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Published: Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 11:50 p.m. MST

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Gilbert, AZ


Not worried about BYU's SOS or RPI affecting BYU's NCAA tourney chances. BYU's pre-season schedule this season is as good or better than last season. BYU is a proven commodity in the NCAA tournament. Another 25+ win season and BYU will be back in the tourney, just like they have for each of the last 6 years.

Utah, on the other hand, killed their chances of being an at large selection by playing a pathetically weak pre-season schedule that included D-III and D-II teams that won't even count in Utah's RPI or won-loss record. The best the Utes can do pre-season is finish 8-3, which means Utah would have to finish 12-6 in conference just to get to 20 wins. Sorry, not going to happen. Bottom line, the Utes won't win enough games this season for their RPI to even be a factor.

Carthage, MO

I went to the BYU-Iowa State game and saw the difficulty we had with a team that plays tough, physical defense. Utah took a page from ISU & tried to do the same thing. The difference in last Saturdays game clearly was Carlino. BYU needs another option besides Davies & Haws & until Matt or other players step up to become that other option consistenly opponents will continue to play the way Utah & ISU did against us. I'm sure Rose knows this and is trying to put a team on the floor to give him 3 or 4 consistent scorers. If & that's a big IF we find players that can score we'll be in good shape. Thus far, we've struggled. But Coach Rose has shown an ability to get players to respond in past years. I trust he'll do the same this year. Go Cougs!!!


I don't believe I have ever heard so many people whining about the defense that was played against their team in a win basketball is a physical game afterall. BYU won a close game against their biggest rival that is seriously improved over the last few years. Congrats to them on the win and good luck moving forward. The game was officiated pretty well on both sides and fret not Cougar fans your team is still pretty good and will more likely then not have a very successful season. It is possible for both teams to be solid at the same time. Good luck to both teams moving forward.
Go Utes!!!

Orem, UT


"I don't believe I have ever heard so many people whining about the defense that was played against their team in a win..."

You obviously didn't watch the game or pay any attention to the defense being played against Davies and especially Haws. If even half of the obvious fouls on Haws had been called, every Utah player guarding Tyler would have fouled out. The Utes simply got lucky that the game was called by the three blind mice.

Basketball is a physical game, but where in the rules does it state you're allowed to tackle an opposing player?

This isn't football or MMA.

Cedar Hills, UT


Curious if you saw the box score.

byU had 16 fouls called on them....
Utah? 21

Basketball is a "physical" game and I think this game was officiated fairly if not a bit in the favor of the cougs, which is usually the case at the MC.

Can't argue facts.


CG, please direct me to when this "tackling" occurred. Haws let himself get boxed out on two early rebounds, got tangled up trying to fight through it, and paid the price. He obviously learned from it because he did a better job positioning himself and got some offensive rebounds later. Davies was double-teamed every time he got the ball, same thing BYU did to Utah's bigs. No Utah fans have complained about that because IT'S BASKETBALL, it happens! I suggest you watch the game instead of recreating it with embellishments every time you recap it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah fans - we're coming on, great effort, the Utes are back, moral victory, wait until next year. BYU fans - 61-58.


I watched the game very closely, especially Martin on defense, I always do. I can tell you that Davies played some extremely weak basketball in the first half. Second half that changed and he played much better. as did Haws. There was no tackling, Haws and Martin got tangled up in the first half twice and both went down. I congragulate BYU on the win and the adjustments made by Coach Rose at the half. That is why they won the game. Bad calls were made, or calls were not made on both sides and the game pretty well evened out in the end. Be happy with your teams win and hope they learn to play more physical moving forward.
Go Utes!!!

Down under
Pullman, WA

Indy Crimson,
Please don't forget Notre Dame, FSU, Baylor, and Iowa State. Those seems to slip your mind when spewing out the weak schedule BYU plays.
Yeah, The Utes suprised me too, I had no clue that they could stay this close but the mob-style tactics they used on defense only worked for the first half. Too bad they could not be consistent. This will be a problem for the entire season.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU fans = persecution complex. There is nothing wrong with playing physical basketball (nor is it mob like or thugish) and every ref is not out to get you.

You won; let it go.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Utah fans = can't accept the truth that Utes aren't good enough to beat the Cougars straight up

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Troll harder Snack PAC.

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