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Published: Sunday, Dec. 23 2012 8:30 p.m. MST

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This has to be galling to Ute fans. I mean not only is BYU a national brand and one of the most popular programs in the nation, but it's the most popular team in Utah, too. Ute fans, don't hate us because we're more beautiful than you! LOL!!!

Long Beach, CA

Most bogus survey ever, non scientific, allowed multiple votes. That it is even featured as some journalistic news with Mormons hitting the vote key multiple times is idiotic.

The A Game
Sandy, UT


Yet BYU lost to Utah this year.....again. Too bad all of those fans don't change the real facts that actually matter. LOL!!!

Springville, UT

Ho, ho, ho!

Can't wait to see the 'official response' by multiple messengers on this one!

Merry Christmas Utes.

BYU fans knew this all along. Now it's official!


Adin, CA

Unfortunately having a larger fan base hasn't translating to beating crappy Utah teams.

Park City, Ut

BARF! Cougar fans also rated the most obnoxious fans in college sports, no to proud of that one are we? "Our QB (regardless of who it is) is going to be a Heisman candidate" how often do we hear that? Oh yea, every year at the beginning of the season!

Mcallen, TX

Here in Texas, when some one says Utah football,---it's BYU they think about with Utah State a distant second.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Wow, I am shocked Chris B. has not weighed in on this one yet. No bowl game and now this. Maybe the Mayans may have had it right for a lot of Ute fans. This has to feel like the end of the world.

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

I have a great deal of respect for the other football programs in Utah. However, they will always just have a regional fan base being that they are state universities that serve mainly in state students. The compilation of wins doesn't equate to lack of popularity. Notre Dame kept its national fan base even through its decade or more of lousy teams. Therefore, BYU will ride out its current rough patch.I have no doubt that the University of Utah's football team will improve over time in the PAC 12. However, BYU will always lead the Utes and other teams in the state of Utah in national exposure and popularity.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't remember voting! I don't believe I was asked?.... It shows you can find some statistics to prove anything. I do know Utah license plates outnumber Y plates by something like 3:1. I also know that Utah merchandise sales was something like 10 spots ahead of BYU. Perhaps these results are not contradictory? Perhaps there are more cougar fans yet Utah fans support their team by spending money. (Remember LaVells famous quote about the $20 bill and the word of wisdom while attending the Las Vegas bowl.)

I hope fans of both schools are happy and proud of their teams standing in the athletic community. I know I am - PAC-12!

Salt Lake City, UT

Was the survey very scientific? No. But is anyone actually blind enough to believe that only "Mormons hit the vote key multiple times?" (CalNative) Is there some sort of propensity that Mormons have to voting multiple times that other religions do not? This is indeed a very big news event CalNative! Mormons alone have the ability to vote multiple times! I never knew. I am sure that a few pagans in [insert state] hit the vote button multiple times for the school they support. P.S. lots of surveys allow multiple votes.....eg Davey O'Brian award.....There must have been a lot of Mormons using that exclusive multiple voting ability they have in 81,83,90,91.

Salt Lake City, UT

P.P.S. Mormons also can cheer for the U of U. It is actually possible.....They must have played fair though and only pressed the button once

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Vast national fan base... Utah popularity...

Yet no major conference in the country will touch BYU with a ten foot pole.

Centerville, UT

The exposure for the church is nice. However, it would be nice if BYU could actually win a big game sometime. The last one I can think of is OU a few years back and that was because the QB got knocked out of the game. BYU football seems like a shadow of its former self. It is down right boring to watch now. Lose to the ones you are supposed to lose to and win the ones you are supposed to win (sometimes just barely.) There is really not a whole lot on the horizon for BYU in terms of upsetting anyone.

Everett, WA

I used to be a rabid BYU football fan. It has been too many years since they've had anything to get excited about. The 80's are ancient history. Nothing on the horizon except mediocrity. Don't think the "strong national fan base" likes to be be embarrassed regularly on national TV. Probably a lot of those fans (like me) are ready to move on to other interests, or other more entertaining teams(even Mormons).


Well, we all know there are many "fair weather" fans, so how great will BYU's support be when they have a great season!

"Who Am I Sir" - Yes, Utah is ahead of BYU in merchandising, but CLC, who tracks college merchandising doesn't release the dollar amounts, so for all we know Utah sold $100 more than BYU in the last fiscal year. Kind of a meaningless statistic without more info. I'm sure we can find meaningless statistics to prove anything, but BYU's national support is real and it seems unlikely Utah will ever have that. That national support is why BYU can make independence work and Utah would not be able to!

I'm really beginning to like independence, I know it is a scheduling problem and I don't like the inconvenient game times, but how cool is it that only five teams had more TV exposure this year than BYU and BYU got to play Notre Dame! I would rather play Notre Dame once every three years than play Utah every year!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Mcallen, TX

Here in Texas, when some one says Utah football,---it's BYU they think about with Utah State a distant second.


Not if you're a Texas football recruit, current roster's with Texas players:

Utah 17
Utah State 3


I know, stubborn important facts such as beating the WAC champions, who defeated Utah, beating the Mountain West Co-champions in a bowl game, and oh yeah, getting to go to a bowl game and winning it, and oh yeah, having a winning season. It must suck to be a Ute fan when you have to look at BYU whom you constantly deride as a rare quality win in a rather disappointing season, and then console yourself by trolling on a cougar thread to make the same tired jabs.

Important facts indeed.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


First, cool screen name.

Pretty sure this is a survey of what is, not what was. Not in denial; fan loyalty rises and falls with success on the field. Trust me, I used to be a Mariners and Seahawks fan.

But I think the present level of fan-dom must have a higher degree of patience for the success you are missing. Or perhaps they (we) have a greater number of measures of success, such as "BYU accomplished all this with a bunch of returned missionaries."

Whatever the reason, I think most fans are willing to cut the team, and the coach, a higher degree of slack than you indicate. And it's okay, some fans come and go, and come again. If you need a mental health time-out, again, I understand.

And yes, loyal Ute fans, I understand this survey may not have a degree of statistical validity that pleases you. But for what it's worth, I wasn't contacted, nor did I search it out and vote once, let alone multiple times.

Just sayin'.


Ok admit it-how many people went to the website to see if you could click on YOUR team multiple times? I know I did :)

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