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Proposal anticipates surplus of more than $400 million

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 12 2012 11:15 a.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

Howard Beal,

You need to look out of the box, and without the blinders.

If money was the answer, education would have been fixed a long time ago.

There are many ways to manage existing funding, and provided high quality education. As a matter of fact, education is over funded.

Do some objective research, and you'll find a ton of waste. After a point, money does not make a positive difference.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think we would all like to see more money go to education, but the state has other employees who deserve consideration just as much as the teachers. There are fire fighters, highway patrolmen, those who investigate child abuse, emergency responders, safety inspectors, and many others. These people are just as important to the well being of the community as teachers are, but for some reason helping them is not as politically advantageous in Utah. I guess the power of the UEA carries a lot more weight than doing wht is right does.

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Howard - Why do you make the distinction in point 3 between higher and public education. The percentage of higher education funded by the state has decreased dramatically over the past several years leaving the student to pick up the difference through higher tuition. Whether this is appropriate or not is a different question. I am just pointing out that the two levels of education are facing the same situation.

Taylorsville, UT

What do you mean increased revenue? What they have are wishes and dreams of more money than they know what to do with.

Its time to put education on the back burner and have this state legislators and the governor return to a reality phase on real money available to work with.

Higher education is not a required or funded by education tax funds. Higher education is a private industry where investors are the budget providers, not taxpayers. The people of Utah have been disillusioned and lied to that colleges are entitled to taxation funds collected from taxpayers. On no property listing is any college or higher education school listed and a taxed entitlement, every thing collected on property tax and sales tax is destined for and given to schools for education from K1-K12.

Colleges should be required to file for grants and funds directly to the federal government and not state public education taxes.

The governor is leading Utah down the road to destruction with his false accusation of excessive funds and college funding when those funds do not exist. It is time for the governor to become accountable to taxpayers, not the investors profits of higher education.

Kaysville, UT

Worf, I knew you had a heart of gold and thanks for serving our children in our country. Teachers have class and not just a class full of kids but real class. You are one of them.

As a military retiree with 7 kids and having a devoted wife that put up with so many separations and uncertainty of where I would be the next day. She started teaching when our kids were in school and works as a principal with principles with devoted and dedicated teachers and administrators in her job.

Parents are the anchor of children getting educated in partnership with teachers. Neither could do a successful job without the other. Parents who send their children to public schools are thankful for the opportunity to have their children taught by professionals who love and enjoy their job as a teacher. Teaching is sort of like a job in the military. It is a job that has to be done and citizens don't realize, in many cases, the sacrifices that teachers make on a daily basis.

Teachers normally don't complain but are like parents, just want the best education for the children they teach.

Thanks teachers, everyone/everywhere.

salt lake city, UT

When will be deploy a user fee for people who decide that society should subsidize their lifestyle choices? Society benefits from having an educated populace but large families are a burden to our limited resources and our quality of life. The first step towards balance should be having individuals fiscally responsible for their decisions. And don't use the term "head tax" it's a user fee for families with more than 2 children in public.

Centerville, UT

In response to VST's questions: The state of Utah should revoke the change to the state constitution that occurred in 1996 which allowed previously education funding to go to higher education. Most of the money diverted to higher education was spent on roads.

I understand that safe roads is important. But so is education funding. Citizens need to understand that the percentage of education spending in the state has diminished significantly over the years. It should be restored.

If the state needs funding for roads, then present the need to the citizens and increase taxes as needed...for roads. But I believe education funding should be stable, predictable, and safe.

You talk about safe roads. We also need predictable, safeguarded funds for education.

Taylorsville, ut

Dr.Groovey, your comment about UEA has absolutely nothing to do with this article. And I must point out that you do not understand the situation. Yes, public employees deserve as much as teachers. Here is what you do not understand. 1% on the WPU will translate to a 1% raise for higher education employees NOT K-12 teachers or employees. Here is why, two years ago the legislature pulled the required funding for social security and retirement out of the funding for K-12 public education.
This artificially inflated the effort applied to the WPU without truly doing so. Higher Ed and public employees get their retirement and social security budgeted in their base budgets. So 1% increase WILL translate to a 1% increase in their salaries.
As for teachers, because social security and retirement are not part of the base budget as they are in every other public employee budget, they will receive exactly NOTHING. Social security and retirement costs are estmiated to be 1.7%.Public education is not a priority for this Governor, this legislture or this state. THANK YOU UEA for advocating for our children and our teachers.

Kearns, UT

Less than last year does not mean top priority. Lets face it we are out of money and not enough taxpayers to pay for schooling for our children. Stop some of the entitlements going to those who don't pay taxes and came here illegally. Put some of that back into the education system. This state and its laws are bleeding the middle class dry and stealing education away from our kids.

Kaysville, UT

If children received the proper education then a lot of the other services that the state provides now would not be needed. Parents would be more involved as that is what proper education means, parental input and being responsible for their children's education and not just putting it on the school.

Children would be more responsible, also, as the parents and other siblings would be involved in each other's learning process and sharing their love of reading, math, and science/math classes.

Sports activities are good for development but sports has become a desire for so many as it is considered easy money. However, very few, percentage wise get that opportunity.

Teachers are the basic need in our society and excellent teachers are a prize commodity, anywhere.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

This Governor Herbit is one remarkable man.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I didn't say my ideas were popular but someone said give suggestions so I did. I guess I believe that education should be a priority. I would like to see it be a real priority at a a national level. The type of money I would like to see would need to double to really transform education.

I like the Finland model where they try to put two qualified teachers in the classroom. This would make the biggest difference in the education of our children right there. They also emphasize teaching as a truly noble profession but not just with sayings or meaningless platitudes but with money where teachers are very highly paid and compensated. This draws the best and brightest to the field where they can make a career out of teaching. Right now, teaching has become so low paying and high stress that many of our best and brightest young people try it but can't stay in the profession. We have a dearth of male teachers, even secondary is getting less. We need more male teachers at all levels of education and our current course will not allow it.


Please double my property taxes and use the funds to pay teachers more and reduce class size - we simply can't get good enough resumes with the wages we are paying. Start paying teachers 25% more and watch how resumes improve overnight.

Also, fire the worst teachers (perhaps the bottom 20%) and replace them with twice as many competent teachers.
Then, fire 20% of all administrators and don't rehire them.

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