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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012 8:30 p.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

Aggie fan here and not crying at all, I do agree coaches should just be quiet until they have coached game 1 of the following season. However I do not in the slightest resent him for leaving. The trick now becomes to maintain the momentum, with the investment in the new facilities it can be done. Difficult but not impossible. Crazy to consider that just like that Gary leap frogs Bronco and Whit. But considering what he turned around I suppose the offer is well deserved. In the end though no crying here. Now if Chuckie leaves . . .

Temecula, CA

Does this mean Utah State will be 2 and 10 next year and the University of Utah will have one more win? Will Weber State schedule them for a win? Winning at Utah State is nothing like trying to win at Wisconsin. First of all the weather stinks, and Michigan, Northwestern, Nebraska, Penn State and Ohio State come calling often! Iowa, Purdue, Indiana and Michigan State will not be push overs! One guaranteed win for everyone will be the Illini! But, then again a few million dollars a year more and playing in Dane County Wisconsin with real fans has it's draw! But coach Anderson: Don't buy a house until you win 10 games!

Baltimore, MD

GA deserves a promotion to a big time program after building a Top 25 team from nothing and helping build another winner from the ashes left behind by Urban.


Sportsnutz I told you the coach would leave. If he truly leaves, how will you beat BYU next year?

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

I wish him success in his future endeavors. I hope he finds all that he is looking for.

Provo, UT

Here is the reality for Utah State. You can attract a great coach like Andersen but if he has success he will leave. John Ralston, the coach of the 1961 Aggie team that went 9-1-1 and was ranked No. 10 at the end of the season, left for Stanford. It is what it is. It might be best to search for a good local area talent who might stay for a while best case because of these deep ties, that's the best hope. Otherwise you will get a bad coach you will fire or a good one that is out the door when the bigger programs come calling.

BTW--Mike Favero is a great HS coach and might take a crack at it, who knows I hear Louis Wong might be available too and was a college coach.

South Jordan, UT

This hurts, and I'm a BYU fan.

I never wanted Anderson to leave.

Utah State playing well, has unified this state -- it has reduced the stupid back-biting between Utah and BYU fans. Who among us doesn't love the Aggies? In fact, everybody loves the Aggies.

This hurts. Bad.

--BYU fan

Farmington, UT

@ Sooner Ute

Correction: This allows Anderson to beat BYU next year, not "again next year" as they lost to BYU this year. USU winning "again next year" would be against Utah.

I said all along that being the USU Coach is "only good if you are mediocre: lose too many and the alumni wants your head; win too many and a real program will hire you away." His record was 27 - 24---pretty mediocre overall---but he came on strong this year and sealed the deal. And just think--he had superb training from Opportunity Urban- "I love Utah and want to raise my family here."


Too bad the Aggie fans couldn't fill their stadium for the best team in the school's history. Watch them now sink into oblivian again in their new conference. (Sounds like Utah's plight, doesn't it?)

Good luck Coach Anderson, at Wisconsin, but don't look for ever playing Utah in the Rose Bowl. While you will likely make it, they probably won't.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Hm . . . has this been confirmed yet though?

Who is reporting this? Because the media reported that Bronco had taken the Colorado job which turned out to be wrong . . . also correct me if I'm wrong but didn't ESPN report that the super conference thing was going down before Utah was extended and accepted the Pac-12 invite?

I don't know . . . anyway if someone can substantiate or confirm this claim then I will believe it. Until then, is it still hearsay? Has an official statement from USU been made?

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

If a division 1 athlete on scholarship changes schools he or she must sit out one year, two years if the transfer is within the conference.
Until similar penalties are imposed on coaches under contract, or the penalty on players transferring is lifted, this is just one more example of the hypocrisy of big time college football.
So lets stop using terms like "student athlete" and phrases like "it's all about the kids."
It is always about the money, period.

Ashton, Idaho

As an Aggie from the 60's it was great to see them back again and this is a bummer but good for him he deserves it, Nice Guy

Provo, UT

Suppose you get hired at a company making $60k per year. You are making good money, and doing very well. Then another company comes calling and offers you $200k. What would you do? I think we all know what we would do. Sadly that is the way it works. Good luck to Coach Andersen, he earned it. Probably making a couple million a year now. Good for him. Hopefully Utah State can keep up the good work from the foundation he laid.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"@ Sooner Ute...Correction: This allows Anderson to beat BYU next year, not 'again next year' as they lost to BYU this year. USU winning 'again next year' would be against Utah."

Nope. Sooner Ute got it right.

(1) Wisconsin will not play Utah next year, unless we meet in the Rose Bowl.

(2) For Anderson to beat the Indy-WACers "again", he would have had to have beaten them before. And he DID. I suppose in your frantic and emotional, blue-goggled haste to to trash talk the big brother who had OWNED you 3 in a row, and 8 of the last 11 times, you had mentally blocked out that 31-16 manhandling Anderson and the 4-8 Aggies dropped on you back in 2010.

Poor traumatized coug.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Too bad Utah St. had to lose such a great coach. Hopefully, the winning would be sustainable. The MWC is a much tougher conference than the WAC. So much for that Aggie tattoo Gary got a few years ago. Oh well. I'm pretty sure Paul "Bear" Bryant was buried wearing his Texas A&M ring.

The BigTen is a great conference to be a part of. Wisconsin is a great school -- both academically and athletically. And of course, Madison is a great town. I'm sure Andersen and his family will be happy there.

Go Aggies!

Go Badgers!

Go Andersen!

Highland, UT


"The move allows Gary Anderson to beat the Cougars again next year."

Except that he didn't beet them this year, or last year.....

Highland, UT

As funny as it is that usu fans claims about the aggies becoming the best program in the state from here on out came to an immediate crashing halt, not that it was ever going to happen anyway, it is even funnier that the utah "fans" claiming anderson was just sitting at usu waiting to take over at utah in a few years also blew up in their face. I especially love naval vets pathetic attempt to mask his disappointment in this occuring since there is no chance at all anderson would leave wisconsin to step down to the utah job when it opens up in a couple of years. LOL!

Logan, UT

I guess what hurts the most coach A is all the hoopla about staying??? Don't go sounding your trumpet when you have no intention of staying. I Feel badly for the players and the recruiting just got crushed! Sad day in Aggieville.


At least he had the decency to call his players individually, rather than sending out a mass text like Todd Graham when he left Pitt.

Gilbert, AZ

navel vet

"Wisconsin will not play Utah next year, unless we meet in the Rose Bowl."

In other words, the Utes won't be playing the Badgers next year, so the Utes can relax because they don't have to worry about losing to a Gary Anderson led team, again.

Of course, losing to a Kilani Sitake led Aggie team at home may be an even bigger disappointment.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Smart man. Sconsin is a great job. He just needs to keep getting those huge linemen and RBs to Madison and they'll keep winning.

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