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Published: Friday, Dec. 21 2012 8:30 p.m. MST

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Big R
Danville, CA

Tom in CA, before you get too excited about Boise beating the Conference of champions, no knock on Boise, they are a very good program, but they are playing the 5th place PAC team in the Vegas Bowl every year. They beat the fifth place team by 2! Nothing to get worked up over.

South Jordan, UT

good defenses don't just not let people score they get turnovers and score points and they force 3 and outs and give you offense great field position. This defense never did that consistently. go look at the average starting point for the offense this season. next broncos 3-4 defense is philosophically flawed because he doesn't blitz anywhere near enough. .

Cedar Hills, UT


Despite being allegedly weak at getting turnovers, scoring points, forcing 3-and-outs, and getting good field position for the offense, BYU's defense was:

#2 in rush defense
#3 in total defense (behind only Alabama)
#5 in scoring defense
#2 in net punting, with 2nd Team All-American punter (not sure how this translates into such lousy field position as you claim)
#3 in third-down percentage defense (not sure how a defense ranks this high with such a lousy 3-and-out performance, as you claim)
#1 in red zone efficiency defense

This year's BYU defense was something any team in the country, any year, would be thrilled to have. Anyone who claims that BYU's defense was "philosophically flawed" is seriously deluded about his own knowledge level and deserves to be roundly mocked.


@ Dukester if you had played 3 seasons as you claim then you would know that the coaches name was Lavelle not Ladell, Lavelle Edwards was the football coach Ladell Anderson was the basketball coach for many seasons so me thinks you know not what you are talking about.

American Fork, UT

BYU's defense was great. Only flaw was coaching decisions not to put pressure on opposing accurate passing QB's at appropriate times. Oregon State is a good example and we were still in it until the 4th quarter.

Heaps was mismanaged by BYU coaching staff. No QB coach to speak of available for solid teaching. Look was Ben Cahoon has done for the receivers. You can tell that Nelson was not a student of the game. He could not read defenses very well. He also just like Heaps had no O-line in front of him. Heaps left because BYU has not recruited any O-line worth being protected by. Time will tell but all of you have mentioned maturity...that comes with time and experience.

i agree that Taysom Hill needs to be a stay in the pocket QB only running when absolutely necessary. Enough of the draw plays that injure our QBs.

San Francisco, CA

Best Christmas gift this year: The Riley Nelson Experiment is over!

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Congrats to the defense for winning the bowl game and keeping the Cougars close all year. Now, let's start rebuilding starting with a new head coach and a new OC. As the AD said earlier this year, changes are going to be made. It is time to get the team moving in the right direction. If the AD cannot get things turned around, then the future of BYU football is a large question mark given the proposed schedule they are trying to put together for the future. Key games were lost this year based on poor decisions by the head coach. At any other university the coach would already be gone. If all you want is a recreational program then there is no need to change.

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