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Published: Saturday, Dec. 22 2012 8:35 p.m. MST

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Porter Rockwell
Draper, UT

Thank heavens the Riley Neilson era is over. Let the Taysom Hill era begin. Cody Hoffman might decide to stay once he realizes Taysom can make him a star prospect for the NFL. As for Brandon Doman? I would start looking for a replacement like Ty Detmer. Ty could really help the Cougar offense.

Farmington, UT

Dick has stated the obvious. I wish he had some real insights he could/would share with us. As a fan since 1969 it is hard to watch mediocre play several games a season from the offense. And it makes one wonder why we paid the necessary cash out-of-pocket to see a game in Texas the Cougars could have won. At least I didn't attend the game in South Bend this year. After going to all the bowl games in Las Vegas and the one in New Mexico, I skippd San Diego this year. With only 35,000 in attendance, most of them from SDSU, it appears my decision wasn't unique. I may be accused of being a fair-weather fan, but after 43 years of watching the Cougars (before Lavell was head coach) I have a fair idea of when they are playing up to their potential and when they are not. For independence to work, they bettter improve the Offense and do it right away. And if that means different coaches to avoid last-minute injuries (QB Hill) or whatever else (i.e. better line performance and play-calling), then just do it!!

Cardston, Alberta

I am totally on side with Ty Detmer as OC.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I really think Brandon Doman should be given the benefit of a doubt until after 2013. In all seriousness, look what he has had to deal with at QB. I don't think for a second that he has wanted to call plays for a left handed fullback. I think the QB mess was a weird loyalty thing that Bronco got himself into, and thank goodness it is finally dead. Let's hope we don't get a recruit like that who wants to play QB again! As far as changes needed for the offense, I think if anyone should be fired it's the O-line coach. The line has under performed now for at least two seasons. They play like girls at times in the run game. We need a good line coach like we had in Coach Grimes in 2006.

Salt Lake City, UT

Doman staying? Oh my heck...

Orem, UT

Wonder. would Ty Detmer be interested? Brandon--great man. I am happy to see the Riley Nelson era complete. What if Lark had been given two years at the helm, developing his tenacious pocket presence? I was impressed as the wave of black swarmed him all night.

Riley could have been a great leader in the defense.

I hope "someone" steps up and recognizes the hidden talents at Quarterback. Seems LaVell and his coaches were pretty sharp on that question.

Not a big Max Hall fan. He keeps getting mentioned with the really good BYU quarterbacks. Just can't shake that performance at Utah--big mess up. Glad he is gone.

Love what Bronco has done with the Defense. Love what he represents to the young men and the school and the program. He seems to need to read less "self-improvement" books and spend a lot more off-season time picking the brains of great Offensive Minds! If Bronco never mentions another self-help book, I'll be eternally grateful!

Here is to hoping the learning curve is finished as of this year...time to move on Offense!! Cheers!

Adin, CA

I love Ty Detmer as a QB. I might even love him as a coach...someday. But for him to be a major college football OC is lunacy at this point. A QB coach...yes.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Brandon Doman also does great things for BYU as a recruiter which often get overlooked. Let's just see what he can do with a real QB after his first couple seasons and reserve judgement until then.

no comment
New Orleans, LA

It was polite, but weak of Harmon not to mention the obvious: BRANDON DOMAN HAS TO GO!

He re-wrote the book on the BYU offense, and the offense has been terrible ever since. So bad, that likely future NFL player Jake Heaps had to leave and go somewhere where he could develop as a player.

Doman is a good guy; just a terrible, and I mean terrible Offensive Coordinator.

The offense will not recover until he and his schemes are gone.

Orem, UT

To my knowledge, Detmer has no experience coaching at this level. He would be another Domanesque experiment.

Salt Lake City, UT

Go ahead, bring Detmer on. Within two to three years, you will all be calling for his job too! It is too bad that BYU has the most fickle fans around! BYU will never have another NC in Provo, the game has changed significantly since '84. In the same breath, I will offer that Utah will never be more than a mid-tiered Pac12 team. Arguing about these two programs is like arguing about Buicks and Hyundais. They are both adequate cars, but nothing to get excited about, go ahead, bring Detmer in to drive your Buick. Your car won't magically transform to a Toyota, let alone a Mercedes.

