Comments about ‘Utah Utes standout Star Lotulelei tops NFL draft board; Manti Te'o, Ziggy Ansah also first-rounders’

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Published: Thursday, Dec. 13 2012 11:25 a.m. MST

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Highland, UT


I'm the balance. So many of you utah "fans" are blind to reality.

West Jordan, Utah


What is this balance you are always inducing into the justification for being negative? Are some Ute fans delusional? Sure. But why worry about it so much? You aren't doing your Cougar fan brothers any favors by being so obsessively concerned with trashing Utah. It's not what your faith is about. You might want to try being a Wyoming Cowboy fan again.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


The booby prize was the 3 wins we had over BYU this year.

If you played a "real" schedule you would know 8-5 is anything but an "abysmal" season considering we're still in the process of building a PAC-12 program.

Duckhunter: "I'm the balance. So many of you utah "fans" are blind to reality."

You're a joke that keeps on giving...LOL

Overton, NV

Today I was listening to the Denver-Baltimore game on the radio. It was really nice to hear the names Beadles, Krueger, and Pitta. It's not often that we get to hear the names of 3 former Utes/Cougars from the same NFL broadcast. It was nice to hear.

I'm looking forward to hearing the names Lotulelei, Ansah, and Te'o.

St Louis, MO

I hope for both their pocketbooks' sakes they go as high as possible, but being drafted 1, 5, 10 or 31 has little to do with their long-term prospects. Though the top talent does tend to be found in the first few rounds, you can't accurately project a guy going #5 will be more successful than a guy going, say, in the middle of the third round. Might, might not.

And despite being a Y fan, I don't see why I can't root for Alex Smith. He's been dealt with incredibly poorly. He suffered through several years of organizational instability and now losese his job because of a concussion despite playing well. If I were him this would be the last year I put on a Niners' jersey. Harbaugh hosed him.

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