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Published: Friday, Dec. 14 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Irony would be an NFL team taking a flyer on James Lark and having him carve out a career for himself. I think he has talent and the NFL is willing to give talent a try. I just hope it isn't the Raiders.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Tremendous young man, a giant of a man. I too am so happy for him.

One of life's lessons he's probably learned is that God can turn all things to our good if we will let Him. I hope I get to hear that part of his story, when everything snaps into focus and it suddenly all makes sense.

Maybe this week.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Doman pleased? Sounds strange. After all, it's all about Riley. Riley cannot play poorly enough to be benched.

Lindon, UT

Lark! Lark! Lark!

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

Lark is told he is one snap from starting after working for 4 years for the opportunity.

When the "one snap" happens (Riley is injured), the same coaching staff that told him he was one snap away decide to go with a freshman (that had originally chosen Stanford over BYU).

Go figure. Where is the Loyalty, Integrity, and Decency in that? Who cares if he stinks (which he obviously does not) at that point in this season he deserved a shot.

As a BYU fan I think Lark deserves something decent, an apology.

Highland, UT

@Elk Hair

That is simply going to far. While I definately think Doman and Mendenhall made a massive mistake by sticking with Nelson claiming they owe Lark, or anyone else for that matter, and apology is just not correct.

I am a football coach and the fact is coaches have to make decisions based on what we feel is best. Many times we are wrong, completely wrong, and choose the wrong player, or the wrong play, or whatever. But that does not mean they owe anyone else an apology for doing so.

I think the criticism of them both is fair, I've been criticizing them for this as well, but calling for apologies is to much. Remember this is their jobs and they will be called out for thier results. If their results a bad enough they will lose their jobs. I'm guessing neither of them wants to be unemployed so they probably made decisions they though were best.

In sports there are always going to be starters and no nstarters and coaches making those decisions. We can second guess them but calling them out to apologize is going to far.

Spanish Fork, UT

James Lark could be the LAST QB to win a bowl game in college football on the 20th. The next day, Dec. 21 the world ends... Or Riley could be the last QB to lose one.


James is more then you ever will know, far more then a quarter back. James career at BYU will go down as the great " Could a, Would a, should a " season of what if only the coaching staff let him play earlier in the season ? I am so happy for James.

I hope the coaching staff has the courage to acknowledge that Riley will not be able to go in the bowl game because of his season long injury of a broken back and broken ribs that he has suffered and played with since the middle of the Weber State game.

Why do we not hear the real reason here ? I can answer, it will make them look bad. The tragedy of the 2012 season was completely avoidable. James was passed over in the BSU game and then again, and again, and again until the NMS game.

It is sad the coach's do not own up to the poor decisions instead of blaming the season on Riley and his long hair and the curse words udder ed in the heat of the game, shame on you Brandon.

Washington, UT

I don't know that an apology is "going too far", but it's irrelevant at this point. The damage has been done, both to Lark's career and to BYU's chances for an extraordinary season in 2012. Mendenhall's decision-making in this case has proven to be quite flawed in this case and there may be consequences for him and his OC and QB coach, but an apology means little at this point and changes nothing.

A more effective and meaningful response would be giving Lark the start in the bowl, and I'm pretty sure that's going to happen.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

If Lark does not start, it may be because of the fear the coaches have of being further "exposed". In the NM State game, Lark looked like the great BYU quarterbbacks of the glory days. This year has been a waste of great receivers (no one to deliver them the rock), and the best defense BYU has ever had.

So the article states "Nelson is still nursing a sore rib" - well, to me that is "code" for he is not, and will not be ready to start in the bowl game. Since the coaches seem to be struggling in their decision making, Riley Nelson should take the lead, go to Mendenhall and inform him that Lark will start the game next week. This is a no brainer. The whole Cougar nation is expecting to see Lark as the starter.

