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Vigil to emphasize need for immigration reform, advocates say

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 11 2012 7:15 p.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

This is a land of Liberty for the world. However, Liberty comes with a price, and those that come here cannot get here without paying the price, law and justice, war and peace, happiness and pain, just as the Pilgrims and millions of others have paid. We have a country that, even though not perfect by far, due to pride and prejudice, we are far better with our Founding Fathers listening to the promptings when they made the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and the system to maintain law and order by our system of government. Those Founding Fathers paid the price themselves through blood sweat and tears for generations to come. Those initial Fathers of our Country had to go to war with England to solidify those documents and principles and attempted invasions and conflicts in 1812, the Alamo, the Spanish-American war to include the Philippines and Cuba, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf wars I and II and resulting conflicts after 9/11.

We will still have to fight for our freedoms, foreign and domestic, with people and for principles that our nation was founded on for justice for all.

Kaysville, UT

On selective groups of people.

Do you want pilots that can't see or their hearts on the edge of having a heart attack while you are several hundred others are in the back? Do you want them to crash into your house at an unexpected time?

Firemen and policemen have requirements due to security and physical condition, also. Some of those conditions, similar to military, have been changed to allow a lower condition of employment and society has pushed for some of those changes, which can be good. However, there are some things that may be sacrificed with those changes such as physical requirements of lifting a person out of a burning house and a policeman that has to deal with a larger person. There is a balance to making changes.

Foreign nationals can go into the military with some exceptions. That is a devotion to duty with no promise of citizenship. However, there is a large chance for those people to be in combat and pay the price for their ultimate service.

We are a country of promises to the people that want to come and be citizens. Our nation is made of foreigners of all backgrounds/diversity.

Layton, UT

jwb: You put forth happiness and pain, then law and justice. One is opposite one is the same.

How about Justice and Mercy?

I am simply advocating for an emphasis on Mercy through Law. We can change the laws to accomodate families of dedicated immigrants. All it takes is a little mercy and faith.

I don't think we should be afraid of our freedom, it is the most precious thing our country has going for it. When people come here, if they're not kept enslaved, they come to know the glories of this through hardwork, rewards and making mutual contributions. They do so through cooperation, and they carry that spirit beyond the borders of our country... as it should be.

The world is in a constant battle against tyranny, oppression and evil, we are not immune from it, and we should be optimistic that this God given gift is meant for the whole world. It is time we stopped treating illegal immigrants as terrorists, and saw them as friends and neighbors.

Even if they don't stay, if we treat them with kindness they will remember that kindness and it will make the whole world a better place.

Provo, UT

very concerned:

Men and women fought for the freedoms that people (citizens of the United States) have today. Those who are commiting crimes just by being here illegally do not have these rights and freedoms.

Provo, UT

raybies: 1. I don't go over the speed limit. 2. Families can be together in their own country

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