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Published: Thursday, Dec. 6 2012 9:15 a.m. MST

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VA Saint
Chester, VA

@Third Try Screen Name - Read the Proclamation of the Family and you will have your questions answered. The Church is just asking for members to have more empathy and understanding, but it doesn't change the Church's viewpoint on traditional, eternal marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

@RedShirt and patriot

This post is really late but if you are looking for biological support, why don't you try looking at a lecture from Bill Bradshaw given at BYU entitled, "Biological Origin of Homosexuality"

It is not saying that all homosexuals are "born that way" there are definitely some people that will experiment or choose the lifestyle, but there are many that are born that way. Please listen to the lecture. It is very good.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT


Score one for progession!

Utah Republican Mormons are going to flipping out over this.
I can hardly wait to watch!

USS Enterprise, UT
To "Craig Clark" that is what the Prophets of God have said. That is not my idea.

I am not judging, just relaying information that you apparently didn't have.

1:22 p.m. Dec. 6, 2012


Yes you are judging,
I'm ccurious to see how you'll react to this RedShirt - it runs diametrically opposed to everything you post and believe.

The Church's stance has been "changing" over the last 10 years,
and I know you believe God and his church never change.

I follow the Prophets and Apostles.
too bad ET Benson isn't here to witness this.


Provo, UT


"There will always be something to accuse and attack for them."

It seems like you are turning this around so that those who the church has attacked for years are now the ones somehow attacking the church because they disagree with its position. It is nice your church leaders are now calling for tolerance, compassion and respect for others but Christ did that in the Bible so its hardly something new. This site is really an appeal to live the gospel as taught in the Bible. The issue most gays and those who understand this issue have with the church isn't intolerance or discrimination of narrow minded members of the church instead it's their position on homosexuality in general. Claiming acting on homosexual feelings is a sin is to doom homosexuals to a life of celibacy and loneliness. Something they never ask heterosexual members who may always have hope of married life if they find someone and it actively helps them achieve it. Its nice they moved away from counseling members who are gay to marry the opposite sex but they replace it with counseling to remain celibate or change something they can't

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

I have read all the comments. I see a relief from frustration in some of the post while I also see a a new much higher stress level for others.

In my opinion,
if a member of the Church can feel that, in spiite of the fact that about 10% of humans, world wide, and within the USA,
are born with Homosexual tendancies, they just can not accept this as acceptable behavior, this is okay, as long as they do not try to pass judgment against those that feel compassion for those that our different.

Those of us that rejoyce with the Church's stand at this time, can find happiness that we are now openly sensative to the needs and desires of all people regardless of their sexual preference, as long as we do not condem others within our flock that are not yet ready, and perhaps never will be ready, for this big step of acceptance.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Third attempt to post.

Judge not, lest ye be judged.
Love thy neighbor as thy self.
Love ye one another.
Let he without sin cast the first stone.
The Gospel of Tollerance.
The Gospel of love and acceptance.

Hetrosexuals are not tacked on to the commands above. I believe it means to include all people.
We tend to pick and choose those commandments that we want to follow and try to prove that those commandments
that we do not want to follow are off set by seemingly contradictory commandments in other scriptures.

It seems to me, that we should follow the dictates of our own conscience and allow others to do the same without passing judgement. Be a friend.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

I just hope that this can reach out to some of our members who struggle so mightily. May God bless them to know they are loved. May God bless the rest of us to love them a bit more. May God bless us all that rancor and ill will do not poison this well that could give some of our Father in Heaven's children a bit of relief.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

@VA Saint
I suppose that is what puzzles me. Yes, we need to help them with the struggle, but at the end of the day they must either change or abstain. If they are unable/unwilling to do so, they cannot enjoy fellowship with the saints.
The problem with reconciliation seems to be that the militant ones are insisting that we take them just the way they are. Doctrinally that position in incompatible. They must ultimately abandon the homosexual lifestyle.
Someone who struggles with same sex attraction is no different than any of us struggling with our sins. It's done privately and quietly. No Bishop has ever told me to go ahead and sin. If I fail, he helps me try again.
But if I rebel and insist on living the sinful life, I'm on my own. And if I spread my rebellion around the congregation, I'm subject to some serious sanctions. Even if I openly talk about my sins, the Bishop will tell me to stop.
Would someone with an SSA problem be treated any differently?

Phoenix, AZ

They had to because do many are committing suicide and being tormented because "they struggle with same gender attraction" I think it is interesting that the stance remains the same but they now have a location for discussion. Do they understand that this is opening up comments similar to the statement that we love others even if they are not the same as Mormons. This continued judging that is typical of Mormon culture now has an authorized location for mis-information and ignorance. The stereo typing continues and is seeming to be endorsed by the church with this site. It is not a place for strength support love or positive community for either side of the issue. It is a way to make a larger connection to an audience that is more family oriented better set in life and a way of saying we offer support but in all reality I see a place where they are saying LGBTQ is your bolder and Christ will help you push it out of the way. I say "Christ" if real would be saying come around that boulder be loved and love as you are.


