Comments about ‘Effects of Hyrum raid that divided families still linger after 6 years’

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Vigil to emphasize need for immigration reform, advocates say

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 11 2012 7:15 p.m. MST

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Moral to the story: Illegally trespassing in a country not your own brings bad consequequences. Similarly, families are COMMONLY broken up when a member of the family has to go to jail. Where's the outcry over THAT?

The problem is easily (and cheaply) solved by mandating e-verify.

Maybe the DN should add that to their story?

BTW - I remember the "raid", and the way I remember it INS made EVERY effort possible to carry out their duties with compassion.

When someone is breaking the law; how much "compassion" should there be?

Murray, UT

The breaking up of families comes from breaking immigration laws. Don't break the law, don't be separated from your family. The fact that they can be reunited in their home country shows most choose to be separated. That's their decision, not the law.

American citizens are separated from family all the time when they break laws, no compassion for them?

Followup: Swifts could not make it using legal labor, so they sold the company to a Brazilian corporation that had record profits in a couple of years. Illegal immigration is hiding poor business leadership skills by some in our business community.


Demographics have nothing to do with it. Follow the laws, and you don't have these problems. If we enforce the laws, people will be motivated to follow them.

We are in control of our own dreams. Demanding others fulfill our dreams is wrong. Half my family came here from Mexico legally over several years. Making your dreams come true takes time. You need to take control of your life and achieve them by doing what's right.

Swifts is a good example about returning people to work that have a legal right to work, and removing those who don't.

Layton, UT

We can do better as a state and community. The poor kid's story is exactly what should never happen when it comes to deportation. Fully functioning families are not the enemy, and our intent should not be to break them up. We should be looking to remove the criminals that bring negative influences, drugs, violence, and gangs into our communities. Our schools should put more effort into fully integrating these kids and helping them to meld with our values and culture, so that regardless of whether they stay or go, we leave them better off than they were. Utah values families. If we hurt our neighbors we hurt ourselves. If we work together we can create an environment that creates long-lasting social contributors, a rich tapestry of contributors to the overall peace of a community.

We have a lot of social and economic problems, but breaking up illegal families isn't a solution, nor should it be our goal. A strong family should be supported over any other social construct. It's time we stopped shooting ourselves in the foot.

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Salt Lake City, UT

At your house, day or night, just leave the front door wide open. See what would happen, honestly? Now think of the borders?? Perhaps a little more law and order would be appreciated!

Ogden, UT

The first four comments here were right on. Then a bleeding heart pops up. These people know before they violate immigration law exactly what the penalties are. Knowing that they choose to risk those penalties and then cry when they are caught and then want the law changed for them. The words reform and broken immigration system are pure bunk. What is not bunk is enforcement.There is not enough of it. Swift and sure enforcment is what is needed and that is what is broken in the system. Famlies are separated every day for various reasons. Crime,Military deployment, death etc. So cry me a river.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is very evident that most all of the above comments were made by citizens that understand the circumstances behind this and other raids by ICE on employers that have chosen to break the law by hiring illegals. Why is it so difficult for some of our elected leaders to see this and do something to protect the citizens of their constituency?

It is shameful that enforcement of American laws is blamed for breaking up families when it really is the arrogance of these illegal fathers and mothers who come from other countries without proper permission to take advantage of the benefits and values of American citizenship.

Speaking of compassion is a misplaced statement.

Murray, UT

Try crossing any other country's borders illegally and see what happens! Commentators here are exactly right when they say that the only thing broken here is that we don't enforce our own laws. Illegals - don't come to me crying a river when it was your choice to break up your family in the first place, for whatever reason. I've got friends from south of the border who have spent MANY YEARS and MANY DOLLARS doing it all the right way, and they are properly outraged at those who do it illegally. I also have those in my own family who have taken the time and money to comply with the law in order to earn the right to live here. I just wish there were some way to effectively seal our borders from ALL illegals - and that we had the political leaders with the guts to enforce the law.

Somewhere in Time, UT

These families don't have to be seperated. They are all free to return together to their own country. No one is stopping them from doing so.

This is a sad situation that, I think, we are all somewhat conflicted about. But, the fact is that none of this would have happened if these people hadn't broken the law by coming to a country where they had no right to be.

We cannot lose control of our own borders. We have to be vigilant about how many people we let me.

Kearns, UT

12th Article of Faith.

Springville, UT

More pathetic "open border" propaganda by the DesNews. The fact is all of us are free to choose our actions. There are, however, consequences for our actions.

