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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 12 2012 12:25 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

@naval vet

Look at the positive of this years utah record. Since they are not going to a play in a bowl game this year you don't have to pretend that you went to it like you did last year.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"To all you ute fans Utah did offer Bernard a scholarship but as defensive back he wanted to play running back so he chose Byu..."

Not according to Rivals or Scout. And, according to Jay Drew:

"News of Bernard's commitment comes a day after the Cougars learned that Bingham High receiver Hayden Weichers, who pledged last summer, has decommitted and now plans to sign with Utah State...Coincidentally, Bernard said his only other offer came from Utah State. He drew some interest from the school that has been his favorite growing up, Utah, but no offer."

So there you have it. He received no offer from Utah, and only received one other offer from Utah State. You were wrong. Are you man enough to admit it?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


Do you have any proof that I didn't fly to El Paso last December for the Sun Bowl vs. Ga. Tech, or were you just posting more of your trademark frantic and emotional sour grapes?

Highland, UT

@naval vet

"Proof? Link? Evidence?"

I'm always amused by your calls for "proof". How would anyone 'prove' anything on a message board full of people from all over the country? I suppose it is possible that you might have gone but I'll go with the percentages and say that is about a .0000000000001% chance. That is the number of actual utah "fans" that did go to America's armpit for that "prestigious" bowl game last year and I'm sure you weren't one of them.

It is amazing how many of utah "fans" I have talked to this year that make that claim when the truth is less than 2000 utah "fans" actually bought tickets. If they are all telling the truth then I must have actually run in to every single one of them this past year.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

"How is you sticking your foot in your mouth "stealing my thunder"? That doesn't make a bit of sense."

This from the guy who continually makes the absolute least sense on every Utah/BYU related thread. You are leader of the pack when it comes to spin, getting off topic, and making up ridiculous stats and percentages regarding things you no little to nothing about.

The funniest thing of all is that you actually convince yourself that what you spew forth is actually true, and I think you believe there are others out there who buy into all your misguided, blue-goggled hype.

But thank you... I can always count on you for my daily ab workout. LOL!

Highland, UT


You are going to have to do better than that since it once again had absolutely nothing to do with the question asked. You're really struggling today, hope you get it worked out soon.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


"making up ridiculous stats and percentages regarding things you no little to nothing about"

What exactly does "no little to nothing" mean?


naval vet

Anybody who would travel from Phily to El Paso to spend New Years Eve in the armpit of America must be a real glutton for punishment... which makes your story all the more, er, less, credible.

Pacific Grove, CA

@2BCSWINS what I was trying to say is you can't bash on byu players not having success in the NFL because a lot of Utah players also haven't had success in the NFL and last time I checked the patriots were the best team in the AFC after Tom Brady lit up the texans secondary(which as you stated Bryce McCain is a starter for them)

Provo, UT

This has been without a doubt the silliest, pettiest and most juvenile comment thread I have read - at least within the past several years. A bunch of "My dad can beat up your dad" and "I am a better person because I root for a superior team." Since when does who I root for have life and death consequences. I would be a Cougar fan even if they went 2 - 10 one year. I also hope that Utah and Utah State always have great seasons. It doesn't make me feel better when the Utes lose - and why should it. It doesn't make me a better person, it doesn't bump up my rate of pay or make my kids love me more. I'll be driving the same car regardless of how the Cougars do in the Poinsettia Bowl. I'll watch and hope and cheer. If they win, I will be happy but won't feel like I have to announce my superiority to the world. If they lose, I won't slit my wrists or get drunk or depressed. Obla dee obla da, life goes on!

Salt Lake City, UT

Amazing story of an amazing young man.

Idaho Falls, ID

I think it's sad that this is a good article about a young man who has worked really hard and now is going to be rewarded for his efforts and you guys have to turn it into a BYU Utah argument. Whether he goes to Utah or BYU I think we should be proud of the young men that work hard and get to show that work in th nfl! Both Bronco and Whittingham are great coaches and I'm sure they are proud of their athletes that have worked hard and get to take that next step. To both of those coaches it's about the players not themselves.

Salt Lake City, UT

They triple teamed Ziggy in San Diego and the other defensive players benefitted. Ansah is not only a player, he is a gentleman and legitimate student, a great credit to BYU and collegiate athletics. Good hunting in the NFL Ziggy.

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