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Published: Thursday, Dec. 6 2012 9:15 a.m. MST

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Portland, OR

I think this is a valiant effort that will fail. Most Mormons now process what the church puts out through its news service as propoganda meant for non-Mormons, and preserve for ourselves the ability to cherry-pick from Conference Talks. Such talks lay the groundwork for rejection and even alienation of gay kids. Mormons do *not* feel that public statements like this overturn Conference material. This website will be suspected and for good reason: it does not welcome interaction or comments. It does not invite those who have been hurt by their Mormon families to come show their blood and scars and be cared for as they should have been all along, before they were betrayed by those who said they loved them forever.

I'm a straight, married person with only hetero kids and even I can see that this plan has big flaws.

Syracuse, UT

@non believer, This is no different for anyone who does not marry. I know a few people who are not married, and they likely will never be married. They have desires, but are also counseled not to act on them. How is it any different?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "non believer" what is the difference between telling an unmarried heterosexual person to not act out on their desires and telling the same thing to a person with same sex attraction?

To "Mungagungadin" this is nothing more than a public statement of church policies that are over 20 years old.

Show me a church full of perfect people, and I will show you a church full of hypocrisy. The fact is that people are not perfect, but the doctrine is.

Springville, Ut


I know this is useless, because talking to you is like talking to a wall, but for those who honestly have questions...

There are homosexual animals, of virtually every species, on land, in air, under the sea. That is scientific fact. Why would it be true that humans are the sole outliers? Those who have SSA are born with it. It's not a question, it's a fact. So-called conversion therapy does nothing to change this. Are there examples of people with SSA who go on to live in a heterosexual relationship? Yes. Does this mean they no longer have SSA? No it does not.

Colorado Springs, CO

One poster says that being gay sometimes is a choice and that they have a friend who "chose" to be gay and to experiment with homosexuality. I would argue it was just that, experimentation, not chosing whether or not to be gay.

Redshirt: Which doctrine is it that you say is perfect? The Mormon's churches doctrine, which differs from Catholic doctrine, which differs from....Are you saying all other religions other than Mormons have imperfect doctrine? Or are you merely saying the Bible is the perfect doctrine, which would then put into question the validity of the BoM, WoW, Pearl of Great Price, etc.?

Portland, OR


I agree that there is no new information in this new website. Yet, the church is making an emphasis that was not there before. I am a Psych grad from BYU and I know that the church's institutions, with ecclesiastical endorsement, sponsored everything from lobotomies to chemical castration to coerced aversion therapy which is better known as torture, and which had a high death rate by suicide. Just a few years ago, for most part, the church and its institutions are putting those things away and adopting a different approach: use only alienation, pressure and shame to suppress gay expression. And now, we are adopting a new strategy that I heartily approve of: love the gay kids no matter what. However, that warm fuzzy has holes in it; the church would not approve even the use of the church's name on the publication that is most circulated to help families with gay kids, the Family Acceptance Project, which is great.

I support this effort but I believe it will fail without honest interaction and admission of our past acts.

Salt Lake City, UT

re: RAB "I hope the fault-finders against the church can likewise learn to keep the past where it belongs." Well what's past IS past - where else can it be. The problem is: to understand the present the past must be comprehended - it's not going anywhere. That said, I also applaud the increasingly moderate LDS Church.

Salt Lake City, UT

"will never accommodate anything regarding morality because they don't believe in morality"

That's silly. Many gay couples who actively engage in actions not allowed by the church completely believe in moral concepts like monogamy (particularly those that want same-sex marriage).

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


The same way wanting to rob a bank is not a crime. But as soon as I rob a bank, I've done something wrong. Pretty simple really.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


I know my response will be like me responding to a wall, but here goes.

"There are homosexual animals, of virtually every species, on land, in air, under the sea. That is scientific fact." Fine. There are also countless examples in nature of cannibalism.

I also saw a nature show one time of the different documented cases of animals being born with an extra head, or leg, or tail. Not sure what your point is by saying homosexuality exists in nature..?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


"....same sex attraction is not a sin. The sin is acting on those urges."

God doesn't need a self-annointed surrogate to certify what is a sin. Let's leave it to him to judge. Does that sound reasonable enough?

Salt Lake City, UT

"To "non believer" what is the difference between telling an unmarried heterosexual person to not act out on their desires and telling the same thing to a person with same sex attraction?"

An unmarried heterosexual person is allowed, nay, encouraged, to date, and is perfectly allowed to do those cute little things like holding hands. Would unmarried homosexuals be able to those things that are not in violation of the law of chastity without getting condemned by other members?

Riverside, CA

Once again I am delighted with a statement by the LDS Church. This issue absolutely requires compassion and sensitivity while at the same time maintaining standards. I believe for the vast majority of gay people same-sex attraction is something that just came to them naturally. I am thankful I have not had to deal with that issue myself and my heart goes out to those who do have to deal with it.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Craig Clark" that is what the Prophets of God have said. That is not my idea.

I am not judging, just relaying information that you apparently didn't have.


Enough with "the bubble" vs. "mission field" mindset. We're all part of one church. Neither is better than the other, no one's experiences are better than another's. Each person for the most part is trying their best to do what is right and to keep the covenants they have made.

salt lake, UT

I understand what you are trying to say however I think the churches sentiments have lead to great confusion within its own members and very uneven interactions and views coming from its membership as is clearly illistrtaed in these post (including your own).

Mapleton, UT

Celibacy of any sort for almost anyone is a recipe for failure.

Springville, Ut

Ted H,

You're right, I didn't understand your response to my post at all. I was refuting patriot's claim that SSA is only a learned and chosen condition. What was your point?

Huntsville, UT


The difference is that the one CHOOSES to be single/celibate.

The other can NOT marry even if they want to.

Jeff S
Sandy, UT

Maybe it is just me, but, from after reading these comments I don't see how anyone's understanding has changed.

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