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Published: Friday, Dec. 14 2012 1:50 p.m. MST

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Cedar City, Utah

42-35 Toledo mark it down.

Logan, UT

Mark it up your arse because that in no way is going to happen

Logan, UT

Aggies will win comfortably and Stang will be made a pumpkin-face yet again. Mark it down.

Layton, UT

Good luck Aggies! Wish you the best.

Just remember, since CPL Klinger (MASH), nothing good, has ever come out of Toledo.

Cedar City, Utah


You may be right. Toledo may blow USU out and it won't be that close. Didn't mention names this time and look who comes here calling me names. They are making progress though. They at least talk about the game before/after they tried to insult me. I say 42-35 Toledo. But if it's a blowout I believe I'll still be right. Toledo wins and if I'm wrong I'm wrong. I do love how these two are brave by their computer.

Logan, UT

Toledo's defense is not very strong. They will be able to put up some points on us, but I bet they wont be able to outscore us in a shootout. The two losses the Aggies had this year totaled up to only a margin of 5 points, so I doubt Toledo could blow us out (even if they wanted to). Our defense should have no trouble containing them.

More double standards from that thespian down south. He would be nothing without his computer and he knows it.

38-21 USU


and Salt Lake Aggies making the drive!!!

Orem, UT

Go Aggies!!! This old coug will be watching and cheering this year's best in state!!

Cedar City, Utah

If I'm nothing without my computer what does that make you? If it's a blowout it's in Toledos favor. If it's close it's 42-35 still in toledos favor. Come on and make me happy Sambone. Tell me how you think you know who I am and what I do. You are just as bad as you say I am.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Can't wait for kickoff. It is a real treat to have the Aggies nationally ranked and playing in a bowl game. Vegas has USU by 10 and the Aggies have beat the spread all year. Should be a great game.

Go Big Blue!!!

Logan, UT

Actually Stang, the game is decidedly not in Toledo's favor. Vegas has picked the Aggies to win and most other local journalism outlets in the state have also picked the Aggies. If it's a blowout, USU will be on the winning end. Why? Because they have a much stronger defense and more play-makers on offense. Use some facts next time.

You practically told us over on the HJ news board about your identity. Some of the posters over there even called out your first and last name!

I don't make a deliberate point of going to other opposing fans' boards to purposely stir up trouble. And I don't call those other people degrading names.

You demand respect, yet show absolutely none. Stop with the double standards already.

Germantown, MD

Blowout! 41-15. How about that?

Cedar City, Utah

How's it feel to know you don't have Anderson anymore Sambone?

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