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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 12 2012 12:45 p.m. MST

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Down under
Pullman, WA

I disagree with the Humans Society. Puppies and even mature dogs adjust very to a loving home even if it is for a short time. I have adopted several dogs of all ages and within a day or so they are right at home.

Let's give some credit to a person that had a great idea and is also helping put people and pets together.

minneapolis, MN

two questions people should ask; 1. Is she buying these returned puppies from breeders or puppy sellers? If so, she is helping over-breeding pet breeders therefore contributing to the homeless dog problems. 2. Why is it called adoption when the business is for profit? In that case, aren't all pet sales to consumers called adoption?

Falls Church, VA

So what is the Humane Society's idea then? Let the puppies live in a kennel at the humane society until they get put down?

Just saying 7

One concern I have is that this business needs to breed dogs to have puppies old enough to play with during finals. What happens to the puppies after finals? And people, just because a puppy is physically mature to be homed at 8 weeks, staying with mom until 16 weeks is best for socialization. Reputable breeders won't let you have their AKC pups before then. After 8 weeks is when puppies just begin to comprehend disciplining that dog moms do best. So many discipline issues with dogs arise because puppies are homed too early. Dog mom did not have a chance to teach them right from wrong dog behavior.

Pendleton, OR

Some might say that what the "Humane" society does is abuse. All those operations to prevent additional procreation.

My experience with pets from the farm at home was that those pets that had a lot of handling as babies were much more friendly as adults with one exception. That one had been truly abused by a toddler and the experience ended the interaction for her with humans of all ages and genders. She became world class mean and nasty.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

Kind of looks like the people who are opposed to this idea did not read the whole article.
The only negative I can see is that the business owner loses control of the puppies for the time they're rented and cannot predict that the renters will know what to do with a fractious puppy.
However, that is true of anyone who sells or rents out an animal. Otherwise it looks like a really creative way to place puppies in homes that they might not otherwise have and socialize them at the same time.
I am in favor of animal rights and I'm also practical. Too many puppies, not enough homes.
If this is a kind way to help solve that problem, I'm in favor of it.
Charging a little rent helps cover the cost of keeping these little dogs, feeding, shots, and shelter. I think it's great, as long as the renters treat the little guys right.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm glad there are actual adoptions forming from this because guess what? Puppies grow into dogs!What happens in the event of a dog that nobody wants? I find this business somewhat appalling.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice work des news getting your quotes from abc 4. Its not hard to track. Online mail article states it got it from abc 2, and abc 2 got it frm its sister station abc 4 in salt lake from a week ago. ...I understand an outlet overseas copying a quote, bu you're a local paper. You couldn't call carl arky and jenna yourself to get a fresh story and quotes? Very unethical.

Layton, UT

I am no animal rights activist, but I am a professional pet groomer, who works with dogs day in, and day out. One thing I can say I am an 'expert' at is knowing the difference between stable and unstable dogs. The stable dogs are groomed frequently, and on a routine at home and at my salon.

Dogs who do not have routine, but whose lives are filled with chaos, who are not on a routine of any kind, are the dogs who really struggle with grooming---and with so many other things. Routine is very good for dogs, and taking them from home to home, well, I don't know about that. I do agree it would help with socialization. I work with show dogs and the dogs that have gone on to travel with handlers are the BEST to hang out with---so very social, happy, and they don't care if you're "mom" or somebody else, they like you regardless. But they are still on a routine lifestyle.


I'm against it but I'm wrong. I mean I agree with them, but they shouldn't be doing it. Hmmm, this is a tough one. Their cute puppyhood could be used up by exploiters and then it is too late for them to find a home. So far, maybe not, but that is what this could slip into and probably will if there is some real money to be made.

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