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Published: Thursday, Dec. 20 2012 9:25 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Lark had two picks not one and didn't play that great but I guess good enough to keep most Coug fans happy. I guess it wasn't New Mexico State out there.

Van Noy and Sorensen were the MVP's of this game as punting pinned the Aztecs down and Van Noy was incredible. Perhaps Lark is better than Nelson but I'm not going out on a limb and say BYU is 13-0 if he would have played all year. When he played a good defense he looked, can I say it, Nelson-esque. The Aztecs could have easily had two more picks for pick sixes and those came against Lark. Lark deserved a shot and got the W and it was a good decision to go with Lark over an injured Nelson but let's not call him the second coming of Max Hall or whatever because the won the bowl game because again this was won by the foot of the punter and stellar defense led by Van Noy.

Springville, UT

By beating the Aztecs tonight BYU has averted the Mayan apocalypse!

Mark it down! LOL

Nice way to end the season Cougars, enjoyed it much. Hope Kyle and Cody stick around another season.

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

@ eagle

A "W" is a "W" and I'll take it, regardless of how lethargic and uninspiring the play was in the first half. Why wouldn't I be happy?

When BYU went ahead for the first time in the 4th quarter, I remarked "If you're going to be ahead, the 4th quarter is the time to do it."

San Diego, CA

great game,

van noy is the man. i hope he sticks around. wishful thinking though. didnt realize hoffman is also considering leaving?

half the play book needs to go it seems, along with doman. next years schedule is exciting, but also extremely challenging. i hope we are up for it.

Provo, UT

Why Would I?

It's not like Nelson lost every game he played. He had some big wins including a bowl win where the offense actually played decently. This game was not won because Lark or the offense played well. The defense played out of its mind scoring two touchdowns directly and giving the offense a short field for its other touchdown. Great punting stifled San Diego State because of field position setting up the defense. Lark deserved the start but as I said a few weeks ago, don't expect him to lead the team up and down the field because New Mexico State was horrible. That's basically what happened. But, let's take the win for sure!

Idaho Falls, ID

Predictably, San Diego media and fans are whining that they got ripped off by the refs and replay officials again, and reciting their own distorted version of "replay gate". They are citing the illegal block on the pic-6 that was called back and the end-zone fumble. Looking at the replays, I can be persuaded that the block started up high and should not hav been called. However the interception itself was enabled by a complete mugging by the defender on our receiver prior to the ball arriving--clearly pass interference--that the official totally missed.

The end zone call was correct. The QB's body might have been moving forward but his arm WAS NOT.

SDSU fans and media have always been terrible sportsmen and sore losers, especially when it comes to BYU. It is always good to clean their clocks in any sport.

Washington, UT


What game were you watching? Lark's accuracy no better than Nelson's? When he had time to set his feet he was extremely accurate. He was nearly 60% on third down conversions behind the worst interior line play I've seen all year and against arguably the best 30 stack team and coach in the country. He showed a quick release and velocity on his throws and overall made good reads for a QB starting his second game in seven years.

Give up on plays? I think you're confusing protecting the football with "giving up on plays". If Nelson had played that game for BYU against that defense, he would have served up ten turnovers.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Two teams from the State of Utah WON their respective bowl games this year. What about the third team?"


Oh, you mean that crummy Pac-12 team that beat BYU, again? Thanks for the memories.

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

The game could not have gone better to shut up the Bronco critics. His defense was superb, his halftime adjustments were even better, the replacement QB Lark was somewhere between mediocre to OK, showing why coaches consistently believed Riley gave the team a better chance to win, and special teams in the second half was nearly perfect.

KVN deserves all the credit he is getting for his historic performance and a first round NFL draft pick, but Bronco has sealed his legacy with Lavell as the two best coaches in BYU history. Hope he stays for many more years. I trust him completely to make any changes in the offseason that he believes are necessary to advance the program. But cut him some slack.....he's earned it.

Herndon, VA

Great game! Stayed up late, EST, to watch, and glad I did! 4th quarter action was the best.
Totally agree with everyone about Bronco: WE DO NOT NEED A NEW COACH! We do need a new OC and a QB.
I think it's telling that Bronco's defensive scheme includes players like KVN, Ziggy, and Brandon Ogletree, all of whom made a HUGE difference last night, during the season, and will likely be early picks in NFL!

Tooele, UT

Offensive line. Offensive line. Offensive line.
That is what we need to give enough time for our excellent receivers the time to get open.

Idaho Falls, ID

Agree MJB. Fixing the O-line begins with the O-line coach. O-line coach and OC are two areas I expect will see a change during the off-season.

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