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Published: Saturday, Dec. 15 2012 11:30 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

Well, no regrets huh? There will be plenty discussion on that comment I am sure.

If Riley is not a 100% I fully expect the coaches to put Lark as the starter.

I've enjoyed this season but will admit the close losses were frustrating and hearing that an injured Riley might have had something to do with that has been maddening and even more frustrating.

I'm sure hoping that Lark gets the start with Riley taking a token snap to end his season.

Provo, UT

Nelson may have not regrets, but I wonder what the members of his team think deep down inside. Be a team player not a selfish player and stay on the bench.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I think there are fans who have some regrets.

Idaho Falls, ID

I don't blame Riley. He thinks, as most athletes do, that you can play through the pain and injury. Heck, everyone on the team has some dings and pains. It is just that Nelson's injuries were enough to negatively affect play at the most important position on the field. The coach(es) was too stubborn or too subjective or had too little faith in the back-up to realize this and thus turned what should have been a really successful season to a mediocre one. It is on the coaches, not Nelson.

Frisco, TX

Hindsight is always 20/20, and I still wonder what could've been if wisdom had prevailed and the coaches had left Riley on the sideline to heal duiring the Utah and Boise State games. With our defense, I still think Hill or Lark could've beaten both teams this year. Then Riley might have been ready to come back against USU or Notre Dame and be 100% instead of the 70% we saw.

For those who are critical of Riley, I think he is better than what we saw. The big mistakes this year were playing Riley when he was injured and calling on Nelson and Hill to run up to 19 times a game (not sure if that was the QBs decision or Doman's). Three or four QB runs / draws is plenty to keep the defenses guessing and our QBs healthy.

Provo, UT


The Rock
Federal Way, WA

"Then of course the what-ifs and if-onlys creep in."

What if Riley was more sensible and chose not to put his head down and keep churning, and slid instead? Mendenhall says; "that's just who he is." Well, "who he is" is not compatible with Riley's survival.

I have plenty of "what ifs". What if James Lark had started last year and this year? Where would he be today?

No NFL team will touch Riley, he is too injury prone.

Lark's first start was stupendous. Let him show what he can do against a non-high school team. He might just get a crack at the NFL.

Failure to recognize such talent is a major failing of the coaching staff.

Washington, UT

Nelson is obviously a super competitive guy, which by itself ain't a bad thing, but in his case it has gotten him into trouble time and again against the good teams. If he had an adequate throwing arm and a little more foot speed, he might have gotten away with it and been a Johnny football type of player, but he doesn't. Sounds like he's choosing to play the injury card now, but in reality even at 100% he doesn't have the tools to win big games at this level.

Salt Lake City, UT

You think Riley has no regrets, Utah State made out like a bandit. Riley out, Chuckie Keeton in.

I remember when BYU "fans" on these boards were giddy that Riley transferred to BYU. Turns out that USU and its fans, along with Utah fans, made out best on that transfer because it has been enjoyable to watch.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

We have plenty of regrets...starting with Nelson's decision to transfer. Big mistake for BYU football. Riley is a four letter word and bronco may never recover from this debacle!

Idaho Falls, ID

Riley's comments show how out of touch with reality a 20something person can be. But he is right that the decision to play him has been out of his control.


Looking 16 or 17 years ahead to Luke Ogletree playing for the Cougars!

Highland, UT

We've seen enough of Nelson to know that he isn't good enough, where the quandary is for me is that we haven't seen enough of Lark to know that he is. Like most fans I wish the coaches had gone with Lark earlier and then we would know. As it stands we never will. It is obvious the coaches didn't think Lark was a better option than Nelson and I really wonder why that is.

As for the fans declaring Lark superior, well they just don't know that to be the case. I think we can all agree that we would have liked to find out.


"It's hard for a 6-foot, 200-pound guy to do," he said. "That's what I've learned over my five years."

It's too bad it took him 5 years, and several painful injuries, to learn that lesson. That is, IF he has REALLY learned it. But to many of us who watched an undersized quarterback running like he was a fullback, it was no surprise that he got pretty dinged up.

I admire Nelson's competitiveness and tenacity, but not his limited grasp of physics.

Overton, NV

Riley does not have the power arm, it is true. But when he is healthy he has great touch on the ball and can put it where he wants to. We saw that last season. It's the reason he took the starting job away from Heaps.

But he was injured this season and couldn't physically perform. He should not have played as much as he did. It really is too bad the coaches did not see that sooner.

At this point the bowl is less than a week away. If they don't know if Riley will be healthy enough by now, then the decision should be already made.

Lark should start.

Springville, UT


And how did Wynn do for the mighty Utes?

Idaho Falls, ID

Duckhunter is right that we really don't know how good Lark is. He looks promising but his debut was against a very poor defense. But it is looking very likely he'll start against a very good SDSU who beat BSU on the blue turf. So we will see how he does against a decent team in a hostile stadium. Should be fun. I hope Lark dismantles them.

Lincoln City, OR


Ummm, Riley has beaten USU both times that he faced them as a starter.

Federal Way, WA

The quarterback situation this past year reflects three things about bronco.
1. His dislike for is players who feel they are "entitiled" and looking out for themselves.

2. His desire to reward players who reflect the "image" of BYU rather than playing the best player (quarterback) at the time.

3. As Bronco has stated himself, despite being excellent at defense and stopping good offenses, he really doesnt know offensive football.

Hopefull, this will be a year of learning as he admits sometimes to where he can make better decisions in the future. We might know if this latter point is true if any new coaching is hired to help Doman.

Park City, UT

No regrets, eh? Love your grit and determination Riley but only if you had put the Team first and tolda the coaches you weren't 1005, we will never know quite possibly 11-1 or maybe even undefeated and playing Alabama for the National Championship...sigh...

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