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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 12 2012 12:25 p.m. MST

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#1 Champ
Salt Lake City, UT

its been fun following Ziggy. You don't see Utah developing a player from zero to hero.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

@#1 Champ:

We're in the Pac 12. Unlike byU, we don't have to recruit zeroes. Can't turn a zero into a hero when you don't start with any zeroes.

Case in point: Your latest recruit, Bernard the running back or whatever his name is. He wanted to go the U, but we didnt offer him. So he settled for byU.

P.S. Bronco didnt even recruit this kid. So even after he goes to the NFL, that will take the number of players that Bronco recruited and put in teh NFL from what? Like 0 to 0?

Meanwhile, Dunn and Star will put the number above 25 of players Whitt has recruited and put in the NFL.

I love the BCS, being ina BCS conferece, with BCS talent, and BCS coaches. And BCS money.

I heart the BCS!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Tell the story again about how he didnt even know how to put on his pads a couple years ago.

We haven't heard that one in a couple of days

Midvale, UT

Chris B,

Enjoy that BCS talent Utah has and your bowl game this year....



Salt Lake City, Utah

Chris B

When did Utah ban walkons from joining the team?

BYU didn't recruit Ziggy, he was a walkon.

Your "case in point" is completely arbitrary and meaningless.

Bronco is the one who allowed Ziggy to join the team and gave him the opportunity to be coached and eventually play the game.

None of Whittingham's players, recruits or walkons, have even come close to matching the accomplishment of joining the team with ZERO football experience and leaving the team as a potential first round draft pick.

The simple truth is, BYU's coaches have played an integral role in an accomplishment that will NEVER be matched by the Utes.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Chris B

How's that new recruiting pitch working out for the Utes?

You know, the one where the Utes guarantee that the recruit will be home for the holidays?

The closer to bowl week we get, the more desperate and irrational the posts from the hill become.

Enjoy the couch potato bowl.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

As a Cougar fan, I wonder about Ziggy and his so-called development at BYU. Ziggy did not start for BYU until there were 9 games left in his senior season, and then only because the guy in front of him got hurt. I doubt the talent he immediately showed did not develop immediately. He was probably good enough to start at the beginning of this year, and very probabaly good enough last year. Bronco chose not to play him until injury forced his hand. We all know about Riley and Bronco. I'm wondering who else is sitting on the bench at BYU that should be playing a lot more.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Chris B, Enjoy that BCS talent Utah has and your bowl game this year.... Umm... Wait."

Before you insert your foot any further into your mouth, you might want to check out who's projected to be the number one draft pick in the article released today by draft analyst Todd McShay of ESPN. Yeah, that would be Star Lotulelei from the U of U.

Gilbert, AZ

Still Blue after all these years

Read the full article about Ziggy, now posted in SI, and you'll get a better understanding of why Ziggy didn't start earlier in his BYU football career.

Bottom line, even a player as physically talented as Ziggy, needs time to learn the game.

Sandy, UT

Snack PAC

Utah's new emphasis on family time during the holidays should be a big hit with the fans - gathering the family around the old black and white with chips and dip at hand to watch bowl week is a great way to bond.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


"... check out who's projected to be the number one draft pick..."

How embarrassing it must be for U to have the number one draft pick and still not be good enough to beat a lowly WAC team to qualify for a bowl!

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

I have a lot of respect for Ziggy and his story, but let's see what happens. I don't get it, the BYU fans really have zero ground to stand on when it comes to draft smack, but you are going on and on. It is impressive to take Ziggy's lack of football knowledge and make him NFL ready, but this is really just an extremely unique story. You can't question the ability of Whit to take average rated players out of high school and get them ready for the NFL. That is a lingering question for Bronco. Whit has put many more players in the league than Bronco with pretty similar recruiting rankings.
Congrats to Ziggy if he gets drafted in the first round. But anybody who wants to be taken seriously knows that Bronco has not done a terrific job in this area.

South Jordan, UT

Hoffman and Van Noy would be wise to play their senior years. In spite of what any and everybody may say, very few college athletes play more than a little in the NFL, and former BYU players hardly at all.

Omaha, NE

This is a great story about what appears to be a good person. Good luck Ziggy...!

Herriman, UT

@Chris B

I love BYU!!!

Glad to know Chris loves the BCS and the PAC12. Maybe some day he will learn to love the Utes too

Highland, UT


"Before you insert your foot any further into your mouth,"

Say's the guy who was in the process of inserting his foot in his mouth with that statement. Even if Star is the #1 overall pick it has exactly zero to do with Arynen's post. What is relevent about his post is the FACT that with all of the supposed tlaent utah has and all of the guys whittingham has personally made into NFL players (lol) they are still not going to a bowl game this year. They are still on a downward trajectory. They still had a losing overall record this season. They still had their second straight losing conference season. Then of course there is the small fact that Arynen didn't say a word about any of what you decided to blather about. He simply pointed out that despite all of the "bcs talent" christina b was bragging about utah is a losing team with a losing record with no bowl game to play in and a bunch of desperate "fans". LOL!

Talk about putting ones foot in ones mouth....

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@deductive reasoning

"motorbike, How embarrassing it must be for U to have the number one draft pick and still not be good enough to beat a lowly WAC team to qualify for a bowl!"

To which I say ... how embarrassing it must be for you to only qualify for bowl game based on scheduling so many lower-half-of-the-WAC teams.

Yeah, cause that's something to be proud of.

Proud Ute

Good luck to Ziggy and any of the other coogs that declare for the draft. I'm really hoping someone from that program finally get's drafted.
Just like using "scoreboard" when pointing out the face to face record of the last decade, it's just too easy to point out to the blue goggled set Bronco's dismal record at developing highly rated recruits into NFL players.
Sad really how much talent that staff has squandered.


@#1 Champ

We can't even make it past the first comment without a reference to the Utes. Obsessed, are we?


And your very moniker shows your obsession with your rival.

@deductive reasoning

"How embarrassing it must be for U to have the number one draft pick and still not be good enough to beat a lowly WAC team to qualify for a bowl!"

Uh, that "lowly WAC team" was 10-2 and came 5 points away from being undefeated. Without the aid of several questionable calls that went against them, they would have beaten your team from Provo.

And BYU fans, if Utah had played BYU's cream puff schedule, they would have been 9-3, maybe 10-2. And conversely, if BYU had played Utah's schedule, your team would have been 4-8 at the best, although 3-9 would have been more likely.

By the way, how did BYU do against Utah this year?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Ragnar Danneskjold

Well, sorry but I don't think the season ticket holders bought tickets so they could see future NFL players back in the day.

Lets be honest, both teams had higher expectations going into the season. Is having the number one draft pick a better consolation prize than going to a bowl game? For the fans? The team?

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