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Published: Thursday, Dec. 6 2012 9:15 a.m. MST

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Forestville, CA

Alfred, Left and Right handedness is wired to diffident degrees, depending on the combination of genetics you receive from you parents. Left handed people have their speech center on the left side of the brain, right handed people have it on the right. The right side of your body is controlled by the left side of the brain and vice versa. Fully left handed people who are forced as children to use their right hand, quite often develop speech impediments. My left handed mother was forced in Catholic school to use her right hand, she stuttered well into her 50's. As we learn more about human biology, we find out there are reasons for a lot of things that we use to blame on evil spirits or madness or sinning. Left handed people were meant to be left handed and homosexuals were meant to love the same sex. Going against what nature intended usually causes other problems.
Scientificamerican web site has a great articular on handedness.


Over There, CA

People are NOT born that way. To say that would be saying that God took their agency away, something that He will never do.

Ogden, UT

"There are homosexual animals, of virtually every species, on land, in air, under the sea."

They're not homo... they're likely bi at best.

Besides which... humans have a higher calling, part of which is to overcome/temper human cravings/urges. Don't ask me why. Ask some church authority.

"Those who have SSA are born with it. It's not a question, it's a fact."

It's not a scientific fact. The jury is still out on the question. Besides, how would a researcher interview a bird or a whale on the subject?

"Are there examples of people with SSA who go on to live in a heterosexual relationship? Yes. Does this mean they no longer have SSA? No it does not."

I know some heterosexual guys who'd love to make it with a room full of females. They don't. They subdue their natural urges and instead pick one, ask for her hand in marriage, then have kids all in accordance with societal norms and church teachings. Why can't SSA's do the same and be happy and content?

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

This seems like a pretty big step forward for a church that has "one man and one woman" as a core doctrine. Let's give credit where credit is due.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

"I know some heterosexual guys who'd love to make it with a room full of females. They don't. They subdue their natural urges and instead pick one, ask for her hand in marriage, then have kids all in accordance with societal norms and church teachings. Why can't SSA's do the same and be happy and content?"


Now, if you had said that these men who want every woman refuse to marry anyone and will never partner with someone for the rest of their lives, I would agree that they are then doing the same thing as gays.

If you want gays to marry and have children, you are asking a lot from their spouses who will never feel like they are wanted, cherished and desired. Do you have a few children that you would like to have marry a gay person?

Until we realize that being gay is so very different than anything we have experienced, we cannot understand what they go though. Please, let's have a little empathy for them.

midland, MI

The LDS church is both revolutionary and evolutionary. It isn't static and will respond to both external forces as well as revelation (if you believe in such).
"...and we believe that God will yet reveal many great and important things..." isn't an idle Article of Faith.
One of the leading apostles said in a meeting I attended that, "There are more things that are relative than we generally imagine." One could tell some major issues were being discussed by the leaders. One wonders if the church membership in general may be the roadblock that keeps things from progressing much more quickly. Didn't Brigham Young once say that we had to learn the "A, B, C's" before we could progress to the next letters?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Bountiful, UT

I think this whole thing is being more directed toward the so-called "good" Latter-Day Saints - who berate, put-down, ostersize, and shun "different" members
into being more tolerent, compassionate, understanding, and accepting -- like you and I and many 'other' LDS have become.

Jesus Christ would never treat other this way - and we truely ARE his disciples, neither should any of us!

Besides - I think we as Latter-Day Saints have a much bigger and more serious issue with PORNOGRAPHY and pharaceutical addictions than this one.

He who is without sin, cast that 1st stone....
speaking of stone throwing -

People who live in glass houses...

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Again if you go to the website you will see that nothing has changed except how we are to perceive the individual. The doctrine remains the same. Homosexual activity is a grievious sin and one that is forgiveable. The website reaffirms that marriage is between man and woman, not of the same sex. It reaffirms that we are to be sensitive and loving of those who have same-sex attraction. It reaffirms that there are many challenges of same-sex attraction but it also states that if one acts on the attraction they are going against the law of our Heavenly Father. Those who are saying this new website and such is a change in approach is really more of a change in perspective and action of members. The site affirms that it isn't medical nor is it a illness but an attraction. Yet, it reaffirms that when one acts on this attraction they are doing a grievious sin. It is no different than one who commits adultry or has sexual relations outside of the Church's definition of marriage.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

The church has taken a great deal of critisim in recent years on this and same sex marriage. Like it or not this is a signal that the church is softening its stand and moderating its view. Not that it is changing its moral stance, but it seems clear that it is reevaluating that in some way.

Leesburg, VA

@ wrz
you wrote:
"Besides which... humans have a higher calling, part of which is to overcome/temper human cravings/urges. Don't ask me why. Ask some church authority".

What about "The glory of God is intelligence"? Don't you have the power to reason on your own?

you wrote:
"They don't. They subdue their natural urges and instead pick one, ask for her hand in marriage, then have kids all in accordance with societal norms and church teachings."

What is the difference of what you describe with what LGBT people are asking?

They are asking for the right to share their lives with the person they love and being recognized as a society as full citizens. They want their children to have two parents and that their family is protected under the law.

They are asking for the same rights that any other contributing member of society is entitled to receive. Nothing more nothing less.