Middle of the Road
Home Town USA, UT

It is hindsight now to say but Riley only played badly because of injury. He did time and time again. It is too bad Lark was set aside and Taysom was put in and injured. Lark's timing is now perhaps and now he can shine. What if he had played and injured like Hill was early after in his first game. I admire Lark for what he learned on his mission. He learned patience and did not give up! Thanks for hanging in there, buddy. Your future has promise. Buena Suerte!!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Sorry, I really don't see how his patience has paid off...at least from a football perspective. He should have been the starter last year.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Could play in to a mid round draft pick if he's awesome in this game.

blue & white
Boise, ID

Lark should start even with a healthy Nelson. its a blessing to have a QB hit open receivers so take advantage of that coaches! I saw the BYU of old in the NMS game and it was fun. Talk about returning to your roots, its starring you in the face. I hope yall recognize it. Play the best players! i don't understand why you dont see this in practices. Taysom Hill is better than Nelson. Because Nelson is a senior and has grit, leadership, and plays hurt (this hurt the team this year) he gets to start? dosen't make sence when other QB's are better at the QB skill. we have great receivers and need a QB to deliver the ball.


Getting all excited about a player who puts up big stats against the team that ESPN had as being one of the three very worst in the entire country. Really?

And the title of the article "Patience pays off"? You mean, after four years of riding the pine, it really may pay off for having played, at the most, two games for your entire career? I'd say that Lark got the royal shaft. Nothing redeeming in that.

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Not sure about that title, I don't see how his patience paid off? He's at the end of a career, never really got a fair shot, the guy is not without skills, so how did he not get a shot with the troubles we had at quarterback. I understand Taysom is the future but there was a chance for a magical season this year, it was set up to get to a BCS bowl this year, the defense was definitely good enough, and all we needed was a decent offense to win those games and with the inconsistant play at quarterback it doomed the season. There were too many mistakes! But I don't know that patience paid off, yes I'm sure he's learned a lot and will be a better person in many ways for it, but with his career in football it didn't pay off sorry. All he's left with is what the rest of us are left with, and that's what if. Nobody will ever know if he had a chance where things would have ended, and sometimes that's worse.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Hey big red. How's that toilet bowl prep going. Oh wait that was the Colorado game wasn't it.

Saint George, UT

So, coaches can make mistakes but are above apologies? First, you have no idea what James has been through in life and now at the hands of these coaches. I don't know that Elk Hair does either, but I do, and an apology is absolutely in order, at the very least. Fender is right, though. It is too little, too late, even if James does get the start in the bowl game.
I have also coached for many years and no one has ever questioned my ability nor my manhood when I have approached a player who was the object of one of my mistakes and apologized for it. Perhaps you meant something other than I am taking from your comment. If so, I apologize. Otherwise, your approach is worrisome. No one is above apologizing.
And while they're at it, they should apologize to Riley and the entire team, as Kokua says, for not being mature enough as coaches to sit Riley down instead of asking him if he could go week in and week out. Riley is a man and would never so "no".

Highland, UT


Two things about that, one being I don't think Mendenhall or Doman think they did make a mistake. For whatever reason I think they really do think they went with the right guy. So as a coach, when you choose who it is you are going to start do you apologize to the ones you don't start? Why would you? I sure don't. It is called competition and if in the mind of the coaches one guy won the comeptition then why would they apologize? It really makes no sense to even suggest that they do.

Secondly do you think they should also apologize to every other player on the team that they decided was not going to be their starter at a given position? Don't tell me that you do that because you don't. I certainly don't. Anyone that is going to play competitive sports has to understand that someone else may be better then they are, or that the coach who decides such things may think someone else is better.

Saying a coach should apologize for making those decisions is ridiculous.

Saint George, UT

As I suspected, we are commenting from absolutely different perspectives. I cannot disagree with you at all regarding starters or non starters. If that is your point, no agreement from me.
My point is there are issues behind the decision that warrant an apology. James is polite when he says things like he was"frustrated" and has had a few sleepless nights. He is the consummate gentleman. How he has been treated, not where he has been seeded, is where an apology is warranted.

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