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Published: Monday, Dec. 17 2012 1:45 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations to Quincy Lewis and the Lone Peak kids. You're obviously spectacularly good. But I don't think for a minute that you're the best High School team in the country.

South Jordan, UT

Congratulations on your great success and selection of university you'll attend and play for after HS--BYU! We can't wait to see you perform in the years to come. Good luck in the tournament!

Salem, UT

Good luck Lone Peak. Unlike USALover, I do think that you are and can be the number one team in the nation. (No, I am not a LP parent or supporter... I just think they are a special team!) You have shown that by beating many top ranked teams over the last few years! Stay humble and don't take anything for granted!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just do your best and you'll represent us well.

Provo, UT

Quincy Lewis is clearly not only a great coach but a superlative program builder. With his camps and clinics, he prepares local kids from an early age to become part of the Knight legacy. Kids in the Lone Peak area dream of growing up to play for the Knights just as kids elsewhere grow up dreaming of playing for their favorite college team.

Highland, Utah

Go get 'em Knights! Wish we could watch these games online!

Ogden, UT


How does anyone ever know who the number one team in any high school sport is? How about we enjoy the positive exposure for these young men, our great state and its wonderfully talented athletes.

Go get em' Lone Peak.

American Fork, UT

While I congratulate the Lone Peak boys team for their great accomplishment and wish them luck in the coming basketball season... I must point out that they are not the FIRST high school basketball team to be ranked number one nationally... That would have to be Mountain View High School's Girls basketball team back in the '90s... They actually finish the season number one in the nation. Sorry Lone Peak...

Provo, UT


The committee that ranks the High School teams is hardly laden heavily with Utah or BYU supporters. If there is a bias, it would not be in Lone Peak's favor.

Good luck in Florida!

Salt Lake City, UT

Folks, folks, folks,

There is no way for a committee of any kind to be able to vet, watch, rate, rank or analyze High School teams well enough to create a reliable ranking system.

That, in no way, diminishes the accomplishment of Lone Peak. I love them. I cheer for them (on a national level). They are probably the best High School team ever from Utah. Every team here is simply playing for second place.

I've been around, lived out of state. I played D1 college ball and one year of professional basketball abroad. I've been to AAU Tournaments in Vegas, Florida, Virginia, North Carolilna, California and Washington DC. I know what's out there, and I don't think Lone Peak can beat the Simeons, Oak Hills, Demathas, and Mater Deas of the world. Those teams are too lengthy, quick, big and springy for Lone Peak to beat.

I could always be wrong. Regardless, those kids will represent Utah extremely well. They are an awfully special group of High School players...and all from Alpine. Wow! Good luck Knights!

Salt Lake City, Utah


What makes you think your opinion is any more valid than MaxPreps?

I've watched Lone Peak and Simeon this year and quite frankly, I wasn't nearly as impressed with Simeon as I've been with Lone Peak.

Granted, Jabari is still recovering from an injured foot, but even with a healthy Parker, Lone Peak has the size, quickness and shooting ability to hang with the Simeons of HS basketball.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ USALover

Let's wait and see how they do in Florida. If they win that tournament, that really give Lone Pead a solid agruement for the #1 slot. That feild is absolutely loaded with several of the best teams from across the country. Personally, I will be pulling for Lone Peak!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

If Lone Peak wins the City of Palms classic, there's no doubt, they are #1. Possible opponents:

2nd Round: #3 Chester, Penn
3rd Round: #5 South Wind, TN, #10 Paul VI, VA
championship: #2 Long Beach Poly, #4 Whitney Young, #13 Omaha Central

Dang that's a loaded feild!



The head coach of Simeon high school disagrees with you. After Lone Peak beat a nationally ranked team out of Chicago by 40, Simeon's head coach said he thought Lone Peak was the best team in the country right now, including his own. Scouts, experts, and coaches alike have followed this team and these players for years now, and all of them agree they are a top 5 team. They routinely beat top AAU teams from all around the country. We'll see how they do in the best high school tournament in the country this week. Until then, try to keep biases and stereotypes about teams from Utah to a minimum.

Provo, UT

Lone Peak would seem to demonstrate the triumph of team over individual talent. Sure the big three are excellent, and you wonder if Emery will ever miss a shot, and T.J. always finds away to get around the defenders, but so many other teams have equal talent. I watched them dismantle a bit-city team at last year's shootout in Orem that was bigger and badder but could never get into the flow the way these Highland/Alpine kids did.

Salt Lake City, UT

If Lone Peak wins that Tournament, I'll gladly crown them #1. Again, I don't think High School rankings are valid because there is no way for voters to see teams night in and night out.

And, if you read the article, Quincy Lewis more or less said what I said.

Mcallen, TX

I don't know if Jabari would be the top player, if playing for Lone Peak.


Like I said, let's wait until after the tournament. Also, as opposed to you, Quincy didn't say they couldn't beat those teams. He said a team from Utah is not going to have a bullseye on their back like they do here. I can promise you Quincy believes whole-heartedly that Lone Peak can play with and beat any team they play.

I agree with you to an extent that it is hard to compile perfectly accurate rankings for high school athletics. However, I would argue that it is fairly easy to identify the best players, what teams they play for, how those teams do, the competition they face, etc. It is also fairly easy to identify the best teams in a particular state. Why then would it be hard to take those top teams and compare them to one another? These experts do it as a profession. When Lone Peak is a consensus top 5 team, be assured that these people know what they are talking about.

Ogden, UT

@USA Lover

Toot Toot that's the sound of a horn
Playing D1 basketball, playing one year overseas and having been to AAU Tournaments doesn't validate someone's opinion. I've been to a professional football game, won an intramural flag football championship, and was a Rockstar on NFL Blitz 2000. Do those things make me an expert on football? I think not.

Once again, it's impossible to know what high school team in any sport is number one.

Bountiful, UT

I don't a committee can say who is the best high school team. There are far fewer colleges and every year their are valid arguments about who should be in the BCS and the March Madness field.

Still I am pulling for Lone Peak to do well and hope some games from this tournament will be able to be viewed.

Last year Lone Peak did great in one of these tournaments but still took a 28 point beating in the championship game. The rankings keep people interested and help MaxPreps charge more for advertising.

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