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Published: Monday, Dec. 17 2012 6:45 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"The women's basketball game is different from men's basketball but it is no less difficult and entertaining."

Um, ok Amy. You're right. A Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder is no more exciting than WNBA team #1 vs. WNBA team #2.

Don't get me wrong. It's fine women want to play sports. But let's not kid ourselves by pretending they are equally as exciting or difficult.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Lindsay is not being totally honest with us here. She says she "doesn't know exactly how she'd stack up" against the men - that's not true. She trains with the top U.S. men (like Ted Ligety and Bode Miller) for months in the preseason, on the same courses. She knows exactly where her times are with respect to them. And several times a year she gets to participate in "communal training" with other top men's teams like Austria and Norway, so she knows how she stacks up against them too. This is just a publicity stunt - Vonn already knows where she sits with respect to pretty much all the top male ski racers in the world.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I am a woman and I love basketball, but I can't make it through two minutes of WNBA basketball. Sorry. I love watching women's soccer, snowboarding, skiing, volleyball, track you name it, but basketball maybe wasn't the best choice for a comparison. Women's basketball doesn't have the same high flying dunks, blocks and high shooting percentages as the men's game which will always make it less entertaining.

Also, I don't understand why her desire to compete against men hurts women in any way. It isn't marginalizing women's sports, it is obvious that the mens events get more attention than the women's events. She has worked her whole life to be the best she can be, why shouldn't she be able to show her talents on the largest stage in her sport? It has the potential to help viewers realize that the women's side has some incredible athletes of their own. And Sorenstam competing in golf was actually a big deal, the fact that she competed was awesome.

Salt Lake City, UT

Amy, if she wants to compete against the men, she should be able to, IMO. That goes for any sport (off the top of my head). I'd love to see it.

Sandy, UT

@Alison and aljmac,

Unfortunately, thanks ultimately to feminists and those who try to push for things like Title IX, your opinion that Sorenstam and Vonn should be able to compete with the men can't and shouldnt happen in almost all cases.

If you believe that the women should be able to compete with the men, why can't the men compete with the women? After all, it would be discriminating to say women can compete with the men when they want, but that the men can't compete with the women when they want to.

Sorry, can't have it both ways. Thank the feminisits.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Would it be the kind of circus-like curiosity that accompanies oddities or aberrations? Or would it be real, meaningful fandom for a sport that deserves attention and support?"

Probably the first, but you can't get the latter unless people tune in for a first time.

@Chris B.
"It's fine women want to play sports. But let's not kid ourselves by pretending they are equally as exciting or difficult."

In some sports they are. Volleyball, fencing, and handball come to mind from the Olympics among others.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I disagree completely, and I think most people would. By definition, the NBA is better and more exciting than the WNBA because the NBA is comprised of faster, stronger, and more athletic athletes making quicker, more powerful, and more accurate plays than the WNBA. The WNBA is not as exciting as the NBA because the WNBA is more similar in style(athletic ability, talent, speed, power) to boys high school.

Are you suggesting that female volleyball players are faster, stronger, or more accurate in their passes/hits than their male counterparts? I think not.

Let's celebrate women's sports(when not done at the expense of men's sports) all we want. But let's not kid ourselves.

The best of the best is the most exciting, by definition. If women volleyball players were equally as exciting(talented), they'd be playing against the men. But they're not. Because they arent.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B.

"By definition, the NBA is better and more exciting than the WNBA because the NBA is comprised of faster, stronger, and more athletic athletes making quicker, more powerful, and more accurate plays than the WNBA. "

That's fine, I never claimed basketball was among the sports where it was. I agree with allisongriffin that NBA-WNBA is just about the largest gaps between watchability between the mens and womens games.

"Are you suggesting that female volleyball players are faster, stronger, or more accurate in their passes/hits than their male counterparts? I think not. "

They are capable enough that the sport does not decline in watchability as it does for basketball. By the way, I'm speaking of indoor volleyball, so that we don't have to argue that people are just looking at women in bikinis in beach volleyball.

Personally I think handball is better to watch on the women's side than the men's side. Yes the men are faster and stronger, but it actually detracts from the enjoyment of the game when they can score a bit too effortlessly.

Ogden, UT

Your right Amy, come to think of it, I love watching a breakaway lay-up as much as a breakaway dunk. And there is nothing like a quarter filled stadium to prove that women's basketball games are "no less entertaining."

In high school I would have loved to try playing volleyball competitively, but never had the option, because we had to have the same number of sports available to females as males. Sometimes women just don't want to or like playing sports, and that's okay.

I don't know enough about skiing to make a meaningful comparison between the two sexes. I say give Vonn a chance and let's see how she does. Will I watch it? No. While were at it lets put the US Women's Water Polo team up against the US Men's Water Polo team. That's probably the closest comparison we could get.

Equality at the expense of others is moronic.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Oh I feel sick. I agree with Chris B and I actually wanted to like his comment...

I love basketball but it kills me to watch women play. Sorry. No jumping ability just straight kills basketball.

I do however think womens volleyball, tennis, soccer and other sports are just as watchable as mens and sometimes even more watchable :)

Layton, UT

I think that if a woman wants to compete against men in skiing let her. Skiing is like golf, it is a sport against the course. Let her play by the same rules, on the same hill, and with the same route; if she is successfull, great on her. If she doesn't succeed, no harm done.

Ogden, UT

I agree with majmajor. If she wants to compete against the men then so be it.

Basketball was a poor comparison. While WNBA players could take me in a game of one on one, the WNBA is far less exciting than the NBA, that's fact.

Thankfully women and men are different.

Salt Lake City, UT

The title and sentiment of this article is completely disgusting.

Telling somebody what "should" satisfy them is both arrogant and demeaning. It implies that asking for anything more is greedy and ungrateful, but all it really means is that they should "know their place".

There are some who tell women they should be "satisfied" with home-making, and not to seek work outside the home. There are also some who tell women they should be "satisfied" with being spiritually/religiously subordinate to men, and not to seek the priesthood.

Progress only occurs when people are dissatisfied. Democracy, Women's Rights, and Civil Rights only occurred when people were dissatisfied with their position in life. They, too, were told what they "should" be satisfied with, but they ignored it and demanded more.

The only reason Lindsey Vonn is the one of the best is because she is not easily satisfied. Talent and skill aren't enough, to be the best you have to demand it.

"Satisfaction" and "gratitude" are just idealized names for "complacency" and "laziness".

More than anything, this article reeks of jealousy.

Layton, UT

I stongly agree with OCoug. I am really thankful for the differences between men and women. There isn't anything better, and we wouldn't be here if there wasn't...

Women would have the best chances to succeed would be sports that don't require forms of physical combat. I would hate to watch a lady play football against men, and I think that I would be less inclined to watch a football game with a lady playing a contact position (kicker might be ok). I think that I would become too emotionally involved My dad would kick my butt if I watched a lady being hit...

I think that women competing in some men's sport adds interest to that sport. Danica has drawn great interest in car racing, and Lindsey would be an even bigger draw to the men's downhill. She would be a great draw because of her differences, not in spite of them.

Men and women compete in day-to-day life (home, work...), why can't they compete together in sports where the physical differences between the sexs doesn't matter. Walls are being broken everyday, skiing shouldn't be isolated from reality.

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