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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012 8:10 a.m. MST

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Provo, UT

They play better than any BYU defense as a unit but I'm not sure they had the talent of the 1984-86 teams. The 1984 team was especially good and maybe why BYU got over the top to win the national title vs. losing that one game in some seasons previous where they got in a shoot out and came up a bullet short. But those teams in the mid 80's churned out a lot of pro players and surprisingly a lot on the defensive end of the ball, especially at DB where BYU's defenses have typically struggled.

This is why I am a fan of Bronco Mendenhall. His defensive schemes are top rate, his players play hard. There is no doubt that BYU doesn't have the talent comparable to the competition it did a generation ago but good coaching has resulted in wins.

Frisco, TX

I agree with Poppinga, Thursday will determine where we rank the defense. If the team was 10-2, I'd be more inclined to say they are the best ever. But it's hard to say a 7-5 team has a better defense than our 1984 undefeated team, even if the stats are better. Realizing the offense is most suspect, I'll temper my enthusiasm by saying the front seven are the best ever.

River Falls, WI

I respectfully disagree with eagle and CougfaninTX... judging this year's defense based on the overall record of the team, or the offensive production is not fair. So I say yes, this team is better than the defenses of the mid 80s. While those earlier teams produced several NFL players it begs the question, how many pros would this years team produce if we had a decent offense? We have three defensive players who should be first day draft picks (and two of them probably will be). If our offense had been even average this season we would have likely beat Utah, Boise State, San Jose State, and Notre Dame... placing BYU in a BCS bowl. Had that occurred I guarantee you our draft prospects would have been very similar to Notre Dame's prospects for the next two seasons. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case and we may only have 2-3 players draft this season and next. Best defense of all-time? I say absolutely.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Best ever and the best in all of college football this year. If we would have had an offense, we could be in a BCS game.

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

Since this team didn't have an offense that can score touchdowns, who cares if it had the best defense ever. This year's team was 7-5 instead of 11-1 because it had an offense that couldn't take of business.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I think every year is the best ever.


Stats are over rated.I don't know how any BYU fan could rate this defense better than the 84 team.I remember Leon White playing l.b. You have no one who's as good as that guyI would also say that Byu hasn't played too many high scoring offenses this year.I think Thursdays game will be decided by who can pass the ball that result in big plays


No. And Mildred, wake up! Their defence was good, but not great and not the best that BYU has had in the past.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Can't remeber how good our desfense was in 1984 NC season which was too far back to remember when I was a student. One thing that I do remember of this perfect timing of Kyle Morrell who leaped over at goal stand against Hawaii. Bronco M. defense was a lot fun to watch since he came.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Looking forward to the SDSU vs. BYU matchup; it should be a good one! Usually BYU's offense is better than there defense; but not this year. They were solid on the D!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

The defense numbers were skewed because of Weber State (2-9), Idaho (1-11), New Mexico State (1-11), and Washington State (3-9). A combined 7-40.

But then again unlike your 1984 National Championship defense they actually did beat a top 25 team, Utah State.

Herriman, UT

Best defense and worst offense. Take out one variable and it could have been the best of both worlds. Have to realize that 4 of the 5 losses BYU had this year came to teams in the current top 25. The other loss can be attributed solely and 100% to Riley Nelson.

Gilbert, AZ


"The defense numbers were skewed because of Weber State (2-9), Idaho (1-11), New Mexico State (1-11), and Washington State (3-9). A combined 7-40."

You left one out, Utah (5-7)

49 yds rushing
196 yds passing
245 yds total

Drive Summary
6 plays, 34 yds, punt
2 plays, 17 yds, TD pass
14 plays, 65 yds, missed FG
3 plays, 3 yds, punt
3 plays, 9 yds, punt
8 plays, 29 yds, punt
3 plays, -10 yds, end half
3 plays, 9 yds, punt
8 plays, 23 yds, 47-yd FG
1 play, 39 yds, TD pass
3 plays, 8 yds, punt
5 plays, 3 yds, turnover on downs
4 plays, 30 yds, punt

Cedar Hills, UT


And yet the cougs still lost. OUCH!

Captain L
Provo, UT

I've watched BYU football for a long time 50 plus yrs and without getting into the stats, I'd say this is the best defense we have ever had. The sad thing is, our offense was terrible and IMO that was mostly because of a poor QB. Nelson has some great intangibles but he can't throw and is not a good QB. This team could have been soooo good if Bronco and Doman would have put the right man in at the QB position.
I hope Lark get the call to QB this last game of the year and I wouldn't be surprised if he has an outstanding game. Go Cougs.

Ogden, UT

I was two in 84, so I don't remember that season at all

Do to the porous offense, we will never know how good this defense could be.


sad, funny and true.

Idaho Falls, ID

Too bad this season was spoiled by lousy quarterback play and poor play calling. Oh, what might have been. For example, if anyone else had been throwing the ball to a wide open receiver against Norte dame. Could have changed the whole football landscape. But we have "no regrets" To look back on. Sheesh!!!!


This year's BYU defense is better than the 1984 edition.

I was a freshman at BYU during the 1984 season, attended every home game, and watched most of the away games. It was a great team, but they didn't play as challenging a schedule as the Cougars did this year.

Better statistics against stronger competition equals better defense.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


Yet the Cougars are bowling, while the Utes are playing couch potato. Double OUCH!

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