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Published: Monday, Dec. 17 2012 7:05 p.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

A yes. The GOP version of socialism.

Socialize the expense, privatize the profits.

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

Include in the bill language that no state legislator or his/her business can make money off of the prison move. That would probably reduce the legislature's interest in the whole process.

Kearns, UT

Bad idea for many reasons. Mansell is looking for a profit. So is Ivory and Diehl.

The start up costs and long term costs for infrastructure, transportation, and costs for those that work there would make a prison move cost prohibitive. It won't be too close to Salt Lake. It would have to be out in the sticks.

If they do move it, I have a solution. Turn the whole area into a very big nature park. My Dad used to go swimming in the hot ponds that are now surrounded by the prison when he was a teenager. A big park at the south end of the valley would be really cool.

Spanish Fork, UT

So back in 2005/2006 the land was worth about 93 million and the cost to move/build a new prison was 461 million. Now about 6 years later that land value has increased enough to make it worth while? Look at what these Legislatures do for their regular jobs and realize they want to line their own pockets off of our tax money.

Bluffdale, UT

this will cost more for the state then it can make back. medical care is at the u of u hospital, an already long transport. and they would move it further away. this is so Draper can make money off it and no other reason. i would never trust anything in that city.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I found that it is interesting that the justification is through projections. The property could make money, it could bring in jobs, the prison could cost less if moved into a modern facility. Well, can the current economy pay for the 400+ million to build a new prison. The projections may happen, maybe not, or maybe in 20 years or so. Oh, I understand that in 2014 the prison will be maxed and a 3rd prison will be needed. Are we going to make the new facility bigger? which means more labor, not less. If they put the prison in the middle of no-where, where are they going to get the resources to run the facility? The state is court and federally mandated to have certain functions from medical to programs for rehabilitation. Where are they going to find the qualified people for those positions. Transportation costs are going to be much higher and requiring more labor. Finally, what sacrifice is the state going to make to throw away (even if it is for 10 years) $400 million plus. The money has to come somewhere, your kids education maybe?

slc, ut

Enrich a handful of well connected real estate developers, pass of the expense to the rest of us. The legislature MUST be in session!

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