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Published: Monday, Dec. 17 2012 1:45 p.m. MST

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Hurricane, 00


1st off, just because you "played" ball many years ago, doesn't mean the teams you saw are as good/worse as you might've seen them.

2nd, people like us can see whats going on with the other teams "night in and out" because we have the internet, and a lot of us have already been following how well teams like simeon and chester, etc have been playing.

and lastly, it's one thing to say that you don't think lone peak is #1...but to say that they don't have a chance, just really shows how much you really haven't payed attention to them play or how the other nationally ranked teams have played. because i can promise they have a HUGE chance at ending as #1. but then again i like to rate teams as i watch them when they play the game...not when i played basketball who knows how long ago.

LP Fan
Alpine, UT

@ Bountiful

The only reason that Lone Peak lost by such a large margin is because they played a triple overtime game late the night before and just ran out of legs in the end. They hung with the championship team for 3 qtrs... Plus they weren't ranked anywhere near as high back then either, so I would say they lived up to their ranking at the time.

Lone Peak just beat Mississippi 62-42 in 2012 City of palms first round. Off to a good start,

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

Sounds like Coach Lewis builds his program in the same way as Scott Hunt at South Sevier, with homegrown talent.

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