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Published: Friday, Dec. 14 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Bronco Mendenhal and Brandon Doman should donate money to build a bigger than life size
statue of James Lark and have in on a pedestal at the entrance of the Lavel Edwards Stadium that says at it’s base,

“James Lark, We sincerely apologize to you for not recognizing your greatness and sitting you on the bench for all four of your seasons except for the New Mexico State game and the
Poinsetta Bowl in season 2012. You were fantastic in both of those games you played in. They were the two best games of the season. "

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

Lark produced, in the game, against woeful NMSU.
Hopefully, he will have an opportunity to do the same, against a much better team.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

@duckhunter & Amorphus

Why an apology? Not because they chose a better player in their eyes to start when Riley went down, but rather because they told Lark they would play him if Riley went down. When Riley went down they chose to train a freshman rather than keep their word.

I have never been a coach (except for little league) so I can't talk from that perspective. But I have done some research on Vince Lombardi and John Wooden to learn more about leadership in general.

One common trait of these legendary coaches was the capacity to apologize both individually and collectively to players.

As a fan I only know what is public information and BYU coaches stated publicly that Lark would get the start if Riley went down and Lark was the listed backup until Riley went down. Then a last minute switch was made to put the freshman in.

Perhaps Lark has already been apologized to. I hope so. If not I believe it is unfortunate

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

I’m not agry that we have a 7-5 season.
I’m not angry that we lost close games to ND, Utah, Boise State, San Jose State, and hung tuff vs. Oregon State before falling to them as well.

I will not be angry if we have a 6-6 season next year with the toughest schedule that BYU has ever had. It is exciting to watch games that BYU plays vs. the Big Guys, while it is boring watching them beat up on the little guys. So bring all all comers from the big boys and by pass the boring give me games, i.e. Idaho, et.al.

What I am angry about is one of two things, and I’m not sure which:
1. The bias shown for one player at the expense of another more deserving player,
(talent wise), while both players are equal seniors.
2. Without bias, but with a total inability to recognize talent, teach and develop talent, like
the one they ran off, a 5 star QB to Washington, and sit a truly gifted senior, Lark, on the
bench while playing another far less gifted senior even when injured.

Virginia Beach, Va

Lark is all class. I wish I could say the same about his coaches.

Virginia Beach, Va

Duck is typical of many unsuccessful coaches. Not willing to admit fault and acknowledge a coach can make terrible choices that in college can cost a guy a career. Of course they should apologize.


They can make the new Rudy movie after this season. Guy is back up for a 4 years and finally gets a start on the last regular season game. Does very well. Bowl game he is on the bench again. Music Starts and roll those credits.


Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: SundanceKid27

The only problem with that school of thought is that 'Rudy' didn't play because he had zero talent and athletic ability. Sort of like the injured version of Riley Nelson ironically. At BYU Rudy actually plays pretty often. Not at all the case with James Lark. Lark has raw NFL potential with his arm, his overall strength, and his mobility. Lark is like a not as fast, but better passing version of Taysom Hill. Same NFL type body, big and strong, and smart. But, could be an NFL prospect had he been properly coached up and his career put to good use. I know James has no chance as a potential draft pick, but given his skills, could he have a shot at making an NFL roster as a free agent? Does Lark have plans to give scouts a look or the NFL a shot?

Looking forward to the future of Taysom Hill, though. He could certainly be an NFL guy if he stays healthy and continues to develop his passing game. The fact that he has already done what he has as a true freshman is pretty exciting.

Highland, UT


Well I am not privy to how he has been treated if indeed he has been badly treated. I would like to know if he has been and specifically what has been done to him. But all I have seen is that the coaches decided to go with someone else. Now you and I can think that was the wrong decision, and I can tell you I have my doubts that Riley was really the better guy, but that just means Mendenhall and Doman are poor judges of the talent they had, not that they personally mistreated Lark to the point that he is due an apology.

So if he has been mistreated in some way, and not simply passed over for another player because the coaches felt the other guy was the better option, then I would be very interested to know what occured.

