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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 11 2012 6:25 p.m. MST

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Lincoln Park, IL


5 out of 20 posts about a "leftover" BYU recruit by one disgruntled, increasingly desperate fan from the hill.

I was curious about all of the fuss, so I did a little google search on Utah and USC recruiting, here's what I found on one recruiting site.

Recruiting Class Ranking

#2 USC - 16 recruits, ALL FOUR- and FIVE-star recruits

UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and California were also ranked in the Top 40

unranked Utah - only ONE four-star recruit (same as BYU), every other recruit 3 or fewer stars

I wonder how many players always wanted to play for USC, but "settled" for another PAC 12 school not named Utah, after a USC offer never came.

Care to comment on Utah's true place in the recruiting food chain, Chris B?

Didn't think so.

Overton, NV

Let me tell you why Bernard got "Pac 12" attention, but didn't get any "Pac 12 offers."

He's going on a mission straight out of High School.

I'm guessing we'll see more and more LDS athletes NOT get offers to other programs when they tell the coaches about their mission plans. Some coaches are supportive of an athlete leaving as long as they get to have them around for a year or two to find out if they are really worth bringing back after a 2 year absence. Some believe that if they get them in the fold they can discourage them from leaving at all. But how many are going to save a scholarship for a guy they won't see for two years?

Bronco and Whit have dealt with missionaries a lot. They'll continue to offer them, even if they are going to serve a mission right away. Anderson will probably do the same. But how many other programs will?

Holladay, UT

Francis actually was being recruited by other schools - Oregon State and Boise St were very interested. During the past summer, he decided that he wanted to stay in Utah and let all the out of state schools know that and declined their invitations to participate in their elite summer camps. Utah was an option as well with a conditional offer - he would have to go on a mission first so that they could count him in their numbers in 2015. In the end, he chose BYU as they did the best job of recruiting him and everything about their program felt right for him. By the way, I am a Utah fan but I am a fan of all student athletes, regardless of who they play for. Too many people on here like to say things and have no idea about the facts or circumstances or turn a celebration of a great young man into their own agenda.

West of I15, UT

@Jealous of the U...."It's what Whit does; rely on other coaches, like Bronco, to correctly assess talent, and then try to piggybank off of their work, just like he relied on Urban Meyer and Gary Anderson to build the program Kyle took credit for."

Bronco really assesses talent well he has put so many of his recruits into the NFL...Oh wait he has put 0 in the NFL? If Bronco assesses talent so well then why in 8 years has he not put a single one of those talented kids into the NFL? Is he really that bad of a coach?

By the way the other 3 coaches you refrence have countless recruits in the NFL. Since you say Kyle don't assess talent well he must be one of the best coaches in the NCAA. To take that many kids with no talent and develop them into NFL players.

Henderson, NV

Chris B:

"I wonder how many players always wanted to play for BYU, but "settled" on Utah after a BYU offer never came.

Shows that these two programs are on vastly different levels in terms of talent."

Yes indeed. Lots of them as a matter of fact. This question goes hand in hand on how many BYU rejects are there among the student body and U alumni at U of U, compared to U of U rejects at BYU. The answer is obvious. And it is all telling. Chris B, again: Hows that inferiority complex workin for ya?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"have sources for those 'other newspapers'?"

He was talking about Jay Drew's article 2 days ago where he said, "Bernard said his only other offer came from Utah State. He drew some interest from the school that has been his favorite growing up, Utah, but no offer...'I've never really been a big BYU fan...This is just how it worked out and where I felt I needed to go.'"

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Number of outright WAC championships during 1962-1999 (when BYU and UofU were in conference)
BYU: 12...Utah: 0"

Number of WAC membership requests during 2010 while Utah was negotiating with the Pac-12:

BYU: 1
Utah: 0

Edge: Utah.

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