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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 11 2012 5:05 p.m. MST

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA


You say; " I'm as disappointed as you are that the current plan doesn't adequately address spiraling costs. My point is that back in 2008 our country was so ripe for reform - EVERYONE wanted it - and it is Republican obstructionism that has left us so far off the mark. Why couldn't we have a government option to compete with private insurance to keep costs down? How did competition suddenly become a bad idea?"

Private insurance companies have to make a profit and their average profit is only 3.3% That is tiny. Government can ignore profits and drive private insurance companies out of business.

Private businesses find a way to reduce costs and become more efficient. Government never will. They have no incentive to do so.

If government denies coverage you are stuck. You can sue a private provider.

The reason medical treatment is so expensive is because of government intrusion. As Reagan said; "Government is the problem, not the solution."

And, NO, not everyone was for reform.

The Democrats first made the best health care system in the world "not work" so they could "fix it" by enslaving us all.

Mamma C

Governor Herber, we are counting on you to be bolder and more courageous than ever. Please stand up to the would-be king Obama. Please just say no for all who have voted for you and have placed trust in you. Utah has always had an independent spirit and we should not bow to this immoral and unconstitutional health mandate.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

You gotta love this pathetic grandstanding by his Honor the Gubna.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow. Gov. Herbert - it must be wonderful having awesome insurance that you pay a small deductable if any along with no co-pay when you visit your doctor. Bet your doctor even orders tests - no problem you go and get them - no red tape or hoops to jump through. Well many of us on the other hand either go without the necessary testing we need. Are you proud of yourself for mammograms to no longer be paid by medicaid? What about when a person's doctor wants them to have a stress test because of high blood preasure? I've been trying to get one for four years - medicaid refuses to cover it. But I'm quite sure that if you went to the doctor today and he told you you needed special testing you wouldn't blink and eye and go to it. Governor it's time that you and the rest of those who hold state and federal jobs lived within the budget of an average person and have the same state/federal insurance that you expect the citizens to have namely medicaid/medicare. I'm sure you will enjoy the same "special" treatment medicaid patients get.

Sacramento, CA

As long as health care is subject to the free market, the best care will still go to those with the best health, the most money, and who are the least likely to need it. And we still will have lower positive outcomes here and higher per capita health costs than other first-world countries, and many other countries besides. If you care enough, do some research. It's depressing. You see, it costs a lot for these doctors to be part of the free market and still help people on Medicare, or Medicaid. We can start with paperwork...and the fact that they can't always do what their patients need done, either. The way the system is set up, often the care provided is penny-wise and pound-foolish. We fought that here with the effort to cut inhome services, a program that saves money over nursing home placement. That, not Medicaid and other programs like that, are why we have people not receiving care. It's death panels, yes, and poverty is the overseer, not the President or any governor. Is that fair to you? If you think so, at least own up to it.

Bountiful, UT

Medicaid is a mess. The AFA (Obamacare) is also a mess and compounds the two when increasing the rolls of Medicaid recipients. It is a paperwork nightmare trying to prove need, especially for the self-employed. Until they fix the Medicaid problems I can never support adding more to the overworked system. Mental health under Medicaid is especially difficult and the system the people are forced to use is overcrowded resulting in mentally ill being untreated. People give up because of the boondoggle it is. Like Obamacare, other problems need to be fixed; not just throw more people into the equation.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "kargirl" and under a universal care system, only the high ranking government workers and officials get care at the best facilities. Just like in Cuba and the former USSR.

Go and look into the Universal care systems. They typically have poor care, and limit what you can get done through them.

If you want to make care more affordable, and better for everybody that is simple. Get the government out of the way. They have added so many regulations and mandates, you could cut the cost of insurance in half if you went back to 1980 levels.

Salt Lake City, UT

1) Governor Herbert's request will not be approved because it does not conform to the law that was democratically passed. Once we Americans get past the name-calling, the sweeping and loaded words, and the knee-jerk repetition of "the" party line we might just discover that the law is in everyone's interest.

2) Governor Herbert is lauded by some for such abstract concepts as preserving "freedom," avoiding "socialist health care," and retaining maximum "flexibility." Look closer at our "Avenue H" exchange system. It is ONLY for businesses. Individuals are left out. So, for instance, the age group 55-64 (only half of which is employed full time in the US) is unable to benefit from Utah's self-styled "exchange." The law was created so that all Americans would be able to benefit from A) a convenient pooling of the latest market information, B) what should be highly welcome free-market competion engendred by the exchanges, C) a new range of choices created by the exchanges.

Please Governor Herbert, for the sake of all of us Utahns, businesses AND individuals alike, go with the law instead of playing to "the" (passionate but uninformed) gallery.

South Jordan, UT

America disgusts me. Health care for our sick people does NOT equate to tyranny.

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