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Published: Thursday, Dec. 6 2012 10:35 a.m. MST

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Y's Guy
Salt Lake City, UT

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT
Two years after Bronco leaves, the fans will finally realize what they had.

And be even happier that he's gone.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Of Andy Reid, Norm Chow, Steve Sarkisian, Mike Leach,

Andy Reid is the only somewhat realistic possibility to replace Bronco.

Norm Chow wouldn't even consider it - too much bad blood.
Steve Sarkisian has no reason to leave a fast improving PAC 12 program.
Mike Leach has way too many "issues" with his players.

Tom Holmoe or Robbie Bosco could be possibilities, although Holmoe would probably only consider it on a short-term basis.

Bottom line:

Bronco is an excellent coach. He's alienated some of his fans, but he's also produced a winning and well-respected program. True, he's made some mistakes, but hopefully lessons have been learned and better decisions will be made in the future. Until a viable successor who is obviously much more capable than Bronco is available, BYU fans would be wise to continue supporting Bronco.

Wilsonville, OR

If he goes to a BCS AQ, the smart money is on his alma mater. Is Mike Riley retiring anytime soon?

West Jordan, UT

What? Bronco talked to the media? I can't believe it!

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

@hamaca-also, I believe a BYU head coach has to be LDS, so that would eliminate Sark.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

The headline should be --- Where the sports journalists should go when they try stop being journalists and try to be coaches --- and policy makers --

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