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Published: Monday, Dec. 10 2012 6:40 p.m. MST

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DuckRevenge (aka Wookie)
Omaha, NE

Ah, leave it to our avid bird hunter to come and "stir the pot" with his contentious comments. Do you find joy in reading U posts and spewing negative contentious comments? Your comments are almost predictable. Aside from such comments, this is a great article, the Utes are growing and will continue to improve. Great coach and good system. Go UTES!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Snack pac
"If BYU shoots anywhere close to their average, BYU wins the game handily"
If Utah shot their average they win the game easily, duh...
I agree on the switching to the zone, it was the difference. I am sure coach K realizes other teams will zone him the rest of the year if they do not get better at defeating it.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is ammusing to see the total and complete infatuation with the U program from some Y fans. Dave Rose has BYU on very solid ground and the Utes are only begining to bring their program back from a historic low. Indifference would be more appropriate. Why byu fans like Sammyg, duckhunter and others would be so incredulous over the Utes fans having a little somthing to be encouraged by is beyond me.

Anaheim, CA


Why are you whining about negative and contentious comments when that's pretty much the norm for Utah fans commenting about BYU?

Utah is improving, but a win over an unexpectedly decent Boise State and a closer than expected loss to BYU is hardly proof that the Utes are "back" to average, let alone competitive.

Any objective fan looking at Utah's pre-season schedule could have told you that it would be nearly impossible for the Utes not to "improve" playing that schedule. The acid test to significant improvement will come during the weekly conference grind.

With 3-15 as the conference benchmark

3 wins - no improvement
6 wins - some improvement
9 wins - marked improvement

Likely improvement - 6 conference wins, which would improve Utah's conference standing from 11th to 10th.


Any BYU fan that thinks that is a good BYU team is delusional. They won't get NCAA bid this year. Mark my word!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Is 58-61 a moral victory? No!

But Ducky and his ilk complaining about "officiating" and "physical play" on their OWN court when BYU was a 20+ point favorite is a great sign that Utah is on the right track.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

Krystko gambled on a game plan that the officials went along with.
Rose adjusted and Utah didn't have an answer. Game over.


Rose did a such a great job of adjusting that he needed Utah to miss our last 8 shots to eke out a win.

Coach K also did a great job of gambling on the defense against Boise.

The difference at home we dominated all game, on the road we dominated a half with nerves taking over down the stretch.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


"Rose did a such a great job of adjusting that he needed Utah to miss our last 8 shots to eke out a win."

Sorry, but your crimson bubble is affecting your view of reality.

Rose's great job of switching to a matchup zone defense confused Utah's offense sets and forced the Utes into throwing up awkward shots resulting in the Utes missing their last 8 shots including a desperation 3 at the buzzer.

Home or away, the Utes would have faded to the better team.

Jealous U
Alpine, UT

PAC man

Utah apologists such as Uteology like to pretend that Utah operates in a vacuum and that the Utes missing their final 8 shots had nothing to do with the Cougars tightening their defense.

The truth is, BYU's zone defense clogged the paint, forcing the Utes to take lower percentage shots from long range. The strategy obviously worked.

Omaha, NE

@ Troy Town:

I had no idea you were the barometer for determining when a team improves? Thank you for sharing your college basketball expertise. This is a U message board and thus there is no need for Y fans to come and "stir-the-pot", especially since they espouse to follow a Faith that preaches/teaches against such behavior. Anyway, so what if they win 2,5, or 8 conference games? I love arbitrary numbers.

Salt Lake City, Utah


It's silly to claim this is a "Utah" message board, when the article is about the BYU-Utah game?

Besides, at least half of the Utah posters are LDS who profess to follow the same principles of behavior. Why aren't you castigating them?

The Bible, which most Christians believe in, also teaches something about hypocrisy and unrighteous judgement. Look it up.

"Anyway, so what if they win 2,5, or 8 conference games?"

Your so-called "arbitrary" numbers will be used by BYU and Utah fans unlike to judge whether the Utes actually did improve, since Utah's pathetically weak pre-season schedule doesn't offer much of a measuring stick.

Omaha, NE

PACute, you assume way too much in your response. If this is a BYU article, then enlighten me on why it is not accessible from the BYU link? As for hypocrisy, I don't think I mentioned anything about U fans who behave inappropriately or assumed anything about their faith. That is an assumption made by you. I am merely commenting upon a poster who constantly trolls U message boards seeking to spew negative and contentious statements. I only asked how he came up with the arbitrary numbers to determine improvement. Sometimes wins/loses do not accurately measure growth.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


If you don't use wins/losses to measure improvement, what do you use?

Just because someone posts an opinion that you don't agree with, doesn't mean it's meant to be contentious.

btw, your so-called "Utah" article contains 6 specific references to BYU or Cougars, including a link to a BYU team page.

Omaha, NE

@Solomon Levi:

I am not a coach so I am not certain what they use as a "measuring stick", I believe that wins/loses is one way of measuring improvement, but I am certain, especially in academia, that there are other measurements used (i.e., graduation rate, personal improvment etc...). This is besides the point, I was merely stating how does one determine what number shows signs of improvement? Again, just because a link takes you to a BYU page does not make this a BYU article, rather it references a BYU article. I did not say that I agreed or disagreed with one's opinion, rather I was clearly pointing out that contentious statements serve no point.


Deseret news it is amazing you let these BYU fans make the comments they do but never post one of mine. Clearly you are biased. It's time I read the "other" paper!

Springville, UT


Here's an idea, if your comments can't make it here, go to the "other" paper.

I have had several 'tongue in cheek', humorous, sarcastic zinger comments that never make it either but you don't see me whining about it. The Dnews has their reasons.

It's a well known fact that the "other" paper allows almost anything.

There's a level of civility found here and maybe through your crimson colored glasses some bias.

It's 'no holds barred' at the "other" paper so if your comments fit there by all means you should go there.

Happy Holidays and Happy Non Post Season to you and all my Ute "friends"



LOL. gotta!

Drum and Feather

Wookie I won't lie, your constant attempts to make this into a religious issue are embarrassing to others of us that are Utah fans. The fact is that most Utah fans are also LDS and we have every bit as much a responsibility to represent our religion as the BYU fans do, or don't. Remember this is about sports and supporting a school. Just because one of the schools is owned by a church it doesn't mean that the fans that support it are any more, or less, responsible to behave a certain way than any other.

Please refrain from trying to turn it into a religious issue as that is actually the lower behavior than someone mocking fans or the schools themselves.

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