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Published: Monday, Dec. 17 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Black Shirts
South Jordan, UT

I love RN as a player, but as a QB he is the worst QB to play at BYU in.....forever. BYU would be 10-2 this year is HILL or LARK was the starter, no question. In fact, ND wouldn't be playing in the NC if HILL would have been the starter. Broncos only fault is he's too loyal. Sure he gave 110%, but that doesn't make it good. BYU's D was great!!!! Oh, and Riley had an NFL caliber Rx in Cody Hoffman and he still is..................you fill in the blank!

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT

I've been told Lark won't play in this one.

Thanks for being so loyal Bronco. I'm going to miss you.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

If you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks.

South Jordan, UT

reason number 572 why Bronco is a bad head coach, he rotates kickers and quarterbacks at will (like you would definsive lineman
and it works great for that position), doesn't name a starter, and rarely new the right Guy when he does nme a starter.

Granstville, UT

Wow, talk about the old cougar spin. The black shirt put a great one here claiming the cougs would be 10-2 if.....

How about this one? The Utes would be 10-2 if they had won 10 games.

American Fork, UT

Bronco doesn't read these articles or comments. You and i are uneducated fans and boosters. So lets keep it positive and let gordon monson and pat kinihan ask the hard questions when season is over....oh yeah i forgot...it already ended.

Saint George, UT

If you go independent and want to be a national caliber team, you can't have the constant mumbo-jumbo that comes from Bronco's sound bites. It's obvious as to why they are struggling. Just look at most of the SEC coaches. They take charge and don't show any weaknesses or decision making issues that they may have. Their winning records account for this behavior.

South Jordan, UT

@ TheNun

How about this BYU and Utah would have had better records if they had just scored more points

I am not excited to see riley play another game so I hope we don’t for his health and our sanity

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

No doubt, Riley will play. Three interceptions and two fumbles would be the perfect conclusion to his great career. I wonder who will field punts next year?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Please start James Lark, Bronco.

Riverside, CA

Please give Lark some more playing time! His last chance and he deserves it!

Wasatch Al
South Jordan, UT

The last game of the season and the coaches still can't make a decision.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


"If you go independent and want to be a national caliber team, you can't have the constant mumbo-jumbo that comes from Bronco's sound bites. It's obvious as to why they are struggling. Just look at most of the SEC coaches. They take charge and don't show any weaknesses or decision making issues that they may have."

So how do you explain an SEC head coach winning a national championship and then getting fired less than two years later? Did he suddenly forget everything he knew when about coaching when he won the national championship?


The real reason BYU has struggled of late is poor QB and poor OL play, which is somewhat Bronco's fault because he's the head coach, but responsibility also falls on the assistants who've done a poor job of identifying and addressing weaknesses.

Salt Lake City, UT

" which is somewhat Bronco's fault because he's the head coach"

No, my friend, he is the HEAD coach, so it all falls on his shoulders.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I'd like to see Lark start and only be replaced by Nelson if Lark performs worse than Nelson did against Boise or Utah. Bronco should stick to his principles.

South Jordan, Utah

The quarterback tomfoolery that's existed at BYU for the past three years is the exclusive reason this cougar club member is not going to the game or watching it on tv. The way BYU mistreated Lark has flummoxed me.

Santaquin, UT

Is it possible that Bronco refuses to name the starter so that his opponent will have to spend valuable practice time preparing for both? The two quarterbacks have different styles of play and the defense that SDSU must prepare will certainly be different depending on who the quarterback is. Just because a coach doesn't reveal his decision to the press or the fans doesn't mean that he hasn't made the decision. I will enjoy watching the game regardless of whether or not the coach announces who will start before the game begins.

newhall, CA

When your head coach can't decide who should be the starting QB when the obvious is the one who threw for six touchdowns, maybe it's time to find another coach. Bronco is a great defensive coordinator period. Lark should start and Nelson should be clean up if the game goes that way. However, if San Diego State has a great passing attack, BYU doesn't stand a chance. Their passing defense has always been suspect. I want to see BYU win, but won't be surprised if San Diego dominates simply because Bronco is indecisive and has Doman as offensive coordinator.

Orem, UT

This will always be remember as a season of "what ifs". A great defense that seemed wasted on a mediocre offense that appeared to have much more potential in both personnel and in coaching than it produced on the field.


This Cougar Club member and a large contingent of family members will be at the game supporting KVN, Ziggy, Hoffman, and the rest of our team and hoping that lessons have been learned that will help make this a jumping off point for better results in years to come, rather than a year of regret for what could have been.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

So, here we are at the end of the season and there is still a quarterback issue. We have seen what each QB can do now. Is there still a QB issue? This is why BYU needs to bring in a new head coach and OC. The Cougars are playing in a bowl game that is close to a pick-up game on the sandlot. In order for the Cougars to get back to their glory days, this coaching staff needs to go. The BYU AD needs to follow through on his earlier remarks regarding making changes. No, I am not a Ute fan causing problems here. I have watched BYU football over the years and the last few years this has been a trainwreck. It is time for the Cougar fans to rise up and demand change in this program. You can speculate all you want about this program, but it has been heading south now since going independent. This is a classic example of selling out for the money with no thought of how to improve the program.

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