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Published: Thursday, Dec. 13 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Just a voice
Layton, UT

Sasha, I agree with everything you said and still disagree with MapleDon's first point. I don't let my kids play video games. I make them work hard. Maybe the teenage boys in this situation were not taught well. Either way, they are still victims and still somewhat innocent.


DN wouldn't allow me to comment on this article, even though my comment was thoughtful about the horrific acts committed by this criminal. There's a lot of censoring here.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT


Interesting view on the definitions. I'm definitely going to be thinking about that for a while. I appreciate my thoughts being provoked!

Kaysville, UT

For a parent who has a child that was abused while at Church, predators who stalk and then attack innocent children should meet the highest fate of anyone in the court system. In the federal prison at Fort Leavenworth inmates treat the child abusers the best they can in the long term. Chesters are known and the other prisoners await for those guys to give them the unofficial treatment they deserve for the rest of their stay. They are marked men and should be dealt with accordingly. What happened today in the school in Connecticut was bad but the children that live the rest of their life with this kind of treatment in their mind is horrendous.

This type of individual and the people of trust in schools and churches need to be dealt with to know that this type of behavior will lead to serious consequences and not let them off the hook with a plea bargain. Plea bargains are good for the victims in some ways, but the one on trial gets away with an evil that is not discussed in court. It seems there should be a better way to deal with these types.

Christmas Carole

Yes, Pragmatic he did have the "opportunity" to recover. He, as well as the rest of mankind, were given an eternal principle of agency. He used his agency in an eternally unacceptable way. As a result, others have been acted upon, and will have to choose how they will act in the future. There is ALWAYS an opportunity to change. If they WANT to..

Monster! Absolutely!

Lindy-Lou, Amen.

San Bernardino, CA

Wow. I knew this guy pretty well in junior high and highschool. He was nice, friendly, outgoing, popular. He was probably the biggest guy in our graduating class and mostly muscle (I thought he was part polynesian). I always wondered why he didn't play football. Instead he was really into choir, broadcast journalism and I think did a lot with drama. Looking back, he was a little effeminate, but he was so huge and muscular you wouldn't think of him that way. It's crazy to think where life has taken him. Just goes to show that even a good person can transform himself into something horrible by making small, daily choices that point you the wrong direction. One day a respected community memeber and father, a couple years later a convicted felon. I wish he would have sought help early, for his sake and his family and victims.

Farmington, UT

The idea that the death of one's father is grounds for going off the deep end is a bit tenuous. I don't mean to be facetious, but doesn't everyone's father die sooner or later? If sooner, then does that give carte blanche to those "left-behind" sons to no longer take responsibility for their actions? I must be missing something here....

kaysville, UT

We all have gone through some difficult times. It is how we respond to those trials that define our lives. This man has ruined his good name, and he CHOSE to deceive and try to destroy the lives of others. I hope and pray he has not succeeded in doing so. With the help of good families, friends, and a loving Savior I know his victims can overcome this experience.

My father died when I was young. I was sexually abused by an adult neighbor after that, and those traumas did affect me. But I wouldn't use it as an excuse to go out and HURT someone... I have compassion for children. My own 6, and the other 53 I have been a foster parent to in my home. There are no excuses to harm a child.. They are the greatest gift we have. Anyone...and I do mean anyone who harms them should not be given a second chance to do so. It mentions in this article that they have children. Bless his wife. She needs to raise her children ALONE. It is safer for her children to be without this man.

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