the Ute stadium even holds.

When you have a REAL program, you'll have fans attending the games in mass numbers. Last year when I attended the BYU-Texas game Texas fans said there were more BYU fans in the stadium in Austin than Oklahoma fans when they play them.

It's OK to repeat the 8 - 3 record the last 11 games, Ute fans, and the 54 - 10 blow-out in Provo, and your two BCS victories, but over time your program is currently regressing. The PAC 12 is more than you can handle and historically you have no Heisman Winner, no National Championship, far fewer fans and trail BYU in MWC Crowns. Some program......

Farmington, UT

I'm certain that if we count the number of banners hanging from light poles in SLC then Utah is indeed the PAC 12 champion, as no ohter conference school feels the need to "justify" themselves to such a point.

Orem, Utah

The survey and ESPN's Joe Shad sum things up best. I know its painful for the Utah trolls, but B.Y.U. has a national fan base thanks to Lavell who put them on the map. ESPN knows it and that is why they signed the deal with B.Y.U. So I guess B.Y.U. is not that irrelevant after all.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

@The A Game

Your comments are the only ones that have any sense or intelligence at all here.

Seems that logic and reason are sorely lacking here.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Here in Spokane when I mention BYU to someone, they always say "BY Who?"

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

Utes Fan

toosmart's posts make sense, if you bother to get the facts, at least regardig the size of the stadium.

Why would I think maybe Larry was blind-sided when he thought Colorado residents, who love the Nuggetts, Broncos and Rockies, and Utah residents, who love the Jazz and the Cougars, would produce a big TV market for the PAC 12? It was juast wishful thinking on his part, but isn't anywhere close to being the truth.

Sorry, that's the way it is.

Wally West

@ Y Grad / Y Dad 12:02 p.m. Dec. 24, 2012

"And yet, here you are, again, on your rival's board, declaiming anything positive. Most teams, and their fans, would be content to beat their rival and then move on. U, though, had nothing to move on to."

Semantics are funny, but, this a story about byu on the DN's website. Your claim only holds validity if the domain were owned exclusively by byu and/or their athletic dept.

"we here at the Y have our few obnoxious fans"

Few? There is an understatement.

Smart Aleck
Vancouver, WA

Here in Vancouver when I mention BYU to someone, they always say "Go Cougars" (and not the WAZZU kind)!

Hank Pym

re: toosmartforyou 12/24 @ 15:07 p.m.

**...no ohter conference school feels the need to "justify" themselves to such a point.**

Like bringing up 1984 ad naseum ad infinitum, perhaps?

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

@Why would I?

BYU's larger fan base is due to the LDS Church. Nobody is disputing that, except, ironically, BYU fans, who think that it is due to BYU just being much more likable and successful around the country regardless of the LDS affiliation.

Again, BYU's fan base is the loyalty of the LDS members. Nothing more. Nothing less. I am active LDS myself, so it doesn't bother me. But facts are facts.

I do think it is rather funny, illogical, and rather pointless, to argue with Utes fans when you have been beaten by the Utes 4 out of the last 5 times. And, again, the loyalty to the LDS Church is the reason for the larger fan base. Trust me, it has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with BYU being so much more likable, successful, or whatever.

Sorry, that's the way it is.

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