Phoenix, AZ

It would be a good thing if people could learn to live and let live and to mind their own business and leave their neigbor in peace.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

God love for us is very special. It's more valuable than any social institution or political view. We can contend and show rudeness or we can show childlike love and kindness to each other. Our differences in views can never justify negating the existence of that choice. Satan wants us to believe that we should stand up, shout our beliefs, and continue shouting no matter what the cost. His plan is to stir contention and fighting among us and sometimes it even feels as though he has won. The truth is that God's plan will not fail and Satan will eventually be powerless.

Some will contend and fight, but none of it is of God. We can live rightly and do the work that will secure us an eternal inheritance. We either do the work God has promised His blessings in return for- or we work against God. That doesn't mean we all have to agree all the time. We're all learning line upon line, etc. But contending and fighting about it? That certainly doesn't profit any of us in the end.

This site will help many. The Lord's peaceful work continues!

Bakersfield, CA

Ophelia, don't be bitter. God's Word says we're all sinners. Either accept the blood of Jesus as your sacrifice for sin, or find another religion. You can accept of reject His offer. But you cannot redefine His message and Word millenia later.

Give Jesus a chance. He died for the opportinity. Read Ephesians 4:17-32. He indwells His Children of Light and brings them peace and joy as He conforms them to His image. It's a choice; don't gamble with your Eternity based on what others tell you. Go to the original source and ask God. You can find peace and life through Christ.

Saint George, UT

Baccus. My reasoning is quitte simple. Italy will be desolate late this century based on current population trends. I believe in family. Gays can not procreate with each other. It requires a female. I don't believe in the trend line that promotes a no growth policy, which includes gay marraige. So, I defend the family and marraige between a man and a women because I want to take an active interest in the future of our children, something that isn't apparent with gay marraige advocates, regardless of the means they want to promote that doesn't include the most plausible method for growth.

One Human Family
Philadelphia, PA


I just want to thank you for your beautiful comments about your gay son. I also spent years trying to pray and fast away the gay as well as years of reparative therapy and finally realized that God loves me just the way I am. It is very encouraging that your son has such a supportive and wonderful mother!

I also found this new website to be more discouraging than encouraging. I am saddened that after 20 years since I left the church, gay kids are still being taught that they are not ok just the way they are. The options of living a life alone or marrying someone of the opposite sex are just not viable or realistic options for most. Can you imagine if heterosexual men or women were told to marry someone of the same sex? How many would stay in the church?

Anyway, thanks again for your beautiful comments and support! Your son is very lucky to have you!

Sandy, UT

I think engaging in homosexual activity is wrong. I was born that way. And no one has the right to change the way I feel about that. And no one ever will. As Pink Floyd once said, 'we don't need no thought control.' I have the right, as a human being, to think or believe WHATEVER it is I want to think or believe. In this country, I also have the right to share my beliefs with others. And as long as I live, I will continue to share my beliefs with others. And no one is going to stop me, no authoritarian judiciary and their goon squads, no supposed religious teacher, and none of my gay family members. Amen.

Kearns, UT

I know a set of Identical (mirror image) twins. One was a homosexual, the other wasn't. Due to that, for me, the jury is still out on whether or not it is learned, chosen, or born with it. Two people with identical DNA, no way one was born with it and one wasn't.

That fact aside, that doesn't stop us hetero folks from practicing the Golden Rule, no not the one that says "He who has the gold makes the rules"(although that is true in the world of Soros), we should treat people as they want to be treated. If it is a morality issue, that is what the Bishops are for. Otherwise, leave them alone. Be good examples of Christ like love.

Based on my previous rantings, can you believe I just said that?

One Human Family
Philadelphia, PA


You have the right to believe whatever you want and you have the right to share those beliefs. What you don't have the right to do is to push those beliefs into law to the detriment of your fellow human beings.


There is a difference between heterosexual people that are not married because they CAN get married to a person they have feelings for (assuming they are of age and available of course). Homosexual people do not have that option no matter what the situation. All gay people want is equality.

Portland, Oregon

It's said that we'll never be given a burden greater than we can bear. Everyone will face challenges in their lives, some greater than others, & all will require faith in & guidance from our Heavenly Father to overcome.

The hardest thing for many people to understand is that feelings are just as real for those who experience same-sex attraction (SSA) as for those who experience opposite-sex attraction. Some think it is simply a choice made at some point in their lives, but it's not...no more than a choice was made by anyone attracted to those of the opposite gender.

However, for ALL who believe in the Church, the challenge is not that the feelings aren't real, it's whether the Church is real & true. If it is, then those who experience (SSA) are faced with a more difficult road to travel by recognizing & understanding but not acting upon those feelings.

So it's important to know that regardless of the things our mortal bodies tell us, we must maintain & strengthen our faith in our Heavenly Father & do his will that he will help us in our greatest hour of need.

Sacramento, CA

budhenson, you inspired me, so I got the whole thing:
We believe all that God has revealed,

all that He does now reveal, and we

believe that He will yet reveal many

great and important things pertaining

to the Kingdom of God.

I'm not God...or even Jesus. Having said that, I can state only one other thing for certain--while it is possible the doctrine could modify and/or change through revelation, I definitely can't tell you if, when, or how much. And, not being God or even Jesus, and knowing that my Heavenly Father, in the preexistence gave free agency to all His children to choose which plan to follow here, and being sure His heart broke, as any parent's would, when many chose not to choose His plan, I don't see where I have the right to tell anyone what they should do. I still can't get to bed early enough to be alert on Sunday morning. Show me an LDS gay person with that as the worst problem in the world, and I'll eat my ol' drill, cord and all.

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