It's just that the DesNews wants to get rid of the consequences for a selected group of people. Why? Maybe they ought to explain that. I'm not easily duped into thinking this is about compassion.

I'm inclined to believe it has more to do with gain. Several groups and entities are hoping to gain through open borders: (1) the Democratic Party to solidify one-party national rule, (2) businesses that employ cheap illegal immigrant workers (wonder why our unemployment is up?), (3) businesses that cater to that group (including DesNews, which owns El Observador), (4) churches obviously want to be seen as the "good guy" in order to attract memberships.

Salt Lake City, UT

What about the poor guy that just wants a bigger TV for his family so he breaks into your house because you have a 65 inch? Have some compassion, he just wants to help his family. Don't break them up by putting him in jail because that isn't right! He was just doing what he thought was best for them.


"Raybies" I'm curious. Do you think we should accept any/all immigrant trespassers from ALL nations, or just the ones who sneak over our southern border?

There is in the neighborhood of 2 billion folks who would like to be here (especially if we provide free stuff). Do you think we can afford it, or are you ONLY partial to illegal trespassers from the southern hemisphere?

BTW - you DO understand (I hope) that most of them have stolen identities they are working with. If mom and dad get caught with stolen identities, should we:

a) feel sorry for them
b) call the owner of the stolen identities and tell them "tough luck"
c) forget the whole thing and pretend that families should "stay together"

BTW - I welcome an answer from anyone!

Salt Lake City, UT

When one decides to break the law (immigration or otherwise), bad things can happen. Don't blame the law.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

Regarding immigration, most of the comments so far have been about illegal aliens bringing their problems on themselves (i.e. deportation) by coming here illegally. I agree with that. Enforcement is inadequate. I agree with that . . . . considering the laws we have currently on the books.

What I would like to add is that I believe we should be freer with how many we let into this country legally. I have said it before that our country was built on the backs of legal immigrants: Europeans, Asians, Scandinavians, etc. They came, worked hard, became citizens, and contributed. The first generation often did not learn English. But there were laws and procedures in place to assure (as much as was possible) we were letting in honest, hardworking people. We could do it again. Remember, we, or our ancestors, all immigrated here. I believe our country would benefit from more responsible, family-oriented legal immigrants. As it is now, there seems to be too strict of a quota.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

However, IF we are NOT going to change the laws (which I believe do need to be changed) then we need to enforce the ones we DO have. Having laws on the books that we ourselves ignore is not a healthy thing for a nation ruled by law.

But if more could come legally, then we would have larger numbers of loyal citizens who would be obligated to take on the duties of citizenship rather than try to remain in the shadows and not get caught. Some of those duties and contributions would be very beneficial for the country. For example, paying taxes, serving in the military, etc.

very concerned
Sandy, UT

And as for jobs, it’s not a zero-sum game. If people came legally and with the faith of the country, they would be consumers too, which would lead to more jobs for everyone. Also, they have proven they would take the menial jobs fewer of us will do, until they – through the “American Dream” – would be able to move up. I believe we have the room and capacity to take them in.

All I’m saying is that I believe we should welcome good people, making it easier for greater numbers to come. The way it is, we have 10’s of millions of criminals (by very definition) and no one will win. If we let more in legally, we will have a larger number of engaged citizens.

Hyrum, UT

I've lived in Hyrum for decades and have relatives in most of the small surrounding communities. I've not seen nor heard of any long term effects from that raid 6 years ago. I would think the only ones still effected are those who are still here illegally and some of their close family members who all fully understood the risks involved.
Every single person who sneaks into any country in the world illegally (not just the USA) fully understands they are taking the risk of getting caught, separated from their family and exported. Some of those caught (or their family members) will then seek to find a bleeding heart outlet, such as whoever wrote this story, to try to generate community sympathy. Unfortunately for them, polls still indicate that the majority of citizens in this country are still opposed to illegal immigration and want our existing laws enforced even more stringently, which is why states are passing their own laws.
Regardless of motives, illegal immigration has a negative effect on our unemployed citizens seeking work. Millions of jobs are directly effected. Heart-sob stories will never change the actual facts.

Los Angeles, CA

What a sad, shameful commentary on the consequences of anti-immigration policies. Thank you D-News for keeping this story alive. We need to remember.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

I think laws that keep people out of another group are bad laws. Not only should the borders be open to everyone to come and go as they please, without any standards, qualifications, or laws, but the LDS Temples should be the same - anyone should be able to come and go at will, with no laws, or rules, or standards impairing their freedoms.

Certainly, the owners of the Deseret News can be consistent and advocate for both positions, right?

Who is with me?

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