Comments about ‘Connecticut school shooting stirs debate about competing liberties, gun violence’

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Published: Sunday, Dec. 16 2012 6:00 p.m. MST

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USS Enterprise, UT

Look at what happens when you allow the public to be armed. This was an off duty police officer doing security. However, if the anti-gun people had their way, she would not have been armed while off duty. See "Man Attempts to Open Fire on Crowd at Movie Theater, Armed Off-Duty Sergeant Drops Him" at The Blaze.

KC Mormon
Edgerton, KS

While many are jumping on the ban assault weapons band wagon it is interesting to look at actual school shootings from 1994 to today. The ban was in place from 1994-2004 so we should have had very little if any school shootings in that time frame, however that is not the case. There were in fact 28 school shootings in that time including Columbine just in the US. There have been 30 since the ban ended in 2004. The count is close when you look at the facts that from 1996-2004 (8 years) you only have 2 fewer school shootings with the ban than 2004-2012 (8 years) with out the ban. Can anyone really say the ban worked? Was it really the guns that were the problem or was and is there something else going on? Also has anyone seen the latest on why they believe the gunman snapped? the most recent report is that his mother was going to have him commit-ed. That should tell us it is something other than guns we need to look at.


If you think living in a free society means living with risks, live in a communist society. There is a reason we have a Constitution for the People by the People. That is to reduce risk of TYRANY. Have you not noticed that when a terrible event happens the power mongers say they are the CURE. Do you really think that a paper pushing bureaucrat has any effect on a evil criminal mind or a law stops them from acting out? This sad event is being used to push a non related agenda period. What is sad, the families are being interviewed and asked loaded questions by the media puppets to sell ads and sway public perception. A good dose of privacy and help consoling these poor families would be nice. The media should be ashamed of themselves.

Eugene, OR

How did Norwiegian gun control laws work out for that country in 2011 when nutjob killed 77 people?

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