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Published: Saturday, Dec. 22 2012 8:35 p.m. MST

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Wireless Lawyer
Lehi, UT

I can't help but think that if Riley Nelson had suffered a career ending knee injury on the last play of the USU game last year, I would have spent the last 15 months reading about how the loss of the miracle worker QB who saved BYU against the Aggies was the reason behind the BYU's stagnant offense.

Truth is everyone's crystal ball seems much clearer when you can speculate without any need for objectivity or accountability.

What I know is that the defense is overachieving and I'm happy to see Mendenhall spend his time trying to make sure that remains the case.

There's no one answer to the offense, although upgrading the talent can't hurt. And talent isn't just physical...desire is a talent as well. As Hoffman proved this year, a physically talented athlete with a high motor and a good sttitude can prosper in any environment. He obviously didn't have the attitude that he couldn't excel because he had a subpar quarterbacks and an OC trying to find his identity.

Born in Provo
Logan, UT

Regarding Max Hall, he was 2-1 versus Utah. He is also the winningest QB in BYU history. Yeah, he blew it in 2008 against Utah; Unga and Tonga ran for about 250 yards and it was the picks, fumbles, and a personal foul by Hall that wrecked it. But how many BYU QBs in the last 20 years have won 3 times against Utah? Hall was accurate. He struggled against TCU, but against that defense so did a lot of other pocket passers. Riley Nelson scored more points in 2011 against TCU than Heaps (2010), Hall (2009), and Hall (2008) COMBINED.
Riley Nelson sacrificed his health for the entertainment (and sometimes frustration) of Cougar Nation.
My thanks to him for all the great moments; they outnumber the frustrating ones.

newhall, CA

I agree with everyone else's comments. Doman has to go. He has been the weakest link. Stop feeling obligated to keep him. He should go to another school, best a JC for at least 3 to 5 years to really work on his position. Frankly, he stunk. Heck, why not hire me to be the offensive coordinator? I don't have the experience, but I can learn on the job (just like Doman) and can't do any worse. I love the Blue, but I see Red when I watch this offense for the last two years. It's been nothing less than 'offensive' to the eyes. Get a strong QB and stick with him, unless he fails. The offense needs a major overhaul and it should begin with Doman packing his bags and cleaning out his locker.

Sequim, WA

My choice is for Andy Reid as OC, with Detmer as QB coach and for goodness sakes have the offense work with whoever the defensive conditioning coach is. Andy would likely only be around a couple seasons before the NFL comes calling and recycling another former coach. Hopefully by then Detmer would be ready to take over as OC

Heber City, UT

You can't lay the blame on Doman. Doman had to try and figure out how to execute a play when his offensive line was more pourous than a sieve and could not hold defensive players out of the backfield. The play blew up before it started.

Then we had a QB who did not truly understand honesty. When asked if he was ready he said yes, then went out on the field and showed he was not truly healthy enough to play. You can be gutsy and courageous, but it still won't overcome physical handicaps. You cannot execute plays when you are injured that you execute when healthy. Reilly hurt the team by saying he was ready when he really wasn't. He was in it to show how gutsy he was, not a team player. I lay the blame for our losses to ND, SJ, Ute and BSU squarely on his shoulders. OSU was a team loss.

The offensive line needs to sit down and talk with the defense and figure out why they achieved, despite some injuries. The offense was probably the worst I have ever seen at BYU.

Heber City, UT

Those who wonder why Ty Detmer is mentioned have not been serious readers of many sports articles. Coaches in the NFL were amazed at his knowledge about the offense and even implemented many of his tactics on their teams. They would sit with him and discuss football and were continuously astonished at his insight why a play broke down and what needed to be done to correct it. He accomplished a great deal as an undersized QB in college and in the NFL. It was because of his insight and knowledge that he played as many years in the NFL that he did.

If you are going to be a true BYU fan how about becoming a truly knowledgeable BYU fan. One who reads more than just the DN, but accessed multiple media and pays attention. That is my knock on my fellow BYU fans. Too many knee-jerk reactions.

Again, as far as Doman is concerned those who are calling for his head have never had to deal with a very weak offensive line who could not keep a newly born toddler out of the QB's face.

Please don't get me started on Riley.

River Falls, WI

RE: CougarBlue

"Those who wonder why Ty Detmer is mentioned have not been serious readers of many sports articles..."

Or maybe, as I mentioned on an earlier post in this thread, we've simply seen his track record as a head coach (3-13) and have objectively noted that he needs experience before he is ready for the big time. As a "true BYU fan" that is "truly knowledgeable" and "reads multiple media and pays attention" I sure hope that BYU does not gamble on another unproven OC (a la Doman), it's simply not worth the risk. But thank you for being condescending to me and many other "true fans", I'm always happy to be clumped in with any meaningless generalization.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

It is time to replace the head coach and OC. These two individuals did more to drag down this team than anything I have ever seen. When will the BYU AD stand up and keep his promise to change things in this program. I do not expect the offense to change at all if these two remain. If I were an offensive player, BYU would be the last place I would go. Is this just not clear to BYU at this point? They are drinking the coolaid, but I am not sure from which bottle.

Central Texan
Buda, TX

The BYU passing game with Riley at the helm seemed to be very limited: Hit Hoffman if he's open -- if not, throw a poor pass (or interception) into coverage or tuck and run.

Hoffman is a great player and proven go-to guy, but the days of the great BYU offenses consisted of a QB that could find the tight end and other receivers as well. Friel and Apo are great players. We should have been hearing their names more often as the offense marched up and down the field.

Roberts, ID

Wayne Rout

Your dead wrong about no other school bringing in an inexperienced OC. We need look no further than the neighbor to the north, the U of Utah. We also see what they got with Brian Johnson.

Bountiful, UT

Even if Doman has been a sub par QB coach and OC, he has been a great recruiter, one of the best on the staff. I'd like to see him stay with the program just in another capacity. With Reynolds retiring maybe they could move Doman to AHC (Reynold's old spot) and then hire someone to come in and coach the offense and QB's (preferably 2 different guys).

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