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Published: Thursday, Dec. 6 2012 9:15 a.m. MST

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The Bike Guy
Sag Harbor, NY

Warm and fuzzy websites will not repair the damage in the relationship between Mormons and gay and lesbian Americans. Ending discrimination will.

The Mormons could start by ending their blackmail of the Boy Scouts of America. The Mormons have held the Scouts hostage to their theological beliefs by insisting on the expulsion of gay men and gay teens. At a time of epidemic suicides of gay teens, this borders on criminal.

We are a two-dad family, both former Scouts, and would love to have our son join the BSA. But thanks to Mormon intransigence liberals flee and corporate funding dries up. Soon we will rename it the Boy Scouts of Mormons, Southern Baptists, and the Catholic Hierarchy.

I quote Lord Baden Powell, the gay Englishman who founded the Boy Scouts:

"Buddha has said: 'There is only one way of driving out Hate in the world and that is by bringing in Love.' Scouting's aim is to produce healthy, happy, helpful citizens, of both sexes, to eradicate the prevailing narrow self interest, personal, political, sectarian and national, and to substitute for it a broader spirit of self-sacrifice and service in the cause of humanity."


Salt Lake City, UT

Can I say that relationships are more than sex. That is just part of it. Everyone who who is in a relationship should know that. I have friends who went back to the Church. One is married. I know that for different reasons, that is what they had to do. They pay a heavy price! There are many ways to deal with it. I was raised in the Church and being honest meant that I shouldn't deceive somebody. There was no way for me to hide and even now, it would not be a good thing for me to do what they want. No, I can honestly say that it would kill me! Being gay is no accident! I have been happy with my partner. It has always felt right! The sadness has come from the loss I feel from losing friends and from having people view me as something less than I am. Before people knew, they openly talked about spiritual things. After, I could see the very moment that they tune me out. What should we expect? Leave room to bend! I don't know if I will ever feel like I once did about the Church.

West Valley, UT

Off course they want LBGT's to stay with the church, they need to keep collecting their tithing so they can keep financing Luxurious constructions like the City Creek while destroying The Olympic Legacy Plaza.

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