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Published: Thursday, Dec. 20 2012 9:25 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Great Game!! And to think that SDSU was a Conference Champion, well, we see that an independent can be as good or better.

Two teams from the State of Utah went to bowl games this year. Two teams from the State of Utah WON their respective bowl games this year. What about the third team? Oh, they're still crowing about being in the PAC 12 (PAC 10.2) as they watch bowl games this year.

Van Noy was AWESOME!! The "D" finally scored and that got things going at long last. And once it started, the roof just fell in on SDSU, who BYU has defeated 6 times in a row.



Great win for BYU. However, we still need a new coach!

Ogden, UT

Good win for BYU, Bronco and the Seniors.

Love how announcers in the first half remark how well opposing offenses are moving the ball and then BYU comes out in the second half (especially the fourth quarter) and puts the clamps on.

Happy that Bronco ended up sticking with Lark.

Good momentum for next year.

Salt Lake City, UT

Riley Nelson goes 0/2 with one interception. His legacy is now set in stone! Doman's play calling was terrible. Not once did Lark go under center. NO chance for play action. Terrible play calling. Good thing Van Noy decided to take over the game.

Overton, NV

A lot will be said about KVN. And there is no doubt that he had a monster game. But I think the discussion here needs to start with Stephenson and the punting unit. They pinned SDSU time and time again. And it was one such pin that allowed KVN to knock the ball lose in the end zone and fall on it. Stephenson may not have punted for a high average; but he put SDSU in long fields pretty much the whole 2nd half.

But, Kyle Van Noy. What can you say?

And a word on Lark: no, he didn't have a great game. But I came away convinced that the coaches were playing the wrong guy all season. I think much of the difficulty in the first half was due to an inexperienced QB having trouble reading the defense. If he had come into this game with more than just one previous college start, I think he would have read the D much better and been able to audible into some better plays to beat the blitzes. It's a shame that he didn't get more of a chance to play at BYU. What could have been?

Ghost Writer

I've watched BYU now since 74 and there is no doubt -- this is the strongest defense I have ever seen. Put this defense with a Steve Young offense and oh my gosh.

Provo, UT

Two veteran coaches who emphasize defense met tonight and the student won. BYU players and fans should be proud of a great win. As my dad used to say winners don't whine about what they don't have but use wisely what they have. That's what the coaches did tonight.


So we beat the WAC champ, the MWC champ, the ACC division champ, and were three points from beating the potential national champs. For as terrible a year as it felt like much of the season, it really wasn't all that bad... I just never thought I would miss Max Hall and Robert Anae so much!

Phoenix, AZ

Nelson's final pass as a cougar was a pick six...fitting.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Good News bad news. Good news is a nice win for the cougars. Bad news, with that monster game Van Noy had, he will be off to the NFL.

Frisco, TX

Lark was spectacular! He did not turn the ball over, giving the defense a chance to win the game.

Sure he had the long int, but it was more like a punt. Riley's int almost cost the Cougars the game, until we were saved by the penalty.

I hope our defense is just as good next year, and I hope our offense transforms back into the BYU offense of old.

Wonder if Anae is available to come back?

Adin, CA

We do NOT need a new coach. Bronco is the most successful BYU coach in their first 8 years in the history of the program. We need a new OC and a new QB. BYU will sorely miss Bronco when he leaves. Bronco naysayers have very, very limited memories.

Salt Lake City, UT

Probably wise to keep Riley Nelson on the sidelines for the most part. Don't shake hands with danger. Not sure how KVN did all that he did. Incredible performance. @Dukester.......um did you just watch what the defense did? Perhaps this is a well kept secret, but....um,...that's called "Bronco's defense." Offense was bad today, but Bronco cannot make people catch passes. He cannot teach someone how to make a fundamental block. Abysmal blocking today......That needs to be remedied. Overall though, Bronco brought the team to San Diego on his back.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Did you WATCH the game??? Our offensive line was non-existent. The only benefit to putting Lark under center would have been shorter sacks, but many more of them.