Highland, UT


Actually I am a pretty successful coach and I have apologized to players on many occasions when I felt I treated them unfairly or got after them more than I should have. I have never apologized to a player because I made the decsion to go with someone else as my starter, and doubt I ever will. If coaches did that they would be apologizing to the majority of the players on their team every single week. That just isn't how it is and it is not in the best interest of the team. You want your players to compete, week after week, you want them to remain motivated and ready. Apologizing to them because they are not as good as another player in your opinion would be pretty detrimental to a teams moral. It just isn't a good way to manage your team.

But as I told Amorphous, if Lark was in someway mistreated that I am not aware of I would like to hear what it is and then I can make a more educated statement about it. But based on what I know there is no apology required.

Saint George, UT

Well, unless we meet in person some day, which is obviously not likely, I will not be able to tell you. I have tried to post it many times but have not been approved any of them.
Suffice it to say that James has, as he says in the article, learned many lessons. He has displayed humility and patience beyond his years. If I say any more than that it won't make it to print...again.

South Jordan, UT

To all of the above: Take a deep breath and let the coaches decide. There are too many arm chair coaches.

Instead lament and speculate why the high and mighty Utes are not playing a bowl game this year. Think about how jolly the holiday is for them and all their fans!

Oxford, Oxon

Paying off? That's what the BYU coaching staff wants to believe after they've sacrificed this young man's collegiate promise (and possible pro career). Perhaps Lark himself is invested in believing that his one start (after ALL other options had been injured or exhausted) is the pay off he had worked for. The truth is that it is too little, too late, only highlighting the potential this kid had that the coaching staff squandered instead of developing...Sad.

Highland, UT


Everything I have ever seen from Lark confirms your assertions about his character. He appears to be a fine young man. I wish him well and I do hope he gets the opportunity to play in the bowl game.

Washington, UT


You've got it right. I think everybody who has coached and has followed this drama over the past three years is on the same page here. You don't apologize simply for making the sometimes difficult decision about who plays or doesn't. After watching Heaps, Nelson and Lark and and hearing what a couple of BYU players I coached had to say about the situation, I was very surprised that James didn't play, but it was Mendenhall's right to make that call.

With regard, however, to what Amorphous said, I too heard some comments by several of Lark's teammates about his treatment. It's hearsay and I'm not going to attempt to recite any of it here, but if the substance of it is close to the truth, then, yes; at the very least an apology is due. I think we all know that's not going to happen. James has proven to be the bigger man and in the game of life that's really what matters

Virginia Beach, Va

Duckhunter, what team do you coach ?

Dr Rush
Saint George, UT

I have to laugh to think that Mendenhall or Doman would apologize about any of the glaring mistakes they have made and the decision to play anybody but Lark is the worst. I have to ask the coaches on here a question, hasn't it been obvious that Nelson was not a D1 QB? I'm not a coach but I played football and a lifelong fan and Nelson is one of the worst D1 QB's I've seen. There is no logical reason to not have given Lark playing time going back to last year. So I have to ask is the decision not to play Lark being made by 2 coaches not qualified to coach D1 football or is it personal?? It's one or the other.

Highland, UT


I'ver now tried twice to respond to you telling you what team I coach and the comment has been denied by the dnews. The email I got says my comments were "off topic and disruptive" although I am not sure why since all I did was say who it is I coach. Not sure what to say beyond that since it doesn't appear they are going to let me do it.

Highland, UT


As a coach I've learned that you simply can't please everyone, there are always more players than positions on the field and some players are better than others. I have to admit though that the insistance of continuing to play Nelson when he was obivously not getting the job done for whatever reason, and to not give an opportunity to an apparently capable other player, has been more than curious. I've heard all of the conspiracy stories of course, and I have expressed my frustration with the fact that regardless of Nelson's performance he was constantly given chance after chance.

I really would like to know what was supposedly done that was mistreatment of Lark. It doesn't appear that the Dnews will allow that to be posted so I'll just have to reserve opinion on that until I can hear what occured.

But I really do hope Lark gets the start in the bowl game, I think his performance against NMSU was enough for him to deserve it and Nelson's performance over the season has shown him to be lacking.

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