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Published: Saturday, Dec. 22 2012 8:35 p.m. MST

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

The problem with the offense is two things. Bringing in an offensive coordinator with zero experience. Not other organization in the country would give the most critical position to someone with no experience. Second, Bronco's playing Riley Nelson who could never do the job just because he liked him rather than because he was the best. The combination of thw two has made the last 3 years a disaster. Maybe they are related. A rookie OC might knuckle under and play Bronco's favorite guy. Robert Anae made a freshman Jake Heaps a bowl game star. Without Robert, Jake suddenly "snaped" balls over his head & had no time to throw. Bronco wanted Jake out and he got his way. We traded a quaterback with great potential for one that had no potential. The offense struggled and will struggle again with Doman in charge. We won't see a strong offensive coordinator under Bronco. Bronco is a great defensive coordinator, but not a head coach.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I have to chuckle at all of the fans who can only look at the past and say that today isn't good enough. I'm glad I'm not in your mindset. Bronco is a great coach and will create a great legacy in this century. Doman is coming of age as an OC and if he's given the proper players to work with will do a great job. He had to call plays that a weak o-line could handle for a constantly changing QB rotation.

I trust Bronco to make the correct changes but I won't be calling for anyone's head! I'm still proud to be a Cougar and will support them through good seasons and bad.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

How many times have we heard this? BYU comes up short and immediately the fans want a new Quarterback, and/or a new Offensive Coordinator. Nobody is going to have instant results. There was nothing wrong with Robert Anae or Jake Heaps but the fans drove both of them out of town. You'll never have a great team if you can roll with the punches during the hard times.

Idaho Falls, ID

Look for Weber to be the fall guy.

River Falls, WI

Re: Jeff29

"For all of those questioning Detmer's credentials, you do know that he called most of his own plays as a junior in senior in college and that for 8 of the 14 years in the NFL he was essentially the QB coach / Asst OC, right?"

Play calling as a quarterback is not the same thing as being an OC. Detmer won three games in his first two seasons as a head coach in HS football, I don't see bringing him in as an untested OC as a solution to the myriad problems facing BYU's stagnant offense. In fact, isn't that the number one hit against Doman, that he was a smart QB and a decent QB coach but an inexperienced and untested OC? I vote for moving Doman back to QB coach and bringing in some experience for the O-Line and OC.

Salt Lake City, UT

Having Riley Nelson gone could be enough to make the offense great once again. Now they can play as a team and not rely on an incompetent glory hound!

Idaho Falls, ID

I love Detmer and his skill as a BYU QB. But he has no experience as a college OC. Great players aren't necessarily great coaches. Case in point--Mike Singletary as coach for the 49ers. One of the best ever to play the position of middle linebacker. But as a coach, he was awful.

I, too, thought Doman should be given one more year. But I have changed my mind. Sure he had a weak O-line and injuries, and subpar QB's, but his decision-making and play calling have been very puzzling. He seems to have a limited repertoire in game situations and a tendency to keep trying the same plays over and over again thinking he'll get a different result. It's like he has a short circuit in his brain and keeps falling back to the same plays every time he is befuddled.

I trust Holmoe. I think he has done a great job. I also think Bronco needs to stay on as HC ). But as much as I like Doman, I think we need to get a new OC with experience and a proven track record. But keep Doman on staff.

Sandy, UT

Doman is in over his head.
Keep him on staff if he desires, but BYU cannot afford any more of this nonsense.
He goes or 8k season ticket holders stay home next year.

Federal Way, WA

Too bad that the uncontrollable circumstances of injury etc can get a man fired. That coaching.

One thing is clear, change is needed.

BYU needs a proven OC. It would be nice if Doman can stay involved but maybe that wont happen. Dont overlook the importance of recruiting in these decisions. BYU seems to be changing the type of QB they recruit (added running ability) as all of college teams are trying to do. Will that stay the same with another OC? Probably. The offensive line certainly needs attention but does that require a new coach? I dont think Mr Wong is the man to do it.

I guess we will see.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Re: Cougar Claws "I really think Brandon Doman should be given the benefit of a doubt until after 2013. In all seriousness, look what he has had to deal with at QB." Typical "happy valley" fan. You've got 3 years body of work yet you want to give him another chance. Doman is the OC. HE's the one who makes the decision on the QB and other offensive players- certainly not Bronco with all the attention he gives to the defense. So, Claws, I will give you some credit. Correct, look at what he's had to deal with at QB .... but look at how Doman has mishandled and actually contributed to the QB situation. Another year try, huh?

