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Published: Sunday, Dec. 23 2012 8:30 p.m. MST

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Austin, TX

Let BYU be popular.

They. Still. Can't. Beat. Utah.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I once had a statistics class that on the first day the professor gave us the following example: If you put one foot in a bucket of ice water and the other in a bucket of boiling water statically you would be just right, and then he added, but we all know this is not truly the case. The key statement in this article was "not scientific". No doubt that BYU has a popular fan base here in Utah among the LDS faithful and in some other areas with a large concentrations of the LDS membership. Then a lot depends on how you define "National", is it two percent or .0002 percent of the public. Until you scientifically define your terms, to say it is a national brand may be just as much a stretch of the stats as my professors example above.

Hayden, ID

I would have enjoyed watching a few Utah football games on TV but every time I looked for a Utah game on TV, all I could find was BYU games. I enjoyed watching the Poinsettia Bowl very much, especially the last quarter. Couldn't find Utah in a bowl game though for some reason.

Y's Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT
I do know Utah license plates outnumber Y plates by something like 3:1

IF true, that's just a measure of arrogance. Or, proves how easy it is to get into the U.


From the Common Consensus Sports Survey, "Important: this map is highly inaccurate and should be understood only as a demonstration, and not as any kind of reliable data yet."
Jeff Call should be embarrassed to publish such subjective material. Just read his bio and you will know why he wrote this piece.

Hayden, ID

Oh and by the way, I remember watching the Utah/BYU game on TV (the only Utah game I could find on national TV all season) and what did the entire nation see at the end of the game? Ute fans storming on to the field before time expired and then caught on camera and broadcast for the entire nation to see, a drunk Ute,cursing out Bronco Mendenhall as he walked off the field! Embarrassing!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Biggest and most smartest fanbase in the USA.

Granstville, UT

Wow, talk about a slow news day. The fact this article is printed as "news" is amazing. With the LDS church having members living in these areas, and many of them "voting" for byu as their favorite team, and then reporting it as "news", is a new twist on an old tale.

I'll bet the same "survey" could reveal most "voters" are repuplican, women don't wear pants to church and list green jello, with shredded carrots, as a favorite food item. Also, I'll bet in mqny of these places the local ward basketball team would be listed ahead of Utah, Utah State, or Weber State as a favorite team, so what is the relevence.

That is the laughable part. The cougar nation mistakenly believes exposure means relevence. Just because members of the lds church vote for byu as a favorite team, or the games are on espn, doesn't make it any more relevent, or surprising, than the catholics listing Notre Dame as their favorite team.

Centerville, UT

Interesting to contemplate the discussion about Utah versus BYU gear. If you have a "U" on your car is says "I support a secular university football team but I am saying nothing about my values, beliefs, religion, etc." If you have a "Y" on your car I think most people would agree that a person is projecting a little more than simply support for a football team. I know a lot of folks that are cougar fans but given how polarized Utah is about religion, just don't want to go down that path. I also know a lot of folks who use their support for the Utes (and contempt for BYU) as a metaphor for their hatred of mormons or the LDS church.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Lucky for you that you can find Utah vs BYU games. I hope you enjoyed the the games as much as I did. Specially the the last quarter when the Muss tried to give the game away, and you still couldn't beat a bad Utah team.

Queen Creek, AZ

The Poinsettia Bowl had the lowest viewership of all the first week of bowl games, drawing less than the New Mexico, and less than Utah State in the Potato Bowl (gasp!) If you want to draw a respected conclusion, use a scientific survey, not an online one.

Agua Dulce, TX

This is a pretty damaging study, actually. #5 in the DFW market, a market with little interest in college football outside Texas, A&M, and Oklahoma (and even or Texas Tech)? #2 in Tucson? What, did you expect to be #1? All this shows is that BYU has some alumni spread out over the landscape -- not that it has a following. (I guarantee that if BYU and Texas were playing at the same time on separate channels in DFW, the BYU ratings would so far below Texas' that you couldn't even see them.)

I'd like to see a survey that wasn't self-selecting (web surveys are usually dismissed out-of-hand), used a solid methodology, and excluded BYU graduates. That'd be the real sign of BYU's national following, if it existed.

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

Polls tell us a little. Checks from ESPN tell us a lot. BYU hasn't caved on independence and isn't likely to as long as they are getting five or six big national or regional games each season. As far as merchandise sales in Utah go, those with an inferiority complex always try to over-compensate.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD

Poor jealous Uties. Always pounding their chests about beating an "irrelevant former rival."

The truth is, one game does not a season make and our jealous little brothers just can't get over the fact the overall records and higher rankings always truth head-to-head matchups.

Since BYU became Independent and Utah joined the PAC

BYU - Top 25, 10-3
Utah - unranked, 8-5

BYU - 8-5, bowl winner
Utah - 5-7, no bowl

BYU 18-8
Utah 13-12

BYU = well-respected national brand
Utah = fading local brand

Old Scarecrow
Brigham City, UT

From junk geek: "I'd like to see a survey that . . . used a solid methodology, and excluded BYU graduates."

Say what? Sounds like a Texas A&M grad school project!

Bountiful, UT

OK...so BYU is beloved in the state of Utah (surprise surprise), and has a pretty decent national following. Great. But why is it that most BYU fans I speak to seem to be pretty disappointed in how things are going and are not thrilled with their coach, current direction, and the liklihood of a BCS bowl game or a (legitimate)national championship? Yet, when I speak to most Ute fans they had a pretty good time, all things considered, last year as USC and other national programs CAME TO UTAH for games. Get excited about independence, popularity, etc. - ultimately these statistics do not translate to wins or trips to BCS games. I've said it time and time again - I would much rather have some down years, with an occasional undefeated season and trip to a BCS game than consistent meaningless 8-10 win seasons capped with a boring win over SDSU. 6-3 half time score? Really? I guess Lark wasn't all everyone thought he was cracked up to be.

Get over yourselves BYU fans. Enjoy your mediocrity and meaningless bowl games. Don't get too excited about silly polls like this. 8 of 11 folks. 8 of 11.

Granstville, UT

Some people are also mistakenly thinking "voters" are byu alumni. As I stated, that is simply not the case. The response to the survey was from members of the LDS church, not from byu alumnus scattered around the U.S.

Many, byu fans outside of Utah, don't even know where Provo is, let alone can claim they have ever set foot on the campus of byu. They are "fans" of the LDS church, so therefore, fans of byu. That is a distinction that must be clarified.

The A Game
Sandy, UT

Mussing With U,

Yeah I'm sure a lot of Utah fans are "jealous" that they beat your team this year, yet again. It doesn't really matter what points you bring up, BYU still lost to Utah. I'd like to see you change that fact.

North Salt Lake, UT

Don't hate us because we promote self relevance. Gotta feel good about yourself, right?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

So let me get this straight...In a down season, Jeff Call is looking for something to feel good about....How about a popularity contest! Not a win loss record the way athletics are actually measured, but some kind of self-esteem trophy everybody gets for participating. And who is surprised by this survey? Nobody who understands that it was focused on high concentration areas of LDS in the Country...and is it news? Of course not. LDS love to support BYU, and whatever other schools they attend. That's terrific. It's a good school, and LDS should be proud of it...and there's a lot of LDS, and the world is looking at them right now...And who becomes the voice of BYU fandom? Oh boy, SammyG. Embarrassing. With great exposure comes great responsibility. If the fans would only step up and be as classy as say Air Force, or Notre Dame; then the world would grant the school a little more respect. (and yes, I have been to a lot of games at both those places and the fans are impressive) To BYU Fans: remember who you are and what you represent.

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