AMEN!!! I only partially heard it, but didn't the announcers say at half time that Bronco talked about punting as one thing he would address at half-time? And they were mocking the thought, but you my friend nailed it right between the eyes. Punting was awful in the first half and stellar in the 2nd.

Notes to the class at large:

Did you note that we had ANOTHER missed extra point? LAY OFF already on the decision to go for 2 at Boise!

Yes, with more playing time, Lark probably would have been sharper tonight. But with more playing time against the teams Riley faced, he may have been another QB with a clip-board and crutches, too. Bottom line - against a pretty good team, he wasn't as good as he looked against NMSU.

Please, pretty please, KVN and Hoff, take a cue from Manti, and be loyal to your team for one more year. Ah well, thanks for the memories.

Cinci Man

The first half was as I expected, flat and non-performing. The second half was a great display of what the Cougars are capable of. Congratulations on a great win. Lark protected the ball well enough that the defense could win the game for them. Both offense and defense deserved tremendous credit for this team win. Had the offense given up interceptions and fumbles that resulted in scores, the defense would not have been in a position to bring home the victory.

Syracuse, ut

Great win by the Cougars, Van Noy is a beast! I wish him luck in the NFL. Glad that Bronco stuck with Lark, he deserved it. Not his best game, but I really feel that he could have been a very good QB for BYU If he had been given more playing time and more practice reps instead of sitting the bench for three years. Great punting game by Stephenson, he seriously kept SDSU pinned against their end zone the whole second half. Play calls were pretty poor, not sure if they are going to stick with Doman next year, the defensive pressure was killing BYU all first half and Doman had no answers.

Any way, great game BYU, good to finish this frustrating season on a positive note.

Riley, I appreciate your heart and effort and I wish you luck in your future endeavors, but as a BYU fan, I am so glad the bromance is finally over.

Go Cougs!

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

Where is Chris B when you need a good laugh? Oh yeah, he only comments when BYU loses or when he thinks BYU will lose....

Centerville, UT


You still need a new coach? What, exactly, are you looking for? Mendenhall is a very good coach. Maybe you remember when BYU had a guy named Crowton? BYU isn't exactly lighting it up on offense right now and that's difficult for BYU fans who grew up watching the ultra-high powered offense of Norm Chow in the 1980s. But the defense is pretty amazing. I've been watching BYU for about 25 years and I've never seen it this good. So it all depends on what you want. But I remember when BYU fans were ripping on LaVell for being too old and washed up. Be careful what you wish for.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Bronco is a GREAT defensive coach.
He can be a great head coach, but that will only happen if he develops loyalty to his entire team and the overall program that trumps his loyalty to a few chosen friends. (Riley's gone now. Let's hope Bronco learned his lesson from that fiasco, even if he won't admit the error of his ways.)
By all accounts, Doman is a good recruiter and quarterback coach. Let him succeed in those roles.
But if he is back as OC, next year will be another nightmare.
Bronco's defense can sometimes carry the day against decent teams from mid-major conferences. (Wins tonight and against Utah State, an embarrassing loss at San Jose State.) But without a great offense to match the defense, BYU will never win consistently vs. elite competition.
The ball's in Tom Holmoe's court now. We'll soon learn whether he's content to stay the course of mediocrity.

Idaho Falls, ID

Bronco and the defense (esp KVN) deserve credit for the win tonight. Offensive play calling was atrocious! O-line pass blocking --C Run blocking--F.

Lark was NOT the savior that many have touted him to be. His accuracy was no better than Nelson's and if he is flushed from the pocket, he gives up on the play. Chalk it up to inexperience, but still he wasn't able to demonstrate in my mind that he is clearly the superior QB.

Lance Reynolds announced his retirement tonight. I predict that Bronco will "promote" Doman to Asst Head Coach and get a new OC from outside with some experience. He doesn't have to be LDS, but they will have to match his salary. I really like Doman and have been a defender of his for 2 years now, but after this game I am finally convinced there needs to be a change at the OC.

One last thing. I would think you could go to any high school in Utah and find a kid who can kick the football through the uprights most of the time. Please, Bronco, make this a priority this summer. What we have now is ridiculous.

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