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

While serving my LDS mission, my mission president (a very wealthy oil man from Wyoming)gave us this advice: "Many of you will become managers in your future careers. When you get a new assignment and take over a new organization, don't change anything you don't have to change. It disrupts everything. Wait a while (like a year) and once you know why things are done the way they are done, then phase in your changes."

Coach Doman changed the entire offense. Jake Heaps was doing great at the close of his freshman year, then something changed. It was the Offensive Coordinator and the entire offensive scheme along with it.

I work with a relative of Jake Heaps. They inform me that Jake went to the coaching staff and said that they needed to make changes because what they were doing was not working. They finally made the exact changes that Jake suggested but only after Riley was in and Jake was out.

Doman is a good QB coach. He might make a good OC, but not yet. He needs more experience.
BYU needs a Norm Chow type as their OC. Look for a change at that position.


It seems as though Harmon lets his respect and admiration for his friends on the coaching staff to cause him to suffer from Bronco-itis, which is, being so loyal to a person that it prevents him from seeing the truth and making the tough decisions that are in the best interest of the team as a whole. He justifies Domans under-performance by citing all the injuries to the o-line. It's like he’s saying Doman was unable to implement the game plan he would have if everyone was healthy. Keep in mind that this is a problem going on three years. And this year we also have a series of poor decisions and bone headed play calling to consider. Getting Hill needlessly injured by calling a running play instead of having him take a knee, which any other competent OC would have done, is reason enough to fire Doman by itself.

So, Doman needs to go. He's the Riley Nelson of offensive coordinators. He tries really hard and is a great guy and Mendenhall loves him for it. But, he’s hurting the team by staying the OC.


"Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT
Brandon Doman also does great things for BYU as a recruiter which often get overlooked. Let's just see what he can do with a real QB after his first couple seasons and reserve judgement until then."

Some else on this article said we need to give Doman the benefit of the doubt. That's what he's been given and he's not getting it done. If he's a great recruiter, that's great! BYU needs to continue recruiting the best players. So, let him do that and coach the QB's. As an OC, he's a disaster and it needs to be immediately corrected before the 2013 season begins, not at its end.

Provo, UT

I love Brandon Doman ,

But its time to hold Brandon accountable for the QB mistakes. Starting Jake Heaps was inexcusable why not develop the kid let him redshirt one year compete for the back up QB position one year and let him Start for 3 years.

Brandon Doman put all his eggs in Riley Nelsons empty basket , if you cant judge talent you cant be an offensive coordinator.

Assistant head Coach Lance Reynolds retired why not move Brandon to the the assistant Head Coach , and make him the Recruiting coordinator Brandon is a Great Recruiter.

One more year of this anemic offense and most of the Offensive coaches will be fired and Bronco with them.

Cougar Nation #1
Provo, UT

riley nelson simply never was a college QB. I personally watched open practice in 2010 and he was the 4th best QB on the team behind Heap, Lark and Munns. He was maybe 3rd or 4th best on this year's team. He should've stayed on special teams. riley nelson's legacy will be a 4-5 record at QB his senior year. Simply awful by BYU's standards. He's definitely one of the worst QBs ever to play at BYU, healthy or not.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

@ Cougar Alumni

These are not the 1980's anymore. Its a different college football these days, even when Lavell retired 12 years ago (6-6 record.) Holmoe and Bronco have done great things for BYU and will continue to do so. Make an argument were being in the MWC is better than being Indy.

Redwood Valley, CA

The offense has not improved since former OC Robert Anae and BYU parted ways. Doman's offense is not imaginative, he couldn't help blue-chipper Jake Heaps progress, and I'm worried he'll do the same with Taysom Hill and Tanner Magnum. It has to change. It appears BYU can recruit well, they just need to be able to coach those recruits to succcess.

Parker, CO

Doman a good QB coach? No way. I am sure Mendenhall will not fire him. He's got that loyalty thing going on with him like Nelson.

Columbia, MO

Bronco heeded fan complaints when he fired Robert Anae and replaced him with Doman. Sure, Doman's worse than Anae, but is Bronco likely to commit the same mistake twice with his offensive coordinator position? It's a tougher call the second time around.

BYUtah Fan
Herriman, UT

I have a revelation! I don't know what is wrong. Is Doman the problem? Were injuries what brought down the offense? Was the debacle with Heaps what ultimately brought us down? I do know a few things: The defense is fabulous and the offense is terrible and excuses are for losers. FIX IT!! That's not my job nor do I feel competent to prescribe the correct medicine. But, what we are currently doing is not working

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