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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 19 2012 3:25 p.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

We don't need to have more gun restrictions on normal people with normal guns. The mental health protections should not give those people access and use of weapons for the wrong cause. Weapons helped us as a nation gain freedoms and keeps some of the criminal environment from attacking any house because they don't know who have weapons or not.
The attacker in this situation knew that schools and teachers didn't have guns at the school. He had a free hand to do whatever he wanted. He had plenty of weapons and ammunition to take out everyone.

Violent video games for non-mentally gamers is one thing. However, if a person doesn't have all their faculties, then the definition of violent could be horrendous violent.

Rights of some affect the rights the majority have.

This Principal died defending her children and employees. She is a model for all.

one old man
Ogden, UT

A recent cartoon by Val Bagley in the Tribune hit this right on the head. Look it up. It was priceless. And, unfortunately, completely accurate.

Ogden, UT

I agree with the "wait and see" position. After hearing what the President said about investigating all avenues (even some bad ideas), I can see this committee wants to do what is right (maybe for once). I really think if Congress tried to do away with the 2nd Amendment, there would be a riot on Washington and heads would roll. Gun control is not the answer, and I am more inclined to agree with an application and background check on people buying guns. But then you have to add in mental illness. Here is a bigger issue into the mix. There was an old bumper sticker that said: "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns". Outlaws (criminals, gangs, etc.) will always find a way to get a weapon from stealing it or illegally. So we have a very fine line here, one constitutional right and the other of outlawing guns totally. Yet if you did that, for those who are hunters, game would grow out of proportion. To many variables, and not one clear answer.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT


So instead of Chaffetz and Lee coming up with their own solutions they're waiting and seeing? Sitting on the sidelines to wait and criticize the starting quarterback?!


Momma always told me you have no room to criticize when you don't even make suggestions.

When will Utahns wake up?

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Let's wait until the next election...
Then will see what we need to do to get re-elected.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

In the meantime, our children must also take a wait-and-see approach to see if they are really the concern of politicians or if they are once again, an acceptable loss for those who are adamant about the ability to pack around assault rifles that have one intended purpose---killing lots of people.

salt lake city, UT

Are Utah representatives are important parts to our do nothing Congress. The worst Congress in the history of our nation, made up of useless representatives. Why do we pay this people?

not here

Utah is right to step back and wait and see. They have done nothing so far for the mentaly inpared and there has been no out cry for the ones that the police has killed. Ya remember the one in suthern Utahh or the one that was arrested and put back on the street with know idea where he was or how to get home along with night blindness? Or a few others around the state. Where is your out rage about them and why were you not fighting for it the? Now some one talks gun control and every one get's excited and wants more mental heath care why is that?

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