"The experience of same-sex attraction is a complex reality for many people. The attraction itself is not a sin, but acting on it is. Even though individuals DO NOT CHOOSE to have such attractions, they do choose how to respond to them. With love and understanding, the Church reaches out to all God’s children, including our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters."

I applaud this small progress in the stance of LDS church's official position. The Prop 8 campaign was a low point for the church and left many scars even for those of us who are not gay. Personally, it won't feel right until our gay monogamous friends can worship side-by-side with us and partake of the sacrament.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't struggle with same-sex attraction as much as I struggle with being brought up to conditionally "love" myself. We were a perfect (bishop's) family taught to earn our worth with achievement and/or keeping up appearances. But, of all my many siblings, I may be the lucky one. At least the Church is now saying "Love one another" in direct relation to LGBT brothers and sisters. When will they help some of my brothers who broke down striving to be perfect presiding Church leaders, world-class career men, and dutiful husbands and fathers? Have we really learned the gospel if our thoughts and feelings have to be balanced by medication?

Las Vegas, NV

@non believer

"So it is ok to have the desires, but as soon as you act on them, you are out?"

No, you are not out. Many times members of the church choose to go "out" because they feel the church won't accept them, which is just not true. There are people in the church who slip up (or act) and make mistakes and commit sins, but the atonement of Christ can help them feel the peace of forgiveness through sincere repentance. We all have sinned so each of us needs the atonement to be cleansed from sin and to overcome it. Satan would have someone believe that there is no way back. When you "act" upon sin, you are out only if you choose to go out. The church is asking those individuals to stay.

Kearns, UT


You said: I know a few people who are not married, and they likely will never be married. They have desires, but are also counseled not to act on them. How is it any different?

The difference is that the straight single members of the LDS church are at least given a little bit of hope that they can marry. They aren't judged when they date someone. They have a support group within the church. I don't see that for the homosexual members of the church.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

A lot of you are missing the point. There are many out there who feel ostracized from the church because of the way they are or feel (regardless of its chosen or innate). This is a message about love and about not condemning the individual.

Born that Way
Layton, UT

Celibacy isn't the end of the world. Some make it sound like a death sentence.

Might be hard, especially for those who are sexually active, but chastity is one of God's expectations on his saints. To be a better person, mastering that part of oneself is paramount.

The world makes it sound like not having sex will kill you. It's the same lie the boyfriend tells his girlfriend to get her to give in to be unchaste.

Homosexual activists are trying to convince those that have any inclination in their direction that if they don't have sex with them, they will be unhappy forever.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches that while sex is a blessed gift when shared between a married/committed man and woman, it is NOT the only source of happiness.

That expectation of chastity weighs equally upon both man and woman no matter their inclinations.

We reach out to people looking for a deeper-more real joy. Redemption.

It is not hopeless. The moment a person abandons that all-or-nothing thinking, is when joy thrives. To those without faith this seems hard, but those of faith rejoice.

Huntsville, UT


I'm sure you married someone you found sexually repulsive , right?


Actually, humans ARE animals.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Synapsida
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Hominidae
Tribe: Hominini
Genus: Homo
Species: H. sapiens


FYI. I do not "struggle mightily" with my gayness. I struggle mightily with the bigotry that makes someone else tell me I need to "change", God made me as I am and I've no need to change myself to meet someone elses expectations.

Thirdtryscreenname says:

"...at the end of the day they MUST either change or abstain."

Wrong! At the end of the day, YOU must stop the bigotry, that is where the "change" needs to occur.

Alexandria, VA

Small step - important one and a good one - but still a long way to go.

Jeff in NC

I think this is an insincere attempt for the church to "modernize" itself. What can a loving gay couple who has adopted two beautiful children take away from this? The website is full of the message that family is SOOO important. But in order for this gay couple to "stay with us (i.e., the church)" they would have to totally blow up their family and send their children to orphanages? Maybe one of the parents gets to keep the kids and the other parent can come to visit on weekends...but he has to sleep on the couch. This message doesn't work for me. Let's face it, gays and the mormon church are two different shapes. Can't fit a square peg into a round hole unless you mutilate the square peg and make it fit. Bad message.

West Jordan, UT

I hope this helps some people who are still LDS and gay.

However, most formerly LDS gay members will never want anything to do with the LDS church again. Once they are free, there is no reason to ever want to ever go back.

The only thing they want from the LDS church is freedom from its influence over their lives. If the LDS Church doesn't believe in allowing every citizen to get married, they shouldn't perform them in their churches and temples. However, they shouldn't use their influence to deny another human being their civil rights to obtain a civil marriage license.

Best of luck with the website and I hope it helps people, but the primary motivator is another attempt at repairing the damage done to the LDS Church's brand after the vitriolic Amendment 8 campaign. It will be decades before the damage from that will be repaired, if ever.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

"....This message doesn't work for me. Let's face it, gays and the mormon church are two different shapes...."

This is less about changing people than it is about acceptance of others whom you have differences with.

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