Cougar Alumni
Beaver, UT

Dick, I believe your article is spot on, BUT consideration needs to be given for the glaring fact that the program as a whole needs to be revamped, Its broken; Tom Holmoe needs to go, he created the Indy Follies, Bronco is a phenomenal DC but lets face it, he's not a head coach, he has created a circus act, adorned with silly T-shirts. Doman was never a OC and never will be. Lets face it Cougar Nation, the BYU of old has faded in the shadows of Lavell. Its time to step back and really look at the direction of what once was GREAT football program and figure out how to get it back on track. If it continues on the stadium will continue to show empty seats on those cold Thursday night games.

Saint George, UT

Your comments are fine as far as they go, but don't really point out the glaring absence of solid offensive play calling by Doman. In the last game, even the announcers were pointing out that screen passes into the flat--time and time again--were getting the team nowhere. That's just one example. Brandon is too predictable with his play calling! Good teams also have more speed to use against us on defense than we have on offense, so we have a hard time running as well as passing the ball. Sure we had no offensive line, no superior quarterback, and no field-goal kicker, but we also lacked a good offensive play caller.

Parker, CO

Dick, do you have any insight on why Coach Mendenhall will not replace Doman as OC? Is this an extreme loyalty issue? This is the obvious place many fans are looking for a change, but you put your emphasis on the OL coach. Seems like a topic the Deseret News staff does not want to touch. Thanks.

Red and Blue

Doman has to go. Let's not drag this out for another year or so.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

This article is almost laughable. Doman's names isn't even mentioned until the end of the article. "The past three seasons have been defined by controversial QB time-sharing, QB injuries, playing injured QBs and hoping things work." Dick, you were on Nelson's case pretty good during the season. Why not the same approach to an inept offensive coordinator? What you described in this sentance is a head coach who doesn't take control of "the team" and an offensive coordinator who is well in over his head. So, looks like the offensive woes are at the feet of our OLine coach? Come on. Coach Bronco should make the tough call and replace Doman and then be a "head coach" of the entire team. How I wish I saw his same passion towards the offense and the offensive players.

Draper, UT

For all of those questioning Detmer's credentials, you do know that he called most of his own plays as a junior in senior in college and that for 8 of the 14 years in the NFL he was essentially the QB coach / Asst OC, right? Cleveland, Atlanta, and Philadelphia all paid him a lot of money to mentor young QB's and assist with the offense; he was not in any of those places to actually play.

Mesa, AZ

One of the ESPN commentators made the comment that he would like to see even a glimpse of the BYU quarterback of old. And so do all of us. What say you Bronco and Tom?

Blue Rampage
Salt Lake City, UT

I am saddened by the early retirement of Lance Reynolds. After a full year of offensive underachievement forcing the retirement of the TE coach is NOT the answer. If anything, he is the one man who rose up and did his job as he has for the last 30 years. I just hope BYU Administration does the right thing in managing his early retirement.

Moving forward, figure out how to integrate Louis Wong and Max Hall. Max is the only coach the QBs respect and Wong is not only a great coach but BYU needs to maintain a strong recruiting effort within the Polynesian community.

Mission Viejo, CA

It is clear that the offense has gone off the rails. Firing Anae seems in retrospect to have been a bad decision. Doman was an option QB who pulled out a miracle finish vs Utah and played the next year for Crowton, the author of the gimmick offense that got worse every year. Doman's offensive stats look a lot like Crowton's. Frustration and failure.

True that Detmer was an unpaid assistant coach in the pros, but he has never run an offense at the collegiate level. Detmer would be a gamble.

True that Bronco has produced the best defense BYU has ever had. Maybe the best defense I've ever seen. True that Bronco is working well with the missionary problem and has greatly upgraded the recruiting and the strength and conditioning. Amazing how few injuries the defense had compared to the offense.

Bronco must stay and Holmoe must find a great OC. One who can work with Bronco and who can find, recruit and play the best players. Hmmm. That should be easy.

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