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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 12 2012 9:15 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

I'm all for humane reforms - just not out right amnesty. There is a way to obey the law and help those illegals who want to gain citizenship. Sometimes when you butt in line you have to go to the back of the line but eventually you will get your turn in front.

Salt Lake City, UT

Families are meant to be together...in their country of legal residence.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

Order. Structure. Rules intended to protect us. How often does one read an article about an auto accident where the occupants weren't wearing seat belts? Did they understand the risks involved? Yet they chose to drive in violation of a law and suffered the consequences. Because so many people get away with it the risks seem small. Undocumented immigrants run a risk when they arrive here with their children and because so few have been deported the risks seem small. Then, there is a hue and a cry when the law is enforced. I rarely hear people who are complaining about immigration policy first admit that they are in this country without proper documentation and some of them illegally. Could they please confess that they were hoping to bypass the rules, order and structure of this country to benefit themselves...and they go caught? Could they ask for leniency before demanding reform? No excuses, no ifs ands or buts...just a plain "Yes...I shouldn't be here" would go a lot further towards opening hearts than the sense of entitlement that seems to accompany all the green red and white flag waving.


"Humane reforms"?

Certainly. Lets have the 12 million illegal trespassers already here head home to their country of origin.

When we get through writing the new "reforms" we'll notify you and you can start the immigration process in an orderly fashion.


These families can be together, but perhaps not in the United States.

Salt Lake City, UT

boohoo cry me a river. Yes families are meant to be together but if a parent is being deported no one is forcing them to leave their children here. The children can and must go with them regardless of whether or not they were born in this country.

DN Subscriber 2

Agreed, humane reforms are necessary!

That means that people contemplating entering the U.S. illegally should change their plans and instead get in line to enter in accordance with the law. Very easy to change that, and not a single new law or dollar of government money is needed to implement it.

There is no need for parents and children to be separated, and when the law is obey, they will not be.

If already in the U.S. illegally, then head back to your native land and get in line.

See how easy that was?

By the way, LEGAL immigrants are welcome to come here.

Provo, UT

It's not the laws fault, it's caused by bad decisions on your part.

Stop looking to others to solve your problems, and apologize to those that your illegal actions have hurt. Then do it the right way.

La Verkin, UT

I don't understand how you can blame the United States for breaking up families. Isn't it the illegal aliens that have CHOSEN to violate our laws, thus causing the separation in their families? I find this article intellectually dishonest by implying that it is anyone but the criminals fault that they are suffering problems.

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

Those caught in events without holding a ticket are escorted out or required to purchase a ticket. Illegal aliens want USA citizen rights under the Constitution but they actually STOLE benefits, food, education, housing, medical, and other taxpayer funded services. How about RESTITUTION, paying back the value of stolen services as a pre-condition for any kind of amnesty-type solutions? Pay up or get out should be the order of the day. Criminal Court requires admission of guilt and a plan of restitution so how can illegal aliens expect to get a free pass, a free get out of jail free card? Not only that but illegals publicly protest and even riot to gain acceptance, even resorting to boldly voting illegally, a hard earned right of American patriots and citizens. How wonderful that illegals are held in such high esteem by our enabling politicians who thrive on the backing of illegals. "Illegal" means what it says, "ILLEGAL." Yes there should be a humane plan to deal with illegal aliens but admission of guilt is necessary to get forgiveness.

Mchenry, IL

They are the reason the family is split. Not the government. It takes that many years to deport after the order? The rest of the family can go to the parents country.

Hyrum, UT

They chose this when they left their country of origin. Didn't they leave their families then? Now, they encourage their now illegal families who have come here ... to protest something they had control over ... and now wine about it? I have no empathy. Sorry!

Chris B, Jr.
Saint George, UT

SImple solution...don't break the law.

Layton, UT

Laws can change, and should change to accomodate the stable families who are here, are stable, care for children, and put in an legitimate effort to contribute to the society in which they live. Solid families are not our nation's trouble, and should not be targetted by immigration forces. Eliminate the destructive and corruptive influences like drugs, violence, and gangs, but allow honest families working for the wellbeing of their children to stay and continue to share their stability with the folks here that think it's okay to stay in mommy's basement until they're 35, are addicted to porn, have a live-in partner, and three kids but no job--not because they can't qualify for them, but because it would interfere with their online gaming. If you want to deport a menace to society, deport those who abuse children through rotating-door relationships and repeat-offender divorcees who wreck their families to pursue selfish and destructive life-styles.

By robbing children in this country of their parents, we are setting up the next generation of hoodlums--when we could be welcoming them and encouraging their hard-working ethos.

jim l
West Jordan, UT

These people are here patially due to the greed of some employers. They want cheap labor. They ask the rest of us to pick up the tab for their free health care, education, rent, and food. The Salt lake chamber of commerce supports all of this. Thats why i buy nothing in or stay away from the city (one reason).

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

I'm not sure they want to keep their families together.
Take the 2008 ICE program, Operation: Scheduled Departure.
People here illegally were invited to report to ICE. They would then be given six months to get ready to leave. We would return them to the airport nearest their home at our expense. They would not be prosecuted for defying their run letter. They could take their families with them.
Of the 450,000 illegals eligible only EIGHT people showed up.
Methinks they don't want to obey the law, even when given a chance to make things right.


It's time they took responsibility for their actions.

As far as getting rid of just the criminals. If they worked here, they committed multiple felonies. They are all criminals. And it was their choice to break the laws.

Layton, UT

RRB: By that logic you're a criminal for driving over the speed limit. There are more humane and compassionate ways to deal with this, than deportation. If they are already self-sufficient, and are contributing to society, they should have a path to citizenship. We should do our best to support their work ethic, not penalizing them for trying to do the best for their families. These are courageous people who know they are taking risks, but weigh the risks of living in abject poverty and hellacious conditions in Mexico, or coming to the Promised Land and trying to make a better life for their families. That's the American Dream, and we are killing it by tearing apart families. You did nothing other than be born in this country to gain citizenship.

I say provide a legitimate way for them to achieve the American Dream, and reward their initiative and courage. I'm not opposed to them paying a fee of somesort if that helps. I would like to see the laws change to support families, especially those that have children born here. Freedom is sharing, not locking it up behind barbedwire.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Ah yes. Go back. Get in line. Do what you need to do and come back legally. Simple as that, right?


For those from Mexico and Central America there is virtually no option to do so unless they are wealthy or have advanced training.

US immigration laws are not what they were a generation ago. I know a family who were all here on green cards – doing it the right way. They all got sent back. So we send the message - don’t bother doing it the right way.

For decades we have had an incoherent immigration policy. We don’t offer any viable legal means to immigrate but we are desperate for them to fill the menial jobs in our economy.

And please, let’s be realistic. Yes, they all have broken some laws but the vast majority does so only in the pursuit of employment and trying to better themselves.

Let’s make the good families here pay the requisite fines and taxes. If they came as adults, perhaps they never get citizenship, just residency. But we need to do better for the kids who have no recollection of their home country.

Powell, OH

Criminals crying because they are caught? Have your family get togethers and celebrations where you are LEGAL folks. It is just that simple. Either jump through the hoops to become legal citizens or visitors or leave. Many of our families did it so why can't you?

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