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Published: Sunday, Dec. 23 2012 8:30 p.m. MST

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Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Teleste: in what sport? Basketball? Womens soccer or volleyball? track & field? baseball? you've had a nice 10 year run in football, but that will soon enough change. Utah is and always has been a nice one sport school. Right now its football. It used to be basketball.

Baltimore, MD

The A Game

Don't kid yourself.

We all know Utah fans are EXTREMELY jealous that BYU finished in the Top 25 last season, while Utah didn't get a single vote in either poll, and that Utah fans are even more jealous that BYU won a bowl game this year, while the Utes didn't even sniff a bowl, except for the couch potato bowl.

BYU beat TWO conference champions and a BCS conference division winner. Who did U beat?

Ya, we know.

Now you're beginning to understand.

Even in losing, BYU provided Utah's ONLY relevant wins since joining the PAC.

Salt Lake City, UT

Who are you sir? BYU fans seem to have an identity that does not require plastering their vehicles and license plates with multiple PAC 12 and Ute logos. It's rather high school to this Utah alumnus.

Logan, UT

#18 USU got 2.8 million views during its bowl game. BYU got 2.2 million. Where's the LDS/Deseret News writer who said USU would never get better tv ratings during a bowl? Is he going to eat crow? I doubt it -- especially since the same organization that owns this publication also owns the school he likely went to.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks DNews for a boost after a tough season.

Iowa City, IA

What a great Christmas gift! Love it! Let's keep growing, can't wait for games next year in South Bend and Madison. Go Cougars. Thanks ESPN for the boost to Independence.

The A Game
Sandy, UT


Now that I'm laughing harder than I was before reading your comment, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not a Ute fan. See the screen name? The A game, as in Aggies. However, I have nothing wrong with pointing out illogical statements regarding BYU vs. Utah. Yep BYU went bowling, yep they won. And Utah played BYU, and Utah won. Would you not say the same about Utah State vs. BYU? Utah State ended up top 20, BYU didn't come close, but BYU beat Utah State. Are you jealous of Utah State then? Are you beginning to understand now? If I was a Ute fan, trust me, I would not be jealous.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's the sign of a weak and terribly damaged ego to hate another's success.

Minneapolis, MN

Mcallen, TX

Here in Texas, when some one says Utah football,---it's BYU they think about with Utah State a distant second.


Well in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, when someone says Utah football,---they say, "Go Utes." And I think we can all agree in Wisconsin, Utah State has gained some recognition.

Mesa Coug
Phoenix, AZ

Hey student,

You cannot really compare ratings of a Saturday game to a Thursday night game. Lets see what ratings this Thursdays games produce and them maybe we can have a conversation. Still in the end BYU was in a bowl game that they had to secure on their own without the benefit of conference affiliation. All in all, I am happy with their bowl situation and expect it to improve going forward.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Don't be bitter Ute Fans, after all, you're in a really big conference. People everywhere want to see the Cougars, if only to pull for their opponents. Now that we do not play confeence games, the fans treat us great where ever we go. Even better, next year we won't have Riley so good things might happen..unless of course Bronco finds a new pet that can't play but really likes to be around the head coach all the time.

Provo, UT

Enough already....most of the postings are from Ute fans who are anti-Mormon bigots or BYU fans who think all Utah fans are drunks and are a little self righteous. This is why I won't miss the rivalry game.

Fed Employee
Lehi, UT

Is there really an argument here from what seem to be Utah fans talking about meaningless bowl games? So often I see on these boards people gloating about Utah's bowl record in comparison to BYU's. Yes, BYU has a losing record in bowl games and Utah has a winning record and had a long bowl game winning streak. What people forget to point out it that the majority of BYU's bowl games were when not many teams went to bowl games and the quality of bowl opponents were normally of a higher caliber. Utah's however happened in the era of "everyone gets a trophy for playing the season." Of that bowl streak they had going only 2 were more than a participation award.

Saint George, UT

People like us. I knew it!

Go Cougars Baby!!!


WalMart is a popular brand peddling inferior products. Just like Cougar football!

#3 team in the Pacific Northwest? No way!
UW, WSU, UO & OSU all have more fans up here than BYU. In addition, there are more ND & USC fans up here than BYU fans. What a joke. Do a real poll. Numbers work against BYU based on members of the church anyway. They are outnumbered up here.

Interesting to read the posts here. It's more important to be popular (allegedly) than actually compete on the field. No wonder so many BYU fans are happy with an 8-5 season. I bet some of them here participated and clicked the survey several times.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

The A Game
Sandy, UT
Mussing With U,

"Yeah I'm sure a lot of Utah fans are "jealous" that they beat your team this year, yet again."

And yet, here you are, again, on your rival's board, declaiming anything positive. Most teams, and their fans, would be content to beat their rival and then move on. U, though, had nothing to move on to.

I do assume that if and when there is anything positive to say about Utah football, we here at the Y have our few obnoxious fans that have to be there to try to put it down. I really don't know, because I don't have the interest or time to go to a Utah story unless congratulations are in order.

But seriously, isn't it embarrasing to be in the same class as the BYU fans that troll YOUR articles?

Plano, TX

I've lived in Dallas for 20 years. No one mentions Utah football, unless it's to in a discussion about Urban Meyer. If there's a mention of the state and football, the next thing out of their mouth is a question about BYU, and it's either about history of the QBs or the honor code... For a non-Rockies state, there are comparatively a fair number of LDS people in Texas around big cities. 18-20 stakes in metro Dallas/Ft.Worth alone.

Murray, Utah


Just a reminder to all the ute fans of their basketball record against BYU for the last 12 games. Or I can include 13 games, 1-13. Or do you all stop watching sports after football is over. If so, sorry your sports season was so short this year.

Mission Viejo, CA

As the LDS Church continues to expand outside the intermountain west, BYU fandom will grow. The recent election and focus on Mormon candidates and the dozens of articles around the world greatly increased exposure. BYU's long bowl history has increased awareness and a established a degree of respect. So BYU is a good gamble for ESPN.

I like independence and the freedom to play around the country. I loved going to Ole Miss and had a great time with the thousands of other BYU fans who enjoyed the fantastic Southern hospitality in the Grove. Not so much in San Diego as the local papers blame every loss to BYU on (1) officials, (2) player age and maturity. So while we have fun in far venues, it doesn't mean that we're loved by everyone. But we are recognized and usually respected. And hated by BYU's many victims.

University of Utah? Who cares? Nobody cares about Utah anymore than, say, Iowa, or Mississippi State. They've heard the name - that's about it. For a couple million Mormons? They care about BYU. Big time.

Columbia, MO

Do we really need a survey to know this? BYU draws its base of students from around the country and its graduates settle in places around the country. Utah and Utah State are really just commuter schools.

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