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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012 8:30 p.m. MST

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Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

What a bunch of hypocrites. Honestly there isn't a person alive who wouldn't do what Coach Andersen did. How can you fault somebody for moving up the ladder in their chosen career or way of life. Anyone who says they wouldn't take a big promotion, or land a job doing what they love that improved their financial and or personal well being, be it ranching, coaching, business, whatever, isn't being honest with anyone specially themselves. Good luck Coach Andersen go whoop up on Coach Meyer and the Buckeyes!!!

p.s. None of us know what went into making this decision. I'm sure there were some serious personal conflict and issues Coach Andersen had to deal with. Like the fact that his oldest son plays for USU. He does have a redshirt year so maybe he'll transfer and follow his dad who knows.

Farmington, UT

@ Naval Vet

Yeah, Norm Chow finally got to come back to his alma matter, too---Utah---as the OC. How'd that work out, especially against Colorado in SLC where Utah was playing to be the southern div rep in the inagural PAC 12 Championship game? How'd the Utes play at home that day?

And how many more games did Chow coach the mighty Utah offense before going to Hawaii as their head coach?

Looking at Anderson, Chow and Meyer, coaching at Utah isn't everything you think it is. Face reality for a change, even if it is painful. And enjoy watching (not playing) any bowl game of your choice this year.

Las Vegas, NV

You expect total commitment from your players, yet you can get no commitment out of a head coach...nice. I knew it would likely happen sooner or later, just didn't think it would happen after his comments about staying at USU. At some point it all boils down to the money don't it.

St Louis, MO

I'm shocked anyone bothers with the standard "I'm the coach of University X; I'm not going anywhere" public statements. Any fan with even a fleeting knowledge of modern sports dismisses these worthless "promises" as the fluff they are.

If anything, it's a bad sign when you hear a coach make a point to say things like this. It's akin to the dreaded "vote of confidence" owners routinely give coaches/managers a few months/weeks before firing them. He may not have had the Wisconsin offer when he said he'd remain in Logan, but of course he knew he'd become Ron Burgundy (kind of a big deal) and was going to get offers with many zeroes attached.

You can't blame the guy; who wouldn't accept wheelbarrows of money to move from cold, snowy Logan to warm, sunny . . oh, wait. Well, the money's still nice. Good luck, Gary. Your phony assurances don't even bother me, because I actually pay attention to sports and knew as soon as you said "I'm staying!" that was just your way of saying "goodbye."

Durham, NC

Utah schools will always stuggle to keep talent since it is such a small market, and therefor the dollars just aren't there. Wish it weren't so... but it is what it is.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

I'm not surprised that Aggie fans are having such a difficult time with this - this is the first time you've been used and lied to by a coach. As a Utah fan, I remember Urban Meyer saying the same things in 2004. Such is the life of a successful mid-major.

But Aggies, you can take comfort in the fact that you are a successful mid-major, just like Utah was a decade ago. The only fanbase around here that hasn't had to deal with something like this is BYU...and that's because nobody wants their coach.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

99% of you would do the same in Coach Andersen's shoes. The remaining 1% wouldn't only because they'd worry too much about what people might say about them.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

timid sparrow

"The only fanbase around here that hasn't had to deal with something like this is BYU...and that's because nobody wants their coach."

Sorry, but your crimson-colored glasses have distorted you view of reality.

Bronco turned down the UCLA job last season and didn't even seek the Colorado job this year (even though he was considered one of the top candidates). Bronco has also been mentioned as a candidate for several other head coaching positions in years past.

Just because Bronco hasn't accepted an offer from another school, doesn't mean he hasn't been wanted.


LaVell was pursued for many other jobs during his tenure at BYU.

And even Gary Crowton, who left BYU in disgrace, was pursued by Oregon and LSU as an OC, which is all he ever really was suited to be and why he failed so miserably at BYU.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

WAC man:

"Why would anybody travel all the way from Philly to El Paso to watch a meaningless football game..."

What "meanlingless game"? I didn't fly all the way to down to El Paso to watch a Utah-UTEP game. In fact, we hadn't even played that game since 1996. I was talking about the 2011 Sun Bowl vs. Ga. Tech. Which was a meaningful game.

Anytime one plays in a #2 million New Year's Eve game on CBS, it's a meaningful game. A "meaningLESS" game would be whenever one plays a UTEP in the postseason, or some other game that nobody watched, like the 2011 Armed Forces Bowl. Try to not get them confused.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Hook, line, and sinker? What are talking about? You just got reproved and embarrassed. You didn't reel ME in. I reeled in YOU! Don't be so frantic and emotional.


You are way off Truth Machine. At least do your research first.
How do you turn down something that was never offered in the first place? UCLA never offered the job to Bronco.

And we now know for a fact HE DID INTERVIEW WITH COLORADO on Nov 29th!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...Norm Chow finally got to come back to his alma matter, too---Utah---as the OC. How'd that work out,..."

In characteristic cougar kneejerk reaction, you failed to read before responding. How frantic and emotional of you. I was very specific about BigTen coaches leaving to coach at a Pac-12 school. Here it is again (emphasis in all caps):

"BigTen HEAD COACHES wouldn't leave their jobs for a LATERAL position for a MWC (or WAC) job, but it wouldn't be a stretch should they do so for a Pac-12 school if it were their alma mater."

Chow's situation does not apply here because he did not leave the BigTen as a Head Coach to become the Head Coach in the Pac-12. And for what it's worth, Chows transition (from Pac-10 OC to Pac-12 OC) worked out just fine for Utah. He got us to an 8-5 record and into a relevant bowl game with a D-II QB.

Oh yeah...and his offense POUNDED yours 54-10. You guys are still smarting over that one. Haha!

Chow also did not leave the U for a lateral position at Hawai'i.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Looking at Anderson, Chow and Meyer, coaching at Utah isn't everything you think it is."

Oh no? Look again!

Meyer coached at Utah, then accepted another Head Coaching job in the SEC for 4-times his Utah salary.

Andersen coached at Utah, then got PROMOTED to a head coaching position at Utah State.

Chow coached at Utah, then got PROMOTED to a head coaching position at Hawai'i.

And, for what it's worth, Sanford parlayed HIS coordinator's position at Utah into a Head Coaching position at UNLV. Whittingham ALSO got promoted to a Head Coaching position after a coordinator's position at the U. That's a grand total of 4 Utah coordinators getting promoted to a Head Coaching job in the past 8-yrs.

How many cougar coordinators had left their schools to accept a Head Coaching job at an FBS program since Crowton left? Because I can't think of any.

Seems to me that coaching at Utah would be a lot bigger of a deal than coaching down there in Provo.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Truth Machine:

"Sorry, but your crimson-colored glasses have distorted you view of reality...Bronco turned down the UCLA job last season and didn't even seek the Colorado job this year (even though he was considered one of the top candidates)."

Uh-uh! It's YOUR blue-goggled lenses that had been distorting reality. Bronco did NOT turn down the UCLA job last season. He was never OFFERED it. He was also never a leading candidate at Colorado. He just had his name surfaced by a writer from the Denver Post, and not the CU Athletic Dept. And that same writer specified that Butch Jones was the top candidate; not Bronco. CU wasn't interested enough to interview him.

Cold, hard, miserable facts. Nobody outside of Provo wants Bronco.

Highland, UT


Another "frantic and emotional" reply claiming "victory". LOL!

Once again hook, line, and sinker. LOL!

Highland, UT

I've got to admit, naval's "frantic and emotional" meltdown, and post after post after post, declaring himself victorious, is the crowning achievement of this thread. Definately one of the best ones we've had around here in a loooooong time. LOL!

Nice job Cougar fans!

Highland, UT


So who are you trying to convince that you actually went to America's armpit to watch a meaningless game? Yourself? LOL!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Naval Vet

Utah's Sun Bowl game was soooooo "meaningful" that Utah actually DROPPED from #38 to #39 in Sagarin after beating #56 Georgia Tech.

Meanwhile, BYU's supposedly "meaningless" Armed Forces Bowl win propelled BYU from #40 to #34, while only dropping Tulsa a few spots to #35.


Chow did such an amazing job as Utah's OC, that Utah fans were thrilled to see him leave. Hawaii took him as an act of desperation.

Anderson was the reason for Utah's success in 2008, and it's not coincidental that since he moved to Utah State, Utah has been in steady decline, while Utah State was rising to their greatest season ever.



Bronco was interviewed for the UCLA job after last season, which proves that the Bruins were interested in Bronco. Bronco revealed Wednesday, December 5th, during a 45-minute question-and-answer session with reporters that after the 2011 season he received an offer to be the head coach at an FBS program (which he didn't identify), but decided to turn down the offer and stay at BYU.

So who should we believe?

A BYU-hater with no inside knowledge, or the coach who turned down the offer?

Baltimore, MD

Naval Vet

Utah was nothing more than a stepping stone for Urban.

Hawaii took Chow because he's a native son and they were desperate.
(Utah fans were happy to see him go and Utah added absolutely NOTHING to Chow's credentials.)

It was BECAUSE of Anderson that Utah achieved the success they did in 2008; he would have been even more successful at a higher profile school. Now he'll get his chance.

St. George, UT

Great move for Coach Anderson. USU fans, want another coach with Andersons work ethic and style...hire Ed Lamb from Southern Utah. Lamb is one of the highest character, hardest working coaches I have been around. Very much like Anderson.

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